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Is CBD-Infused Beer Going to Be the Next BIG Think to Hit the UK Market?

Green Shoppers Writen by Green Shoppers
December 29, 2018

It really seems as though a new CBD product is being released every other week. The most popular are CBD oils, with new brands springing up here there and everywhere. The same occurs with capsules, topicals, edible gummies, and more.

As the cannabis industry in the UK is continuing to grow, manufacturers are trying to become more innovative with their products. Competition is tough now, and so producers have to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

A new trend in the CBD world is CBD beer. This seems like a wonderful combination of tasty, hoppy beer and the health benefits of CBD, so it could be the next big thing here. In a world where hipster craft beers are trending, it only makes sense for manufacturers to infuse cannabidiol into their beers.

In case you were unaware, cannabidiol (CBD) is an active compound from the cannabis plant. It is thought to have some beneficial properties for our health, as it can interact with an innate system we have called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Since this system helps to keep us in a state of homeostasis, the influence that CBD has on it can help our bodies to regulate themselves and keep us healthy.

But what happens when you combine CBD, a cannabis compound, with alcohol? Consumers have many questions about whether this is legal, whether it is healthy, and where you can get it. In this article, we will be covering everything you want to know about CBD beer.

Why Combine CBD and Beer?

CBD is so popular because it has such potential as a nutritional supplement. What’s more, it doesn’t get you high; while many people are initially shocked to find that this cannabinoid doesn’t cause intoxicating effects, CBD is non-psychoactive. As a result, it could be combined with alcohol fairly easily.

Furthermore, a report by the World Health Organisation has determined that CBD is generally well-tolerated in humans, making it safe to take. There are a few side effects that come with it, but they are all incredibly minor, including nausea and dizziness. Of course, the dizziness and dry mouth that comes with CBD will likely intensify the effects of what you feel when drinking beer!

Since CBD is safe, there is no real reason not to combine it with beer. But why would manufacturers actually come up with the idea in the first place?

A lot of the theory behind it involves giving a little something back to the body. Alcohol takes a lot away from you, acting as a diuretic and dehydrating you, as well as intoxicating you and causing a dreadful hangover the next day. Essentially, alcohol knocks your body far out of homeostasis.

Since CBD is used to make sure the body stays balanced, it may be able to mitigate the hangover you experience from alcohol. That being said, most evidence for this is largely anecdotal, and people usually take CBD during the hangover the next day. Whether CBD-infused beer reduces the risk of the hangover before it happens, we’re not exactly sure. Nevertheless, CBD beer is a tastier way to consume CBD than oils. If you find yourself drinking a bottle of beer when you get in from work each night, then it could be handy to try out a CBD-infused variety.

Is CBD Beer Legal?

We now know that CBD beer is safe to drink. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is legal. The CBD drinks trend actually started over in North America, and the law there is much clearer than it is here when it comes to CBD and cannabis.

Marijuana is federally illegal, meaning that the central US government does not allow it. Individual states are allowed to pass their own laws, though, which means that certain states allow recreational or medical marijuana. It is mostly illegal due to the THC content, which is why CBD oils are supposedly legal in all 50 states. As a result, it has been made illegal to produce any alcoholic drink infused with THC, which is psychoactive.

Some states allow for CBD-infused beer, but not all of them. This severely limits the creation and distribution of such drinks, which is problematic for the future of these products.

In the UK, however, any marijuana products or products containing THC are strictly illegal with fairly harsh penalties. Nothing much is said about CBD, though, putting it in a legal grey area. Only CBD products that are labelled as a medicine are regulated by the government and the MHRA, meaning that CBD food supplements and other products (such as CBD beer) are completely unregulated – but still legal.

In short, CBD beer is legal. It is not yet widely available, and it’s possible that the government will intervene in the future to either make it illegal or introduce some caveats. Even if that happens, you will not be punished for having used it before, so you can enjoy CBD beer now while it is freely available online!

How is CBD Beer Made?

If you know anything about CBD products, you might be aware that CBD oils and many other products are hydrophobic. This means they don’t blend with water, which is why making CBD beverages can be difficult.

Some companies are now producing water-soluble CBD, which is necessary for the production of CBD beer. The CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, which contains very low levels of THC. This is the same as pretty much any other product containing CBD, as UK guidelines mean that cannabis-derived products must contain less than 0.2% THC.

Once the manufacturers have a CBD product, they can infuse it into any beer of their choosing. They can use whatever hops they desire to create a delicious craft beer, and then infused the CBD product into it afterwards. It’s quite simple really!

CBD Craft Beers in the UK

The first ever CBD beer has already hit the shelves in the UK. The idea came from Carl Boon, owner of the company CBDUltra, and Thierry Florit, a brand designer. Boon first had the idea about infusing a craft beer with cannabis oil, and the two continued returning to the idea until they decided to go ahead with it.

Originally, they set up a company called Cloud Nine Brewing. However, the name encountered some legal copyright issues, and thus they changed to Green Times Brewing.

With the combined cannabis expertise of Boon and the marketing expertise of Florit, Green Times have crafted and created a CBD-infused beer that is ready to hit the shelves. It is intended to help users relax using a combination of alcohol and CBD. The beer was launched in Manchester, a city known for individuality and expressiveness; Mancunians are sure to love a good craft beer.

The first beer that Green Times have released is called the High Flyer, crafted using organic new world hops, malts, and extracts from hemp containing less than 0.2% THC. It is described as having a refreshing citrus finish. High Flyer has an ABV of 4.3%.

Currently, you can only purchase Green Times beer from certain stockists. These shops can be found in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Wigan, and Birmingham. You can purchase them from the website eebriatrade.com, where a 330ml bottle costs £2.80, but this is reserved for traders willing to stock it.

According to the minds behind Green Times, more beers are in the pipeline, including gluten-free and vegan-friendly versions. Does this mean that CBD beer will be on the increase?

What is the Future of CBD Beer in the UK?

With CBD itself becoming increasingly popular, we can see CBD beer making a large splash in the UK. The type of people who enjoy craft beers are the same type of people who are indulging in organic nutritional products like CBD. The crossover between the two is sure to impress.

What’s more, we are a nation of beer-drinkers who love a trip to the pub and a pint, so CBD beer is an excellent way to get more people into CBD.

Over in North America, popular beer brand Budweiser are jumping on the bandwagon. Anheuser-Busch InBev, the maker of Budweiser, have announced that they are working with Tilray, a Canadian medical marijuana company. Currently, they have said that they are working on non-alcoholic CBD-infused beverages, but there is room for a move toward CBD Budweiser somewhere in the future.

We think that, as CBD continues to grow, CBD-infused beers will become immensely popular in the United Kingdom.