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CBD Massage Oils: What They Are and How to Use Them

Green Shoppers Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on March 25, 2019

Although neglected, massages are actually a wonderful way to boost your health. You’re probably unaware of the great benefits a massage can have, because many of us don’t really get massages. In fact, most people usually get massages only for special occasions or a therapeutic treat.

Now, there is something that might bring the healthiness of massages to light. That thing is CBD. Cannabidiol has become incredibly popular as a food supplement and also as an ingredient in beauty products, and it is now being used in massage oils.

It turns out that the benefits of massages can be combined with the health-boosting benefits of CBD to produce an amazing, wellness-inducing experience. If you’re in need of a way to treat yourself, then a CBD massage could well be the answer…

The Benefits of Massages

Massages have a great number of benefits. Massage therapy has been used for hundreds of years, and science has now allowed us to perfect the art of applying pressure to specific areas. Getting a massage is able to improve both your mental and your physical health. So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a massage:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety: Stress is extremely bad for you. When you feel stressed, your body produces more of the hormone cortisol, which can lead to weight gain, sleeplessness, headaches, and more complications. Having a massage can decrease these feelings of stress and anxiety, relieving tension held in the muscles. Getting massages over a longer period of time can keep chronic stress at bay.
  • Promotes muscle relaxation: Massages target tense muscles, relieving tension and allowing muscles to move more freely. If you work out a lot and have a knot in your muscle, massage is the perfect way to get it out.
  • Improves circulation and lowers blood pressure: Applying pressure to the muscles encourages blood flow to the area. This is partly what helps them to loosen up, as the blood can deliver much-needed nutrients to damaged areas. Over a longer period of time, massages can improve your blood circulation and ensure you maintain a healthy blood pressure.
  • Can help to improve posture: Many people now have a poor posture as a result of lifestyle choices. Poor posture can lead to complications like chronic pain which arise as a result of muscular strain and tension. By loosening things up, massage can allow the body to settle back into its natural alignment, improving posture and relieving pressure on muscles and joints.

Massages, even just regular ones, are beneficial for both the body and mind. They allow you to unwind and relieve tension, and may even improve your body posture and blood circulation.

This is all quite practical, but many people enjoy a pampering massage involving essential oils, massage lotions, and maybe a few candles. But what’s the point in all this? Do massage oils really serve a purpose?

Why Use Massage Oils at All?

Massage oils are mostly used to lubricate the skin. Of course, massages are conducted using the hands, and therefore rubbing skin on skin can cause painful friction. Using a massage oil creates a slippier surface in order to carry out the massage, making for a relaxing and pleasurable experience rather than a painful one.

Often, massage oils are infused with various scents. These essential oils also play a role in your massage, as the terpenes involved in producing the scent can have effects for your health. Many massage oils contain linalool, the terpene prominent in lavender. This is because linalool has relaxing and soporific qualities which make it perfect for a stress-busting massage.

Check out the ingredient lists of various massage oils to see what kind of scents are involved. Different plants have different properties that may be more beneficial to you. Speaking of ingredients, why would anyone want to include CBD in a massage oil?

Skin-Loving CBD

Many people know by now that CBD comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. It is used as a health supplement because of its wellness-boosting properties. Many people take it as a food supplement as a part of their diet, but it is also often used in beauty products.

The receptors in our body that CBD interacts with are found in numerous systems, including the skin. In fact, CB2 receptors are very abundant in our skin, and CBD has a particular affiliation for this receptor. This is why topical treatments are becoming common: Applying CBD directly to the skin allows it to access the endocannabinoid system (ECS) without going through the digestive system or liver. Since our metabolism could affect the efficiency of CBD, topical application could be very useful.

However, using CBD this way does have a drawback: It won’t affect the whole body. While CBD is a compound able to boost our overall health, it can’t do this unless it can reach all areas of the body. To do this, you have to ingest CBD through a tincture, capsule, edible, or something similar. Applying it to the skin just won’t do.

That doesn’t mean CBD skin treatments are useless. On the contrary, research has shown that CBD could boost our general skin health when applied topically. It might be the case that many skin conditions are related to an underlying issue in the endocannabinoid system, known as endocannabinoid deficiency. If this is true, then using CBD skin creams may boost the ECS back up again in order to help with skin disorders.

As an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory, CBD may be able to fight the signs of aging, reduce the likelihood of acne spots, and improve the overall look and feel of the skin. This is great news for any CBD skin cream, but it also applies to massage oils.

By infusing massage oils with CBD, you get the benefits of a massage combined with the skin-nourishing effects of CBD, potentially added to the positives of essential oil aromatherapy. It’s a win-win!

Where Can I Get CBD Massage Oils in the UK?

CBD massage oils are fairly new on the scene. As of yet, we are only aware of one high-quality CBD massage oil, and that is the PROVACAN CBD Massage Oil.

In case you haven’t heard of them, PROVACAN are a brand from the parent company CiiTECH. Based in Israel, CiiTECH are industry leaders in cannabis research, meaning that PROVACAN products are at the forefront of CBD science.

PROVACAN regularly update their formulas, and the massage oil is no exception. It is intended for use during deep tissue massages, allowing for the utmost relief and relaxation. The brand suggests that it can also lead to a “dose of romance” if it is used with a partner.

The massage oil can be used both pre and post-workout, as well as during sensual massages or just for post-sunbathing hydration (although you cannot use the oil in direct sunlight as you will burn). The formula is moisturising and protects against dryness, adding to the benefits for your skin.

With 40mg of CBD in the 30ml bottle, the PROVACAN CBD Massage Oil costs just £19.99. For a product this high in quality, we think that’s a bargain!

Our Final Thoughts on CBD Massages

CBD massage oil is just the latest product to emerge on the cannabidiol market. It is also a part of the emerging trend of fancy CBD products, which includes CBD bath salts, bath bombs, and intricate CBD lattes.

The CBD market is incredibly exciting, and as it continues to grow, we’ll probably see more and more products like this appearing. If you want to give CBD massage oil a try, then for now we recommend going with PROVACAN; their products are very high-quality and it’s a great brand. Infused with rosemary and mint essential oils, the PROVACAN CBD Massage Oil is a wonderful option to treat yourself with.