CBD Lube: A New Trend?

Green Shoppers Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on September 3, 2019

There seems to be a new CBD trend every other week. It’s actually kind of hard to keep up in this industry! From CBD tea and CBD lattes to CBD bath bombs and CBD massage oils, you name it and it’s out there.

“What about CBD lube?!” We hear you say somewhat sarcastically, because surely this product doesn’t exist. Well, you might want to take that back – CBD lube well and truly exists. It’s out there on the market, sold by multiple brands, and it appears to be the next big hit.

As it turns out, CBD lubricants are a wonderful invention. No matter your preferences in the bedroom, we bet you will find a way to enjoy CBD lube. So, read on to find out all you need to know – including the best brands we could find.

What Is CBD Lube and Why Was It Invented?

As you probably know by now, CBD is a compound originating in the cannabis plant. In order to be legal in the UK, it has to be harvested from hemp. This guarantees that the final product contains minimal THC (although there may be trace amounts) and will never get you high.

Instead, CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to produce positive effects. The ECS is a system tasked with maintaining homeostasis in the body and ensuring that we remain in balance. The ECS is connected to a variety of other systems, and is crucial in controlling things like mood, appetite, stress levels, and more. For this reason, it is considered important to keep the ECS in good shape. Many people have been using daily supplements of CBD to do this.

It’s reported that CBD can help to manage anxiety. Many people who use it claim to feel more relaxed, energised, and focused on the task at hand.

Starting to see how CBD lube might work? If you ever get a case of the bedroom jitters or suffer from a touch of performance anxiety, then CBD lube might be the ideal choice for you. As an anti-inflammatory and a potential stress-reliever, this compound might just enhance everything for you and your partner.

How Does CBD Lube Feel?

With little to no THC, a CBD lube will not make you high. Since you are not intoxicated, you will be able to perform all of your normal functions, and it also gets around the issue of proper consent. Neither you nor your partner will be intoxicated.

Secondly, you may feel a warming sensation. Extremely quickly – in around 1 minute – inflammation will be reduced and blood will flow to the area. This increased blood flow is what will cause the warming sensation, which should feel pleasant. Plus, the reduction in inflammation will get rid of any pain, which is ideal for people who often suffer from pain during intercourse.

There is then a reduction in stress and anxiety that will help you to relax. If you often experience trouble relaxing in the bedroom, then a CBD lube might help you to loosen up. Women are the ones who will benefit most from CBD lube (we’ll get into that a bit later), and the relaxing effect is particularly beneficial for women who struggle to reach orgasm. Trust us, a lot of getting there relies on feeling relaxed and comfortable – it’s important to unwind and let go.

So, to summarise, a CBD lube can help you to feel relaxed, pain-free, and even create a pleasant, warm sensation down below. Users of CBD lube say that the experience is pretty spectacular, so take it from them!

What You Need to Know About CBD Lube

So far, it all sounds a bit too idyllic. However, there are definitely things you need to think about before you go out and buy a CBD-infused lubricant. Some of those considerations apply to any lube you buy, but we will mention them nonetheless – we think it’s important to be clued up!

Here are some common and important questions you might have about CBD lube:

Does It Interact with Birth Control?

We know that CBD can interfere with certain medications, preventing some people from ever using cannabidiol. When taken, it inhibits a liver enzyme that breaks down pharmaceutical drugs, which means that there will be more of the drug in your system. Since dosages are carefully measured out to avoid lethal doses, this can be dangerous.

As of yet, there have been very few studies on whether CBD interacts with hormonal contraception. A study in 1983, however, found that CBD might inhibit oestrogen-based contraceptives from working effectively, increasing risk of pregnancy. Progesterone-based methods were not affected. As a result, you might want to avoid CBD if using a contraceptive that works using oestrogen.

If you are not sure, then make sure to consult your doctor before use. You can decide to switch to a different birth control method if you want to.

Can Guys Use CBD Lube?

CBD lubes are usually used on women. If the man is wearing a condom (which you should be, by the way, unless you are in a committed and faithful relationship and have had an STI check), then the CBD lube will have no effects on him.

For those who do not use condoms during sex, there may be a small effect on the man. However, the vagina is much more sensitive and more absorbent than the skin on the penis, and so the woman will still get the majority of the benefit.

Of course, we can’t forget about same-sex couples! Men who have sex with other men (MSM) can experience the same benefits of CBD lube. The rectum has a high absorbency rate, meaning that the CBD will be able to take effect through the anus.

Things to Bear in Mind About Any Lube

When it comes to any lubricant, you should be taking certain things into consideration. For one, you should avoid oil-based lubes when using a condom. Oil can degrade or break the latex, making it less effective and putting you at higher risk of pregnancy or an STI. Unfortunately, many CBD lubes tend to be oil-based, so keep an eye out for this.

The same rule applies if you are planning to use the lube with silicone or rubber sex toys, as oil can once again damage them. If your lube is oil-based, then you can use it as a sort of pre-lube. Apply it to your body and wait for 20 minutes for it to be absorbed before introducing toys.

You should also consider the other ingredients. Your body can be sensitive, especially in the areas where you would be using lube, so make sure to find high-quality lubes that won’t mess up your pH levels, etc. Try to find a lube with minimal ingredients and no added fragrances or sugars.

Dosing CBD Using a Lube

How much CBD should you use? It’s a common question, and different lubes contain different amounts of the compound. It depends on your preference, really, but we recommend going for a fairly low dose – especially if it’s your first time using it.

In fact, we recommend using another CBD product first, just to make sure you don’t react badly. Then, use a small amount of CBD lube when you are ready. If you don’t feel any effects within ten minutes, you can always apply more.

If you’re looking to use minimal lube, though, you might want to go for a higher-potency option so that a little goes a long way. It’s all about personal preference, but you’re going to have to do a bit of experimenting.

The Best CBD Lubes on the Market

Intrigued yet? If so, you might be wondering where to buy CBD lubes. There are a few options available, but these are three of the best that we have found.

Awaken by Foria

Awaken by Foria

Perhaps one of the most well-known CBD lubes on the market, Awaken is made using broad-spectrum CBD in an oil-based lube (remember – that means no condoms!). The product includes multiple plant-based aphrodisiacs, intended to enhance tactile sensations for women and help them to experience more pleasure. This lube smells like chocolate and mint, and offers 30-50 servings for bottle. The 30ml bottle costs $48.

Dazy by Unbound Babes

Dazy by Unbound Babes

Dazy is a water-based lube, meaning it can be used with any toys and also is compatible with condoms. The 30ml bottle contains few ingredients, but does feature things like Xanthan Gum for chilling effects. The lube is vegan, glycerine-free, paraben-free, and oil-free. In the UK, the bottle costs £55.

Ignite CBD Lube by Kush Queen

Ignite CBD Lube by Kush Queen


This lube is also water-based, and also features nano-CBD. These smaller particles make it easier for the body to take in the CBD, enhancing the effects. The lube is non-staining, paraben-free, and petrochemical-free. The 30ml bottle contains 30mg of CBD in a pump dispenser and costs $49.99.

Final Thoughts on CBD Lube

CBD lube is a fairly new product, but one that is becoming very popular very quickly. If you feel like you need to spice things up, or even slow things down, in the bedroom, then CBD lube could be the perfect option. Not only could CBD lubricant enhance pleasure, but it could also relieve pain and anxiety.

Just remember to be careful with other forms of protection if the lube is oil-based. Plus, you should be aware of potential interactions with the contraceptive pill, and talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

So, what do you think of CBD lube? Is it really the next big thing, or just a really crazy idea? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below!