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Combining CBD with a Daily Health Routine

Green Shoppers Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on May 15, 2019

It’s pretty common knowledge now that CBD is the next big thing in the health sector. In comparison with the latest fad diets, it seems as though cannabidiol is really something that is here to stay. CBD food supplements are being labelled as somewhat of a superfood, joining the ranks of kale, avocados and more.

In case you were unaware, CBD is the compound found in cannabis which is reported to have a number of health benefits. It is also called cannabidiol, which is its full scientific name. In comparison to some other cannabinoids (the active compounds in the cannabis plant) CBD is non-psychoactive and cannot cause the user to get high. Furthermore, it is non-addictive and completely safe to consume.

While there are anecdotes of some using CBD in order to treat certain symptoms, CBD products are actually intended to be food supplements. This means that they should be taken daily as part of a healthy lifestyle, just to add something a little extra into your diet. In today’s post, we will be exploring why you should make CBD a part of your daily regime, as well as our top 5 simplest ways to get CBD into your daily life.

Why CBD Should Be a Part of Your Daily Life

There have been a number of studies into cannabidiol, dating back decades. However, the pace of research didn’t really pick up until recently; now, studies on the compound are being published all the time. As we find out more about it, CBD just becomes more fascinating and incredible. For now, we will just discuss some of the studies we already know about.

First off, CBD is known to be an antioxidant – it is even patented in the US. Antioxidants are important in keeping us healthy and, well, alive. As we go about our daily life, the body is constantly enduring different biological processes which keep us breathing. These processes create waste products, one of which is free radicals. These can also be formed from external factors like stress and toxins from the environment. Free radicals can cause health complications, particularly in high numbers, meaning that they can trigger ailments like Alzheimer’s and even speed up the aging process.

This is why it’s important to work antioxidants into your diet. Antioxidants fight off free radicals and ensure that you remain healthy and happy. In a 1998 study by Hampson et al., it was found that CBD was able to act as a neuroprotective antioxidant. This means that CBD can support a healthy brain and general health by acting as a completely natural antioxidant.

But this isn’t all. There have been numerous studies looking at more specific things that CBD could achieve. Most studies have been performed on animal (usually rodent) models, and therefore are not watertight. It’s true that CBD may have a plethora of beneficial applications, but these may be restricted to animals, and the quantities used may not translate to humans, or they may not be sustainable. For example, a popularly cited 2011 study that looked at CBD for anxiety administered 600mg to patients; this would be an extremely expensive dose to take, and it is simply much higher than most individuals would need.

There have been investigations into CBD for stress, depression, migraines, insomnia, and more. These preliminary investigations will definitely lead to more trials regarding CBD, but for now there is not a whole lot of concrete evidence.

That being said, Peter Grinspoon, MD, published an article for Harvard in 2018 suggesting that there is strong evidence that CBD could help with severe cases of epilepsy – as is the case with licensed medications like Sativex. Grinspoon also proposed that CBD was a potent anti-inflammatory that could be used to help with conditions like arthritis.

We are sure that more and more cannabidiol studies will roll in over the years. What we can be certain of is that CBD is safe to consume and has at least some benefits for your health. While not a medicine or a cure, CBD is still an ideal food supplement that can support your health – but how exactly does it do this?

CBD Food Supplements: How Do They Work?

CBD works by interacting with something called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is an innate biological system responsible for maintaining homeostasis, or balance, throughout the entire body. It consists primarily of cannabinoid receptors which are dotted throughout the body; they are found in the brain, central nervous system, all organs, and everywhere else you can think of.

These cannabinoid receptors are kind of like locks, and they are activated by molecules called endocannabinoids, which are the keys. When the body experiences a change – be it internal or external – it creates endocannabinoids which travel around the body and bind to their corresponding cannabinoid receptors. In a way, the endocannabinoids are like little messengers which pass information around the body.

Cannabinoid receptors are not only designed to work with endocannabinoids, however. The cannabinoids found in plants, such as CBD, can also interact with these receptors. Some of them, like THC, can actually fit directly into the receptors, just like endocannabinoids do. But CBD is a little different. When you consume CBD, it stimulates the production of more endocannabinoids, which subsequently bind with their own cannabinoid receptors.

In this way, CBD provides a completely natural way to keep your body ticking over. Rather than it being like introducing a foreign substance to your ECS, CBD gently encourages the ECS to do its job better.

