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What is the Europe CBD Expo? Things to Know!

Green Shoppers Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on August 5, 2019

As cannabidiol has been thrust into the mainstream, more people are becoming interested in it. This includes both businessmen and businesswomen looking to get involved in the market, and members of the public who want to try this compound for themselves.

Education is a huge factor in the progression of this industry. It is important to distance CBD from the marijuana plant, while at the same time creating a wider discussion about the legalities of the cannabis family of plants in general.

Part of the CBD movement has culminated in numerous global exhibitions, in which CBD is flaunted in all its glory. These expos provide a place for like-minded individuals who are interested in CBD to meet, discuss branding and marketing tactics, learn about CBD, and try out some samples of new and exciting products.

One of the biggest CBD exhibitions is the Europe CBD Expo. This expo passed very recently, hosted in London in 2019. Today, we will be taking a look at what went down at the 2019 Europe CBD Expo.

What is the Europe CBD Expo?

If you’re interested in CBD-focused events, then the Europe CBD Expo is pretty unmissable. The 2-day event covers international brands, global scientific research regarding CBD and other cannabinoids, and provides the opportunity for speakers to share their knowledge on CBD.

The expo hosts various speakers, including wholesalers, aspiring business owners, investors, researchers, and more. Clinicians, pharmacists, government representatives, and of course, social influencers are also in attendance. Not only is the expo an opportunity to learn about CBD, but it’s also the perfect place for networking between people in the industry.

Attendees to the expo can participate in panel discussions, too, providing room to really talk about the issues around CBD.

Europe CBD Expo: London 2019

Located in ExCeL London, the Europe CBD Expo 2019 ran from the 12th to the 13th of July. The expo consisted of 4000 square metres of exhibitions, with 78 exhibitors, a 500 square metre educational zone, and around 30 speakers. Plus, it was packed full of 100 press and influencers.

The educational space, called the CBD Link Zone, allowed businesses and consumers to provide and receive free information about CBD. The main stage also provided space for talks from the speakers.

A number of networking and marketing workshops also took place for those involved in the industry. The schedule was really packed full of activities. So, let’s take a look at what happened.

What We Learnt At the Expo

Day 1 of the Expo took place on Friday the 12th of July. It was Business to Business (B2B) day, with 16 sessions relating to cannabis and CBD businesses. It all kicked off with the keynote speaker Jim McCormick, president of Ignite International Ltd. “Welcome to the Ignited Kingdom,” the company’s banner read, a play on the host country.

From there, a number of sessions ran regarding businesses and operating in the CBD industry, alongside talks from the Main Stage from players in the market. The sessions touched on issues such as responsibility and transparency, cannabinoid development strategies, the importance of lab testing, and more. There were also two panel discussions throughout the day.

Day 2 was a business and consumer day, with 14 sessions scheduled. This day began a little later, with a talk from keynote speaker Dr. Zeid Mohamedali. Dr. Mohamedali is the Chief Medical Officer at Zenabis, and his talk focused on cannabis intelligence.

At 10:30, the sessions began with a guide to CBD, as well as talks from a number of key speakers. At 12pm, there was a Q&A with Dan Bilzerian and Jim McCormick, both of whom work for Ignite International, Ltd. The afternoon’s sessions centred on clinical studies regarding CBD and cannabinoids.

Once again, panel discussions took place during the afternoon and evening. One in particular, entitled Women – The Future of Cannabis, shed some fascinating light on the cannabis industry and highlighted some important issues that the future will have to adapt to.

Final Thoughts on the Europe CBD Expo

As the CBD industry continues to expand, expositions like the Europe CBD Expo will become incredibly important. There is still a lot of stigma surrounding CBD, and some misconceptions that are inhibiting CBD’s progress. Education is the greatest tool the market has at its disposal, and spreading awareness will rely on network, proper marketing techniques, and legitimising the industry through reliable lab testing and quality control.

The 2019 Europe CBD Expo was a huge success. It provided ample opportunity for UK and international CBD business owners to network, share advice, and then connect with consumers on the second day. The second day in particular was useful for the industry as a whole, offering real evidence about the possibilities of CBD, as well as indications about the future of this market.

The truth is, we don’t know exactly where the CBD industry will go. There are many uncertainties, ranging from minor legal changes to bigger issues like Brexit. The popularity of the compound and the successes of expos like this one provide a glimmer of hope. Our prediction is that CBD will only go from one strength to the next, but who knows?

If this expo sounded like something you would be interested in, then be on the lookout for more expos to come. Many are hosted in America or mainland Europe in countries like Switzerland, but we have no doubt that a big CBD exposition will return to the UK very soon.