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Claire Davis

Born in Colorado, Claire Davis became interested in health from an early age; she always knew she wanted to be involved in the field. She graduated with honours from Columbia with a degree in nutrition science and went on to obtain a masters qualification. Ever interested in improving her credentials and becoming the best nutritionist in the field, Davis expended much of her 20s in education, becoming a Registered Dietitian by the end.

Initially after graduation, Claire became a nutritionist at a medical centre where she assisted patients and strengthened her passion for helping people. Claire knows just how important diet and nutrition are for living a healthy lifestyle, as she believes that the mistake most people make when starting out on their fitness journey is to kill it in the gym but still eat an unhealthy diet. She is a strong believer that “abs are made in the kitchen!”

Alongside her job, Claire began ghost-writing and blogging about health and nutrition, eager to spread the word about dangerous health trends that many people undertake. Rather than engaging in crash diets and Tummy Teas, Claire believes that people should simply switch to organic foods and eat a varied, balanced diet. She is a strong proponent of the 80:20 rule, insisting that as long as 80% of the foods a person eats are healthy and nutritionally full, then it’s okay to treat yourself the other 20% of the time!

Using her dedication and expertise, Claire later opened up a private practice in her hometown in 2014 and has spent the last few years counselling people about their diet and nutrition. She is passionate about affordable healthcare, and so offers her services for a reasonable price. On the side, she continues to write blogs, articles and guides for people to enjoy, so that a wider audience can learn all they need to know about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.

Hailing from Colorado, Claire was introduced to cannabis many years ago, as the herb was legalised there all the way back in 2012. She now believes that the plant could have several benefits for the human body, especially where hemp is concerned. As a nutritionist, she knows just how healthy hemp seeds are and what a fantastic addition they make to the diet. In the last couple of years, Claire has researched cannabis and hemp plants extensively, and intends to educate both her clients and the general public (through her writing) about the positive effects that it may have.

In particular, Claire is fascinated by the potential benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). She now recommends CBD oils – and other products – to several of her clients alongside ingredients like hemp seed oil. Many of her educational articles are now centred around this cannabinoid, and we are grateful to have her writing for us here at Greenshoppers.