The endocannabinoid system is intricately connected to a number of biological functions, allowing it to regulate things like sleep, temperature, mood, pain response, immune function, and more. It is an extremely important bodily system, and so keeping it healthy is vital. With CBD’s ability to support the ECS, it appears to be the perfect food supplement.

So, how can you fit CBD into your daily routine?

How to Incorporate CBD into Your Daily Routine

It is actually incredibly easy to fit CBD into your routine. If you have ever taken a supplement such as Cod Liver Oil or even a Vitamin C supplement, then you will know how quick and easy it is. Luckily, the size of the CBD industry has led to a huge number of different consumption methods, giving you all the choice in the world about how to consume CBD.

Below are our top 5 methods for easy CBD consumption; when it’s this easy, you have no excuse not to!

1. CBD Tea and Coffee

Most of us are either a tea person or a coffee person; perhaps you are both. Whether you prefer a relaxing cuppa in the evening or an energy-boosting coffee in the morning, you can use your hot drink of choice as a means of taking CBD.

CBD teas are quite popular, because you can actually brew tea using the leaves of the hemp plant. You can purchase CBD tea bags online for this purpose. Alternatively, try making your own CBD tea at home – just make sure you drink it with milk in so that the CBD has something to bind to.

If coffee is more your thing, then you’re also in luck. CBD coffees are extremely popular, as it has been suggested that CBD is a wake-promoting agent. There are a number of ways to make CBD coffee, including whipping up a super healthy CBD latte for something a little different.

To make CBD tea or coffee, all you need to do is buy a CBD oil or a CBD isolate powder and grab your usual ingredients. It’s quick, easy, and something that you can do every day!

2. Cook Your Own CBD Edibles

Cooking with CBD is also becoming a very popular option. Many CBD manufacturers sell CBD gummies online. However, you might as well cook up your own CBD creation to impress your friends and family. While CBD sweet treats are easy to dose and provide a tasty way to consume CBD, you can also add CBD to your regular meals.

We have written numerous recipe posts for CBD, so be sure to check them out. From CBD guacamole and quinoa salad to CBD brownies, you can make anything you like!

3. Take CBD as a Pre- or Post-Workout

If you regularly go to the gym or play sports, then you can use CBD as a pre- or post-workout supplement. Simply replace your normal pre-workout with CBD, or even add the oil drops to your normal supplement. You could even just take a sublingual CBD tincture around 15 minutes before you work out.

As CBD is considered a natural energiser, there has been debate regarding whether gyms are going to start stocking CBD. It makes sense, considering athletes are already using the supplement (legally, of course) to give themselves an edge.

And if you regularly suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and achy muscles after working out, then you can also try CBD as part of your post-workout cooldown. CBD topicals are perfect for this; use a CBD massage oil to take the pain away, or unwind in a hot bath filled with CBD bath salts.

4. Add CBD to Your Skincare

Beauty queens are sure to love the exciting range of CBD skincare products hitting the market. There is plenty to choose from, including cleansers, shampoos, moisturisers, lip balms, and even makeup. As CBD is an antioxidant, it makes for the perfect skincare ingredient, helping anyone to rejuvenate their skin.

If you are the type of person to have a nightly skincare routine and dedicate one night per week to organic face masks and exfoliation, then CBD skincare products will be perfect for you. Just replace your regular moisturiser with a skincare alternative, et voila!

5. Take a Morning CBD Supplement

This is the most basic, boring way to take CBD, but we had to include it because it’s still so simple! There is a multitude of CBD products you can take with ease each and every morning, just as a quick way to get cannabidiol into your body.

Sublingual CBD drops are the most common and popular, and only take a minute or so to take. Alternatively, you could purchase CBD gummies or even use a CBD capsule. All of these methods are incredibly quick and incredibly easy; you can even take capsules on the go.

Final Thoughts on Combining CBD with Your Daily Health Routine

Taking care of our health is something that should be important to all of us. It is imperative to ensure that we are looking after ourselves, and therefore it can be good to spend a little extra money on health supplements that will do us some good.

CBD is definitely proving to be a super-supplement, and it’s one that consumers are just loving. Users say that CBD simply helps them to “feel better”, and that’s why it is becoming so popular. There are plenty of reasons to take CBD, and supporting your general health is the biggest incentive.

Luckily, there are plenty of quick, easy ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. No more excuses! It has literally never been easier to look after yourself and your loved ones; there really is a CBD product for everyone.