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How Should I Store CBD Products? Do I Need to Refrigerate Them?

Green Shoppers Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on September 16, 2019

Just like any product, CBD can degrade over time. It can be necessary to store the tincture properly in order to prolong the shelf life and protect the potency of the oil. But CBD is often different to other products in many respects, and you might be wondering whether storing CBD oil is different, too.

Storing CBD products does depend on the type of product you have – edibles, oils, capsules and e-liquids may all have different requirements. Nevertheless, there are some basic things you need to know about storing CBD products.

In today’s article, we will be telling you how to properly store your CBD products. Read on to discover how you can prolong the life of your CBD through correct storage.

How Long Does CBD Last?

Generally, CBD products will last between 12 months and 2 years. Reaching the latter limits of this relies on properly storing the products.

To be fair, you will probably get through your CBD product long before the expiry date. With a 30-count bottle of CBD capsules, for example, with one a day you will have finished the whole tub in a month.

But some people choose to buy CBD in bulk. Some brands offer discounted prices when you buy bundles or multi-packs, especially if you’re buying high-potency CBD. As a result, some consumers choose to buy in bulk so they’re not struck with running out of CBD all of a sudden, and so that they can save some cash in the long run.

In these instances, you may want to store CBD oil for a longer period of time without it degrading. To do this, you’re going to need to store it properly.

How to Store CBD Oil

Storing CBD oil is actually incredibly simple. Manufacturers usually package CBD in containers fit for cannabidiol; this is why CBD oil usually comes in amber-coloured glass.

There are three things that degrade CBD:

  1. Heat
  2. Light
  3. Air

The container should be airtight, kept upright in a cool, dark place. Of course, it should also be in a dry area because you don’t want moisture getting in.

It should go without saying that you shouldn’t keep CBD on a shelf by the window. The heat and light will affect the quality, and before long your CBD oil will be far less potent. With these products being expensive, you don’t want to waste them like this.

Instead, you should keep them in a cupboard away from light. The amber glass packaging (or plastic if you buy a topical, for example) will protect the oil a little, but storing in a dark place is a way to prolong the life even further. The cupboard should be somewhere cool, and not somewhere that becomes hot regularly like a bathroom or somewhere near a hot appliance.

These instructions are pretty simple, but we also have some more tips for making your products last longer.

Tips for Making Your CBD Last Even Longer

Storing CBD products can depend on the particular product at hand, as we mentioned. Again, the tips below can apply to any product you buy, so feel free to follow along if you want to protect your CBD as much as possible.

1. Keep it in the Fridge

While you don’t have to keep CBD in the fridge, it can help its shelf life. What better to keep your products away from heat than to stick them in the fridge? Bear in mind, though, that refrigerating can alter the consistency of products like oils. The oil might become too stiff to use a dropper. If this happens, just roll the bottle between your palms until it warms up enough to use.

2. Wrap it in Foil

For extra protection in the fridge, you can wrap the product in aluminium foil to block out any light. Again, this isn’t a necessary step, but it can help if you plan on keeping the product for a long time.

3. Freeze it if You Bulk Buy

When bulk-buying, you may need to keep the products for quite a long time. Just like with other consumable products, you can freeze CBD. It will preserve many of the plant compounds for quite a long time; according to cannabis expert Ed Rosenthal, freezing CBD tinctures allows them to last indefinitely.

When it’s time to use them, it’s best to try and defrost the products over time by leaving them out of the freezer, rather than heating them directly. Remember, heat can cause problems for CBD oil, so it’s best to let them defrost slowly without becoming hot.

4. Check the Instructions

This might go without saying, but reading the instructions can save you a lot of bother. When you buy a more unique CBD product, there might be specific instructions to guide you with the storage. It may just say to store in a cool, dark place; but you never know if you don’t look.

Final Thoughts on Storing CBD Products

We hope you found this guide on storing CBD helpful. To answer one of the titular questions: No, you don’t have to store CBD in the fridge. However, if you plan on having your CBD product for a long time, then you can follow the above tips to extend the shelf life.

Plus, if your oil is about to expire and you need a quick fix, why not try cooking with CBD to whip up some quick snacks? These snacks can be consumed in a hurry, handed out to guests at a party, or frozen to eat later. If you’re stuck, you can always try out some great CBD recipes online.

Got any more tips for storing CBD? Drop them in the comments! We’re sure our other readers would love to know.