What are CBD Tea Bags?

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on March 23, 2019

An enormous number of CBD products are being released into the market, each one more innovative and exciting than the one before it. Edible forms of CBD are proving to be extremely popular, with things like gummies and CBD beer taking the country by storm.

But at the end of the day, we Brits are a nation of tea drinkers. We can’t resist a good cuppa, and that’s something manufacturers know all too well. CBD tea bags are becoming more and more popular, and you might have come across CBD tea recently.

If you’re wondering what exactly CBD tea means, where to get it and what benefits it has, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover all you need to know…

What is a CBD Tea Bag?

This question might be a bit self-explanatory: It’s a tea bag, infused with CBD! Although, this might not quite be the English Breakfast that you’re used to.

Cannabidiol, more often referred to simply as CBD, is a health supplement that appears to be taking over the world. It comes from the cannabis plant, but don’t worry, it can’t get you high. Instead of provoking a ‘high’, CBD interacts with the body in a way that can improve your health.

It helps the body to produce endocannabinoids, messenger molecules that help your body adapt to different environments. Endocannabinoids are partially responsible for controlling a number of different functions, including sleep, mood, appetite, and immune response. So, with this in mind, it’s vital to keep the endocannabinoid system ticking over nicely.

When you ingest CBD, the increased production of endocannabinoid molecules improves the function of the ECS, thus keeping you healthier. This is why many people have turned to CBD supplements, such as tea, to help keep their bodies in shape.

A CBD tea bag can use any type of tea. With the target market of cannabidiol being those who are into fitness and health, they tend to be herbal tea varieties like chamomile and green tea. Still more common is hemp tea.

Since CBD products are made using hemp plants, it makes sense for manufacturers to use the whole plant. Hemp teas are common regardless of whether they have extra CBD added, and that’s because they make for a wonderful, natural tea with numerous health benefits.

CBD & Tea: Why It’s So Great

Tea on its own is purported to be good for your health. So why bother adding in CBD? There are actually a number of reasons why CBD makes a great addition to your cup of tea; here are just a few…

1. It can reduce insomnia

It has already been reported that CBD may be able to help you get a better sleep at night, but tea can also do the same. Chamomile and peppermint teas, or those with hints of lavender, have long been used as a natural sleep aid. The terpenes found in these teas are great at helping you drift off, and some of the very same terpenes can be found in cannabis!

Linalool, for example, is the soporific terpene found in lavender, and it may also be found in hemp. If you’re looking for a sleepy CBD tea, opt for a variety containing these sleep-inducing ingredients.

2. It can reduce inflammation

Inflammation is a natural response to trauma, and it serves good purpose. However, persistent inflammation can be hard to cope with; it is irritating and often painful. Once again, tea has long been used as an anti-inflammatory. Green, black, oolong and white teas are all used as natural relievers of inflammation.

And CBD? It is a patented anti-inflammatory in the United States, and many athletes are turning to CBD to combat inflammation, too. It certainly seems as though it might be able to help. If you suffer from chronic inflammation due to a condition like arthritis, tea might be able to help.

3. It can reduce pain

Okay, so this is pretty similar to the last point. Since both CBD and tea might be able to reduce inflammation, they can help to stave off any inflammation-related pain. As a natural alternative to potentially harmful pharmaceuticals, many people have been turning to CBD teas.

4. It can help with headaches

Most people are prone to headaches nowadays, from focusing on work and looking at screens too long, not getting enough sleep or drinking enough water. Headaches are extremely common and stressful, but popping painkillers all the time is not really healthy.

Herbal teas like peppermint, chamomile, and others have all been demonstrated to have unique headache-curing properties. The relaxation they bring can help you to unwind, loosen those muscles, and relieve the pain.

Some people have also reported a reduction in headache pain after taking CBD oils or capsules. Because of this, adding CBD to tea could provide a great, natural way to fight off those headaches.

5. It can improve your mood

Feeling anxious and stressed? A cup of tea will fix it! Us Brits know all too well that a warm cup of tea can fix everything, and for good reason. It’s not just a placebo effect. Research has shown that tea can genuinely reduce your stress levels and make you feel less anxious, improving your mood. This has a knock-on effect, helping you fix other areas of your life such as disrupted sleep.

Furthermore, CBD’s strong links to the serotonin system mean that it too could help to improve your mood. Through the production of extra endocannabinoids, CBD may be a great stress-buster. Combine this with tea, and you’re bound to feel better in no time!

Can I Buy CBD Tea in the UK?

Yes! CBD is legal in Great Britain because it is not psychoactive and has very few side effects. It is now well-known that CBD is safe for all people to use (apart from, perhaps, breastfeeding mothers), and its benefits have thrust it into the spotlight. As long as the supplement you’re buying comes from hemp and contains less than 0.2% THC, cannabidiol is completely legal.

There are plenty of manufacturers of CBD tea in the United Kingdom. A quick Google search will reveal a long list of brands you can buy from, but you do have to be quite careful when buying CBD online. As long as you research properly, you can be sure that you are buying a high-quality CBD product.

As we mentioned, it is more common to find fancy herbal teas infused with CBD. If that isn’t your thing, you can always buy CBD oil and make your own CBD tea at home. You have to choose a tea that has milk added in, though, or the oil won’t mix into the water. Alternatively, you can try buying CBD liposomes, which are designed specifically to blend with water.

If this is too much effort for you, then the CBD teas online tend to be delicious and of great quality; we think they’re worth the investment!