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When is the Best Time to Take CBD?

Green Shoppers Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on October 7, 2019

People often have a lot of questions about CBD. No matter what your question is, don’t feel like it’s silly. Everyone is a bit confused when starting out with CBD supplements, because the truth is that this industry can feel a bit chaotic. But CBD is meant to be a positive experience for your health, so you shouldn’t feel stressed about whether you are doing it “right.”

CBD is different for everybody. Each individual taking CBD will have a different experience and use it in a different way. That makes answering questions like “When should I take CBD?” difficult to answer – because it depends.

There are a few different times throughout the day when you can take CBD. Below, we look at the most common times of day to take a CBD supplement and give our recommendation on the best time to take CBD.

Taking CBD in the Morning

Some people like to take CBD first thing in the morning, somewhere amongst the everyday routine of breakfast, brushing your teeth, showering, etc.

This can be a great time to take CBD. If you can fit it into your routine this way, you can be sure you won’t forget to do it. It’s especially handy if you already take other supplements during the morning; just take your CBD alongside them.

Plus, taking CBD at this time gives rise to new ways to take it. For example, why not try adding a few drops of CBD oil to your breakfast smoothie? Alternatively, you can take CBD oil sublingually as you normally would, and brush your teeth straight after – that’ll get rid of the hemp taste!

The main draw of taking CBD in the morning is the energy it can give you. Many users of CBD report feeling more energized and focused after taking a dose of CBD in the morning. Bear in mind that this effect can change to a sedative one if you take it in the evening, which is what we will talk about later.

Before a long day at work, you might find that taking your daily dose of CBD will help you to concentrate better and be more productive. But don’t take our word for it – try it yourself!

Taking CBD for Your Workout Routine

As of late, it has become popular to feature CBD in your workout regimen. If you are an active person who works out regularly, then you might find it easiest to work CBD into your workout routine.

Some people like to take CBD right before they work out. As mentioned above, CBD can act as a natural energiser, which is why some gym-goers see it as the perfect pre-workout. Remember, if you are using edibles or capsules, you will need to take it an hour or so before you work out.

Alternatively, you can take CBD after your workout. It is said that CBD can act as an anti-inflammatory – the U.S. government even has a patent on it for this reason – which means it might help you in post-workout recovery. It is often reported that topical CBD can be used for things like back pain, and so you may find it beneficial to you if you often face sore muscles.

Some brands, like Herb Strong, are purely centred around CBD workout supplements. Soul Cycle are now stocking CBD at some venues, and there are rumours that other gyms might stock CBD soon. It looks like your gym session could be the ideal time to take CBD.

Taking CBD in the Evening

For others, CBD is an evening thing. It’s a way to unwind and relax after a hard day at work. Many users of CBD claim that it can soothe minor stresses and reduce anxiety a little, which is great news if you often find yourself feeling frustrated.

Instead of pouring yourself a glass of wine in the evening or popping the bottle-top off that beer, you could switch to a CBD supplement instead. If it really does help you to wind down, then you can trade in a sore head the next day for a much healthier lifestyle.

It has also been claimed that CBD is a good sleep aid. In medical cannabis circles, CBD is often praised for its ability to make the user sleepy. But why might this happen if it can make you feel energised during the day?

Due to CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system, it can help to restore balance in the body. This could help to better regulate sleep-wake cycles, meaning that you will feel tired when you’re supposed to. Plus, its supposed stress-relieving properties might put your mind at ease and allow you to drift off.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, then you could opt for something like a CBD bath bomb to help you unwind in the evening. Other brands sell CBD sleep products that contain melatonin, another compound known to make you drowsy.

Micro-Dosing CBD Throughout the Day

As opposed to the above methods, some people like to “micro-dose” CBD. This means taking very small amounts of CBD throughout the day, instead of taking one large dose all at once.

If you opt for this method, it’s best to take your CBD with meals. That means one small dose three times per day, at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can take any CBD method of your choice when micro-dosing, be it an oil, capsules, gummies, or vaping.

Note that, when taking CBD with food, fatty foods increase the bioavailability of CBD. The CBD attaches itself to the fat in foods, and so can be better processed by the body. So, if you’re looking to increase the efficacy of CBD while micro-dosing, then try to eat high-fat foods. Remember, those don’t necessarily need to be unhealthy.

Micro-dosing isn’t for everyone, but it might benefit certain people. For example, people with mild chronic pain might find that taking CBD throughout the day helps, as it will keep pain and discomfort at bay for longer.

The Verdict: When is the Best Time to take CBD?

To be honest, there is no best time to take CBD. It’s a matter of personal preference and what you are trying to achieve. A morning dose is ideal for energizing you and setting the precedent for a good day, while an evening dose might help you to unwind. Gym-goers might find it easier to fit CBD in with their gym routine. And then, micro-dosers take CBD at regularly intervals throughout the day.

Each method is better for different things. We hope that, from reading this article, you have a better idea of the time of day that will suit you best.

Do you have a particular time of day you like to take your CBD oil? Let us know what you think the best time to take CBD is in the comments below.