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What Is Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD? [Reviewed]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on December 3, 2019

We usually recommend that our readers check out reviews of any CBD brand before buying. Reviews will assure you that the brand you are looking at is not a fly by night company or a scam – it explains what real users thought of the products.

In an unregulated industry like the CBD market, this kind of assurance is vital. Plus, reviews can help you make sense of the vast product range and find a brand that you like. We have plenty of reviews here for you to browse at Greenshoppers – this is what we do! We try out CBD products and give you the lowdown.

Today we are reviewing Dr. Chin’s Herbal, a brand that plays on the long history of CBD use throughout the world. Without further ado, here is what we thought of the products.

Who Is Dr. Chin’s Herbal?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a man named Dr. Vincent Chin founded the Dr. Chin’s Herbal brand. Dr. Chin is from Kingston, Jamaica, and he graduated from the University of West Indies. For a while, he practiced as a doctor in Spanish Town, but he later emigrated to Miami, Florida.

Dr. Chin is a big believer in preventative medicine. With a background in Jamaica, he is interested in using natural therapeutic compounds to keep the body healthy. It’s only right that he eventually came across cannabidiol.

Believe it or not, CBD – more accurately, cannabis in general – has been around for centuries. Peoples in Ancient China used marijuana for various therapeutic reasons, and there are even rumours that Queen Victoria used it for menstrual cramps! Now that the natural health-boosting power of CBD has resurfaced, brands like Dr. Chin’s are promoting it to the world once more.

Perhaps one of the most impressive things about this brand is that it uses hemp grown on farms that are USDA-certified as organic. While many CBD brands claim to use organic hemp, the United States Department of Agriculture rarely supports these claims with a certification. The farms are located in Colorado; a state regarded for quality cannabis production.

After the hemp is grown and harvested, the CBD products are manufactured in a third-party facility. Once again, this facility is cGMP certified and FDA-registered, speaking to the quality of the end products.

Although Dr. Chin’s Herbal products are full-spectrum, they all contain less than 0.3% THC. As a result, they are legal in all 50 U.S. states. However, Dr. Chin’s doesn’t actually ship to the U.K., so British consumers will have to look elsewhere.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD Products

Sadly, the range available from Dr. Chin’s Herbal is very small. There are only three products to choose from, including a tincture, a topical, and a bundle kit.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD Oil

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD Oil

Dr. Chin’s describes the tincture as “the most convenient way to reap the benefits of full-spectrum cannabidiol.” The tincture comes in a 1oz (30ml) bottle with a dropper attached. Coconut oil is the carrier of choice, regarded as one of the most efficient carrier oils for CBD.

Strangely for a CBD company, Dr. Chin’s only sells one strength. The tincture contains 500mg of CBD, or 16.6mg per drop. Usually, brands offer more choices so that consumers can pick a potency that works for them based on BMI and lifestyle factors.

The Dr. Chin’s CBD Full-Spectrum Tincture costs $79.99. It works out at about $0.16 per milligram, which is expensive by CBD standards! You can find much cheaper products on the market.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD Topical

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD Topical

Pain creams are a common occurrence in the CBD market. Dr. Chin’s has formulated a CBD cream using coconut oil, menthol, capsicum, and full-spectrum CBD. The additions of menthol and capsicum are ideal for pain creams because these ingredients create warming and cooling sensations, respectively. By triggering blood flow to the area, warming ingredients can help relieve inflammation and muscle pain.

As far as the market goes, the Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD Pain Cream is a pretty standard product. It comes in a 1oz (30ml) tub with 500mg CBD, just like the tincture. One thing we did like is that the cream is lightweight, so it’s not sticky or oily. Remember to wash your hands after using, because the capsicum really does work on everything it touches!

The cream costs $79.99.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD Starter Kit

The starter pack contains both of the products discussed above. However, rather than buying both products separately, buying them together earns you a 15% discount. The starter pack costs $199.99 rather than $159.99. If you like the look of this brand and have the money, then you might want to consider this option.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal Pros

  • Free shipping on all orders.
  • Dr. Chin himself has over 35 years in the medical field, so he knows what he’s talking about.
  • Dr. Chin’s Herbal makes products in FDA-registered facilities with hemp from farms that are certified organic.

Dr. Chin’s Herbal Cons

  • There is a very limited selection of products, making it hard for Dr. Chin’s Herbal to compete in the market.
  • These products are quite expensive compared to others.
  • We didn’t see any lab reports.

Final Thoughts on Dr. Chin’s Herbal CBD

Dr. Chin’s Herbal is, all in all, a good brand. The products are undoubtedly high quality, produced in excellent facilities from fantastic hemp. It’s nice to know that a brand is producing its products in regulated facilities.

That being said, we usually drill it into our readers’ heads that you should always check lab reports. Although Dr. Chin’s Herbal products seem lovely based on the information given, it would be even better if we saw lab reports confirming some of the claims. For example, Dr. Chin’s Herbal says the products contain 0% THC, but how do we know this for sure without lab reports?

The only other complaints we have are the limited product selection and the cost. To compete in the CBD market these days, brands need to be innovative; many sell some wacky products just to have a unique selling point. That being said, perhaps there’s something refreshing about a simple, straightforward product range. As for the price point, we have seen tinctures for much cheaper at the same strength. Whether you want to spend this much cash is up to you, but at the end of the day, most people love a bargain.

These few things aside, there’s definitely something positive about Dr. Chin’s Herbal. Having products backed by a doctor is always a fantastic start.

If you live in the U.K., you won’t be able to get hold of Dr. Chin’s Herbal products. Instead, check out our list of the Top 10 CBD Tinctures That Work!