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Which CBD Brands are Popular on Instagram?

Green Shoppers Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on May 13, 2019

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, especially for young people. The platform attracts around 1 billion users every month, with 71% of those users being under 35 years old. Furthermore, the distribution between women and men is pretty much even. This makes Instagram an incredibly useful tool for brands, as they can seem trendy and up-to-date to their young followers, as well as targeting people of all genders.

Most brands nowadays are on social media, and especially Instagram. The visual medium is perfect for attracting customers with interesting and exciting aesthetics. CBD brands are no exception, and a growing industry for cannabidiol means that more and more CBD companies are taking to Instagram.

With 6.1 million posts tagged with #cbd at the time of writing, it’s clear that the CBD trend is taking off. In today’s post, we will be exploring ten of the best CBD brands on social media. But first, is it actually important to find a CBD brand with a ton of insta followers?

Is it Important for CBD Brands to Be Popular on Instagram?

Currently, CBD is an unregulated industry. This means that no regulatory body is governing the creation and sale of CBD products. Because of this, it can be hard to find a reputable brand that you know for sure you can trust.

There are plenty of tried and trusted brands, such as Provacan, out there that you know you can rely on. However, the extreme popularity of CBD means that new brands are appearing all the time, and even if you want to give them a shot you can’t help but worry if they are legitimate.

There are certain things you can easily look out for, such as third-party lab reports published on the website. Another indicator of reputability is social media. If a company invests money into their social media marketing and gathers a strong following, you know that they are doing something right. As a result, it can be a good idea to look for a brand that is popular on a network like Instagram.

It is not essential for brands to be popular on Instagram. However, it can be a tell-tale sign that you can trust them. So, without further ado, here are 10 brands with Instagram accounts we just love, presented in no particular order.

#1. @herbstrong

Company: Herbstrong
Followers: 82.1k

Herbstrong is a company dedicated to CBD fitness supplements. As you probably already know, #fitstagram is already a hugely popular trend. Fitness Instagram accounts amass thousands or even millions of followers, and Herbstrong appears to be no exception.

The company sells a range of CBD oils, topicals, and e-liquids to help energise you and assist your recovery both in and out of the gym. They also sell oils for dogs and CBD dog treats under their Strong Paws range (Instagram: @herbstrong.paws).

Herbstrong have an excessive number of followers. For a CBD company, the following is enormous. The page is full of athletes and models wearing Herbstrong brand clothing (we’re not sure if you can actually buy this clothing though – it’s probably gifted to influencers) and brandishing their supplement bottles. The company’s theme is neon green and black, and the whole page matches this aesthetic. Herbstrong’s feed is definitely pleasing to look at, and it’s certainly motivating us to buy that gym membership!

#2. @koicbdlife

Company: Koi CBD
Followers: 20.4k

Koi CBD is an American brand dedicated to creating wholly organic CBD products. They sell a number of different products, ranging from vape juice and cartridges to CBD gummies and CBD for pets. There is quite a range, so you should check out their site to find out more.

Alternatively, you could take a peek at their Instagram. While there doesn’t seem to be any particular colour scheme or cohesive feed, the Koi CBD Instagram is still pleasing to look at. There are plenty of photographic shots of their products, surrounded by healthy superfoods, city landscapes, and even festival settings.

There does not seem to be a great deal of influencers. While some users might prefer this, others trust a product more if there is evidence of people using it. They do have a Story Highlight featuring reviews, but at the time of writing there are only two stories to show.

Another red flag is the engagement. Despite the 20,000 followers, Koi CBD only gets 100-300 likes on their posts – did they buy these followers? We aren’t sure, but nevertheless, the effort they have put into building this account suggests that it’s a reputable company.

#3. @mysoulcbd

Company: Soul CBD
Followers: 14.1k

Soul CBD sells a number of products focusing on luxury CBD, including pain creams, sleep aids, and even CBD bath bombs. The company focuses on pure, unprocessed forms of CBD that can help its customers to thrive.

Absolutely everything about the Instagram page is serene. In a tranquil colour scheme of blues, yellows, and greens, just looking at the page makes you feel calm and relaxed. Interspersed between pictures of the products are happy quotes, CBD infographics, and much-needed reminders to relax and take control of your life. Whoever the social media manager is, they know what they’re doing.

Something we really love is the “RESULTS” highlight reel. It features reposted stories from their customers’ Instagram accounts, and screenshots of people having messaged the company to thank them. It shows that Soul CBD has really worked for others, and it’s actually really inspiring.

#4. @cbdforlife

Company: CBD For Life
Followers: 36k

Based in America, CBD For Life sells a number of CBD products focused on both Health and Beauty. The ‘Health’ products include the likes of bath bombs, tinctures, and infused rubs, whereas the ‘Beauty’ range features eye serums, massage lotions, cleansers, and lip balms, to name but a few.

The Instagram account features a lot of pictures of athletes and gym-goers having sweated it out at the gym, hinting at the fact that these CBD products help them get through their kick-ass days.

