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Should You Buy Bulk CBD Oil? [Pros and Cons]

Green Shoppers Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on July 5, 2019

CBD oil is a confusing world. When you first step into the world of online CBD sales, you are immediately struck by just how confusing everything is.

By now, many people are aware of the discomforting fact that CBD is not regulated by any governing body. The MHRA has declared it to be a medicinal product if it is not in food supplement form, but then this agency only regulates the CBD products which are labelled as medicines. That leaves the food supplement industry in a limbo, surrounded by strict rules about what companies can and cannot say on the labels, but leaving them to put whatever ingredients they want into the products.

Luckily, the shady dealers are usually weeded out very quickly. Most manufacturers you see online are legitimate, and most sell high-quality CBD oils. But if they’re all high-quality, then why is there such a disparity in price?

You will notice when shopping around that the price of CBD varies drastically. What is the reason for this huge gap? Plus, some companies offer discounts for bulk-buying of CBD. This makes everything even more confusing – is buying a stronger oil a better idea if it saves you money in the long run?

In this article, we investigate the truth about bulk buying CBD.

The Price of CBD Oil in Britain: Why It’s All So Confusing

There’s no denying that CBD oil is on the expensive side when it comes to supplements. Its price can be pinned down to a number of factors, including the fact that growing hemp is not fully legal in the UK. Other factors are things like the extremely expensive CO2 extraction equipment required to draw out the CBD from hemp. By the end of the processing, it’s no wonder that the price of CBD adds up.

Nevertheless, there are very different prices for CBD oils in the UK – all of which are quite expensive. Let’s take a look at some different brands:

Brand Total CBD (mg) Price £ per mg
Provacan 300 £24.99 0.08
Love Hemp 800 £49.99 0.06
Love CBD 300 £18.99 0.06
Jacob Hooy 150 £59.99 0.39
Dragonfly CBD 500 £40.00 0.08


The prices generally are around the £0.06 – £0.08 mark, but there are outliers such as Jacob Hooy which prove to be mega expensive in the grand scheme of things, partly due to bottle size and low potency.

Another factor in these sorts of comparisons is what else is contained in the product. Some full-spectrum CBD oils may be more expensive because you are paying for the entourage effect. Some oils are flavoured and may be more expensive on account of this.

Now, let’s compare different strengths from the same brand (Provacan) to see how they all stack up:

Provacan CBD Oil 10ml Price £ per mg
300mg £24.99 0.08
600mg £39.99 0.07
1200mg £69.99 0.06
2400mg £119.99 0.05


Interesting, right? It turns out buying a stronger potency of CBD oil will decrease the price per milligram.

Can Buying in Bulk Save You Money?

As you can see from the table above, buying a stronger potency of CBD oil means you are paying less per milligram. However, not everybody is going to want to drop £119.99 on CBD oil in one sitting. So, how would you save over the long term?

Let’s say you use 25mg of CBD per day. Bear in mind that each 10ml bottle contains around 200 drops. This is how long each bottle of the Provacan CBD would last you:

Total CBD Strength (mg) CBD mg per drop Number of drops needed per day How long would the bottle last?
300 1.5 16 12 days
600 3 8 25 days
1200 6 4 50 days
2400 12 2 100 days


This means that, if you repeatedly buy the 300mg version, you would have spent almost £200 over the course of 100 days – much more than you would spend buying 2400mg of CBD for £120!

In this case, it is definitely cheaper to buy a stronger oil in the long-term. But what about buying multiple bottles of CBD oil at once?

Well, you have to pay for shipping every time you order a CBD oil, so of course, buying multiple bottles at one time will avoid you having to pay the shipping costs individually.

Pros of Buying CBD Oil in Bulk

Here is a summary of the pros of buying CBD oil in bulk:

  • It works out a lot cheaper in the long run. If you regularly use and buy CBD, it works out less damaging to your bank account if you buy in bulk.
  • Buying multiple bottles of CBD oil at once will save you on shipping costs.
  • You won’t have to worry about constantly running out of CBD oil, because you have bought up a stock!

Cons of Buying CBD Oil in Bulk

There are, of course, some drawbacks to purchasing CBD oil in bulk. Here they are:

  • Some people cannot afford to drop extortionate amounts of money on CBD oil in one shopping trip.
  • If you are completely new to CBD oil, you could end up stuck with a lot of a CBD product that you don’t like. It is better for newbies to buy small amounts they can try out to decide if they like it.
  • Stronger CBD drops are not suited to some people, who may need a lower strength.

The Last Word: Is It Better to Buy in Bulk?

Really, the decision about whether to buy in bulk is up to you. There are pros and cons to each.

If you have the money and use CBD a lot, then we would recommend trying to buy in bulk where possible. In the long run, it will end up saving you a bit of cash.

The biggest tip we can give is that you should always do a thorough price investigation before buying any CBD oil product. In case you are a bit confused and hopeless at maths (we are, too!), here are the simple equations you can use to find out how much your CBD is costing:

  • Calculating the price per mg:
    Price of whole bottle ÷ Total number of milligrams = Price per mg
  • Calculating the milligrams per drop:
    Total number of milligrams ÷ Number of drops in bottle = mg per drop
  • Calculating how many drops you need per day:
    Desired amount of CBD (mg) ÷ CBD per drop (mg) = Drops per day
  • Calculating how long the bottle will last:
    Total number of drops in bottle ÷ Drops per day = How long the bottle will last (days)


So, there you have it! Make sure you take a look at the cost of your CBD before you buy it, and you won’t end up in a financial pinch!