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CBD Tablets: What are They and Why Should You Buy Them?

Green Shoppers Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on September 2, 2019

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the food supplement taking the country by storm. Produced naturally in cannabis plants such as hemp, CBD interacts with a biological system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). With this system taking the responsibility for controlling a number of functions such as sleep, mood, appetite, and more, CBD is being touted as the perfect way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As the market has grown, so too has the number of ways in which the compound can be taken. It all started with CBD oils, which are oils infused with cannabidiol. To take them, you drop the oil under your tongue, hold it there for just over a minute, and then swallow. This method is fast and effective, but people who have tried it will tell you that it doesn’t taste great!

Luckily, there are now ways to take CBD which will suit absolutely everyone. Today, we will be talking about CBD capsules, including where to buy them in the UK.

What are CBD Pills?

It’s probably self-explanatory, but CBD pills are pills containing CBD. Most often, they come in a soft gel format, meaning that the CBD extract is held in a gel capsule. Soft gels are easy to swallow and never leak, which is why they are usually favoured. However, they can melt if stored somewhere warm.

To take them, you simply swallow one CBD tablet with a glass of water, just like you would take any other pill.

In case you were wondering, CBD capsules are perfectly legal. The law in the UK regarding CBD is that it is legal, as long as:

Nevertheless, the market is not regulated. The MHRA only oversees medicinal CBD products, and not the food supplement market. As a result, consumers need to be careful when buying any CBD product, including capsules. Our top tips for buying CBD are to avoid Amazon, read independent reviews on brands before you buy, and always check for third-party lab reports.

You can rest assured that CBD is legal, though.

The Advantages of CBD Capsules

So, why would you want to choose a CBD tablet over other forms of CBD? There are plenty of benefits to CBD pills, some of which we will explore below…

Easy to Dose

Sometimes, you end up having to fiddle around with CBD products like CBD oils, trying to work out your exact dose and then spilling some on the floor. With CBD capsules, it could be easier. Each capsule contains a pre-measured amount of CBD, so you never have to worry about dosing again. Plus, with soft gels, you can sometimes cut them in half to half the dose.


CBD oil is said to have an earthy, bitter taste. Trust us, it’s an acquired taste. When you’re simply taking CBD every day for the sake of your health, you don’t want to see it as a chore. While some people can bear the taste, others find it a bit too much. Capsules are a practical answer to this dilemma – they are completely tasteless.

Familiar Format

For some people, taking a CBD oil can feel a bit strange at first. You have to get used to using a dropper, for example. Other forms, such as vaping, topicals, or things like CBD bath bombs might also seem like a bit of a strange way to take a supplement. But we’re all familiar with tablets. As a result, capsules might appeal to the older generation or people who are a bit unsure, because the act of taking a pill is something that we have all done before.


Even though CBD is legal, there are a lot of misconceptions about it. For this reason, you might want to avoid taking it in public. However, some users like to use multiple doses of CBD throughout the day; in this case, you might feel worried about taking CBD while out and about. Capsules are such a familiar sight that nobody will question it! So, even though you aren’t doing anything illegal, you can enjoy the discrete nature of CBD capsules.

Easy to Transport

Speaking of which, CBD capsules are easy to carry around in your bag. While CBD oils run the risk of leaking, capsules don’t pose this threat. Nevertheless, we don’t recommend travelling abroad with CBD – you could land yourself in trouble!

Where to Buy CBD Capsules in the UK

The UK CBD market is pretty big now, and there are plenty of brands you can buy from. Below are some of our top recommendations for CBD capsules you can buy in Great Britain:

Holland & Barrett

If buying products from a brick and mortar shop is more your preference, then Holland & Barrett could be a good idea. H&B stocks the Jacob Hooy brand of CBD products, and this company happens to have a capsule option.

With 60 capsules in the tub and 10mg of CBD per capsule, this tub is ideal for beginners who aren’t quite sure about dosing. It’s the lowest CBD capsule strength we have found, and that makes it ideal for those who want to try out CBD.

There is not too much information about this product available, unfortunately, but the fact that it is sold in Holland & Barrett proves that it is safe. The tub costs £34.99.

Love CBD

Love CBD sells a few capsule options, but the Entourage CBD Capsules are pretty popular. These come with CBD and CBDa, allowing for a different range of effects. The hemp used is sourced from the Netherlands, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic.

You have a few options in terms of strength. Love CBD offers a 600mg option with 10mg of CBD/CBDa per capsule, and a 1200mg option with 20mg per capsule. Each tub contains 60 capsules.

Obviously, the price differs depending on the strength, but the average price is £0.054 per milligram of CBD – this is incredibly well-priced! In total, the 600mg tub costs £34.99, and the 1200mg option costs £59.99.


Hempura is a fairly well-known brand that sources its CBD from Eastern Europe. CO2 extraction is used to then produce a range of high-quality CBD products.

Rather than a tub, Hempura sells its capsules in a punch packet wrapped in foil. Potentially, this makes the capsules even easier to carry around. The capsules are full-spectrum, but they contain less than 0.05% THC.

Each capsule contains 10mg of CBD, with 30 capsules in total in the box. This equates to 300mg of CBD on the whole. It costs £19.99.

Final Thoughts on CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are the ideal product for those who are searching for a convenient and easy way to take CBD every day. Capsules are quick, simple, and discrete. Simply take one CBD capsule every morning or evening as desired for a pre-measured dose of CBD.

There are plenty of CBD brands in the UK selling CBD capsules, so if you are interested then you won’t be hard-pressed to find them. But tablets aren’t for everyone – some people hate having to take pills! If this is the case, don’t worry. There are tonnes of incredible CBD products out there, offering unique and spectacular ways to take CBD.

Whether you prefer gummy bears, massage oils, flavoured lattes or even beer, there is a CBD product out there for you.