CBD For Life really kills it in the Insta Story department. They regularly post stories regarding their products, alerting followers to new posts, and updating whenever the company appears in the news. From checking out the “In The News” highlight, we now know that CBD For Life was featured in Women’s Health magazine – talk about reputable!

Furthermore, the company has been known to host giveaways on Instagram, so keep your eyes peeled.

#5. @dopedogtreats

Company: Dope Dog
Followers: 9k

Okay, we’re sorry, but we just had to include a doggy CBD brand. CBD for dogs is becoming a huge trend, and there are now companies dedicated entirely to CBD dog treats. LA-based Dope Dog crafts protein-filled dog treats packed full of CBD to help your furry friend.

As for the Instagram, what’s not to love? It’s full of happy and excitable pups enjoying their CBD fill. There’s literally no reason not to love it – who doesn’t enjoy looking at puppy pics?!

Plus, the DOPE DOGS highlight features videos of real-life dogs actually enjoying the treats, so you know your pooch will like them too.

#6. @cbdandanxiety

Company: N/A
Followers: 27.5k

This is a slight cheat on our part. Technically, the CBD & Anxiety account is not run by a brand manufacturing CBD; instead, it is a community of people who are trading in anti-anxiety medications in favour of CBD. Although, they do offer a discount code for the Hilani CBD brand (Instagram: @iamhilani).

This Instagram page is, frankly, wonderful. It is filled with information about CBD, tips for managing anxiety, inspiring and motivating quotes, cute doodles, and more. Best of all, it fosters a community of patients all suffering from anxiety who support one another in their journey to battle against mental health and the stigma surrounding it.

CBD for anxiety is becoming quite a popular avenue, but it is important to be careful about stopping your medications in favour of something that is not government-approved. In a way, it’s good that the CBD & Anxiety page is there to guide people wanting to use CBD and help them do so in a safe way.

#7. @hopecbd

Company: Hope CBD
Followers: 4.2k

Finally, a UK-based brand! Hope CBD is based in Great Britain, and provides free shipping all over the country. While the brand does not have as many followers as some American companies, we can only expect that this number will grow in the future.

Hope CBD sells a number of different oils, e-liquids, ointments, and even CBD tea. The Instagram mostly showcases their different products, and nothing really stands out to us in particular. However, the colour scheme is consistent with the brand’s blue colour, and there is plenty of information about CBD to be found.

#8. @charlotteswebcbd

Company: Charlotte’s Web
Followers: 54.8k

Charlotte’s Web is perhaps the most famous of all the CBD companies. Almost everyone in the CBD community knows about Charlotte Figi, the little girl with an epileptic disorder whose life was changed for the better by CBD. Since her story emerged, numerous epileptic children have been suited using CBD products or specialised products containing synthetic CBD. But the original will always be Charlotte’s Web.

Of course, the Charlotte’s Web Instagram page is delightful. It is even verified by Instagram! There are lots of photos of hemp, CW Hemp products, and the workers who labour to make these products possible.

There are even heart-warming stories. One of the recent posts at the time of writing regards the company meeting two families who have used CW Hemp products to help their children. Honestly, we’re not sure how better to convince you that CBD works!

#9. @fabcbd

Company: Fab CBD
Followers: 10.9k

With plenty of flavoured CBD oils and fragranced topicals, Fab CBD is definitely a company targeting the beauty industry. They feature a lot of colourful graphics on their site, and their Instagram account is no exception.

The Fab CBD Instagram pops with colour and bold text, advertising their products. There are lots of pictures of the oils and topicals, and occasional posts celebrating holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day. However, there is not much in the way of people.

We like it when a brand shows people using their products. Reviews can be found in the story highlights, but we would also like it if there were photos in the main feed.

#10. @cbdlifeuk

Company: CBDLife UK
Followers: 7.9k

The second UK company to make our list is CBD Life UK. This is a company specialising in good old hemp tinctures, as well as selling other products like topicals and vape pens. For more information on the company, check out our full review.

The Instagram account mainly follows the brand’s green, grey and black colour scheme, broken up with various pictures of athletes using the oils. The most recent posts are added to the feed in threes, creating a cohesive row of images that all match. This makes for a very aesthetically pleasing feed.

However, CBDLife UK don’t post all that often, and when they do, the engagement is very low. This is probably because the pictures aren’t all that exciting, and it’s not something that’s going to drive engagement.

Nevertheless, the Instagram page is where CBDLife advertise their regular sales, so it might be worth giving them a follow!

So, There You Have It!

CBD Instagram pages are clearly becoming more and more popular, but there is still a huge difference between the top and bottom in terms of number of followers. It appears that many CBD brands are struggling to gain followers, and we think this is all down to basic social media marketing. The difference: Influencers. Accounts with more influencers and exciting photography are amassing many more followers.

Unfortunately, it seems as though UK CBD brands are falling behind on Instagram. We hope they will be able to catch up in the future!

Know any other CBD brands that are killing the Instagram game? Drop their @ in the comments below!