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5 Major Retailers That Sell CBD

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on December 15, 2019

As the CBD industry expands in the UK, major retailers are jumping on the bandwagon. The CBD market is estimated to be worth £300 million right now, and it’s only growing.

It’s unsurprising that High Street shops are looking to tap into the market. Many consumers choose to buy CBD from the extensive selection online, but older customers in particular like to buy from a trusted brick-and-mortar shop. When a company you’ve known for years is selling a product, you’re more likely to trust it.

Today, we’re taking a look at five major UK retailers who have started selling CBD. Is this stuff actually as good as what you can find online?

1. Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett was the first high street chain to start selling CBD in the UK. It began with a range of CBD oils and capsules from Dutch brand Jacob Hooy. This brand stocks some of the cheapest CBD products in the UK.

However, as we have previously noted, Jacob Hooy products tend to be quite weak. On a percentage basis, the oils are very low-strength, and many consumers report seeing no results after using them. It’s a bit disappointing that this was the first CBD available on UK shelves, because it gave some initial consumers a negative perspective.

Later, Holland & Barrett began stocking CBD water from the brand Love CBD. Once again, this is an extremely weak product containing only a couple of milligrams of CBD in a 500ml bottle. Something good to note is that the 99p bottle from Holland & Barrett is cheaper than the Love CBD Water sold on the brand’s official site.

Not long before this article was written, Holland & Barrett well and truly expanded its range of CBD products. It now stocks an overwhelming number of brands, including Holistic Herb, Naturopathica, Love Hemp, Rapid CBD, Satipharm, and more. There is now a massive amount of choice, including some more potent options consumers can actually make use of.

Interestingly, Holland & Barrett is one of the only major UK retailers to have produced its own line of CBD products. It now sells CBD topicals brandishing the shop’s name. These are very well-priced, but the strength is unfortunately not listed on the site. Plus, Holland & Barrett don’t do lab reports, which is a cause for concern in the current industry.

2. Boots

Popular pharmacy chain Boots has also started stocking CBD products. For a while now, the shop has been selling products from Dragonfly CBD. This is a pretty great brand that is heavily involved in sustainable farming and has a pledge to become carbon neutral in the near future.

Dragonfly CBD sells a range of oils through Boots, ranging up to 2000mg in strength. Boots often hosts deals and offers which provide these oils at a very good price. Plus, there are bundles that can save you some money.

Boots is another company that has made recent additions to its range. The pharmacy now stocks the following brands:

  • Vitality (CBD sprays and topicals)
  • Ambience CBD (CBD oils and topicals)
  • Green Stem (flavoured CBD oils, topicals and bath bombs)
  • Healthspan (CBD capsules)

Boots has also begun producing its own brand CBD Muscle Rub. It’s a cooling menthol and witch hazel gel containing CBD. Although the bottle declares that it’s THC-free, it doesn’t actually say how much CBD is contained. It’s fairly cheap though – this is either competitive pricing or it means that barely any CBD is used.

3. Lloyds Pharmacy

Lloyds Pharmacy appears to be lagging behind slightly in the CBD race. While Holland & Barrett and Boots have gone so far as to make their own CBD products, Lloyds Pharmacy is currently only stocking one brand.

This brand is Celtic Wind Crops, an Irish company that grows its own hemp in the Cooley Mountains. Right now, Lloyds Pharmacy doesn’t even stock the whole Celtic Wind Crops range. There are only two oil strengths, a capsule in one strength, and a hemp powder.

While reasonably priced, this is definitely a small range and Lloyds Pharmacy will probably have to expand in the future in order to keep up.

4. B&M

In the middle of 2019, B&M started stocking CBD products. The Tongue Shots by Total CBD provide a pre-measured dose of CBD in a 1.5ml sachet. One box contains four of these sachets, which you can easily take on the go whenever you so choose. Each one comes in a delicious mint-flavoured CBD oil.

B&M is selling these products for as little as £1. No, that’s not a typo! The 100mg strength costs just £1, while 400mg retails for £3 and 800mg sells for £5. This is an insanely low price for a CBD product.

Please note, however, that the strength noted on the packet is for 15ml of oil – you would need 10 sachets to make up that strength. This is a little bit cheeky, but it’s still hard to turn down CBD for that price!

5. The CBD Store UK

As of yet, the four retailers above are the only major shops stocking CBD. However, we are starting to see incredible brands opening up their own shops across the UK.

The CBD Store UK has been selling online for a while now, offering high-quality CBD products with free shipping throughout the UK. The brand is based in Sheffield and has recently opened two brick and mortar shops in the city. As the brand continues to grow, it’s likely that The CBD Store UK will expand more and open up retail locations in other cities.

We hope to see more brands embarking on endeavours like this in the future.

Final Thoughts: Where to Buy CBD in the UK

You can buy CBD either online or in a shop. It’s great that consumers have so much choice when it comes to CBD these days.

You have to be more careful when buying CBD online. There are a few things you need to be on the lookout for at all times in order to avoid a scam. For this reason, many CBD users prefer to buy from a high street brand they already know and trust.

A major disadvantage of these shops is that they don’t offer lab reports, which is a crucial part of buying CBD. Plus, they seem to know a lot less about the compound and offer lacklustre product descriptions. It’s important for consumers to be educated about CBD, so this isn’t exactly the best-case scenario.

Nevertheless, if you feel more comfortable buying CBD from a shop rather than ordering online, then why not try out one of the above retailers? The range of options is constantly increasing, so you’ll be sure to find a product you like.