4 Corners Cannabis CBD Brand Review | Products and More

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on May 1, 2019

4 Corners Cannabis is an American brand with a considerable following. It has become super popular in the CBD market for several reasons. In today’s CBD product review, we find out why this brand has become so successful.

4 Corners Cannabis: Quick Summary

4 Corners Cannabis Pros

  • This brand has been on the market for many years providing experience and quality.
  • Lab reports are freely available on the site.
  • The products are really high-quality, and some are unique.

4 Corners Cannabis Cons

  • The product costs are very high compared to other brands.
  • Some of the products don’t stand out in the market.

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4 Corners Cannabis: Full Review

4 Corners Cannabis is one of the many brands making a name for itself in the CBD industry. This is a competitive market, so it can be tricky for brands to stand out. Still, 4 Corners Cannabis has succeeded in growing a loyal following of satisfied customers.

This is an American brand that has gained prominence worldwide. How have they done it? In today’s Greenshoppers review, we are taking a look at the 4 Corners Cannabis products to find out what this brand is doing right and what it could perhaps improve. Read on to learn if this could be the brand for you.

Who Is 4 Corners Cannabis?

Brian and Justin Jasiewicz founded 4 Corners Cannabis in 2013. The duo had been growing marijuana for many years before they decided to dabble in the world of hemp and CBD. The brand was one of the first CBD companies to hit the market in a time where cannabidiol was barely known.

4 Corners Cannabis is based in the USA to this day, creating a wide range of products that cater to many customers. The founders work tirelessly to improve their top-shelf product range and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Each and every year, 4 Corners pushes the limits by expanding its hemp growing operation and using the best quality extraction methods possible.

Right now, 4 Corners is based out of Durango, Colorado – a state known for quality cannabis. Over the years, the 4 Corners brand has grown from just the two founders to a team of 10. Sadly, Brian passed away in 2018, but the brand honours him on the website.

It’s good to know that the 4 Corners Cannabis brand remains a small, forward-thinking team despite its success. It makes the brand seem more trustworthy and open, which is always a positive sign.

4 Corners Cannabis uses USA-grown hemp to produce its products. It then uses organic sugar cane ethanol to extract CBD from the plant. 4 Corners believes strongly in ethanol extraction as opposed to CO2 methods. If you are remotely concerned about solvents in the final product, don’t worry! 4 Corners provides lab reports as an extra layer of assurance.

The final product is a 60% CBD blend, resulting in high-quality, rich products.


4 Corners Cannabis Products

4 Corners is a brand with lots of products to try. We tried some of the range, and below, we let you know what we thought of these products.


4 Corners CBD Tinctures

4 Corners Cannabis has a unique range of tinctures. Each comes in a coloured label that indicates what you’re taking.

The basic tincture is the ‘Blue Label’ CBD oil. It is suspended in an MCT oil, which is pretty standard, but it also contains orange extract for some added limonene. This is the brand’s most regular tincture, but the redeeming quality is that it comes in a large variety of strengths. Prices start at 50.99 for a 15ml, 250mg tincture, going up to $297.49 for a 30ml, 2000mg option. These prices are extremely high compared to others on the market.

4 corners cannabis

The 1000mg and 2000mg oils also come in THC-free, flavoured varieties. You can purchase both Choco Mint and Coconut Citrus. Both flavours are derived from only natural ingredients. Finally, there is a Cinnamon flavoured tincture in the full range of strengths, but it is not THC-free.

For those with allergies, 4 Corners also offers a glycerine tincture and an avocado oil tincture. These are both unique options that give you a complete level of choice. Interestingly, the avocado tincture is the cheapest offering.


4 Corners CBD for Pets

At 4 Corners Cannabis, not even your pets are left out. The brand offers three tinctures specially formulated for giving to your pet.

The standard CBD pet tincture contains no added limonene and is suspended in organic hemp seed oil. There are more strengths available than the human tincture, with the lowest option being 100mg ($21.24). The range goes up to 2000mg ($148.75) for much larger animals.

4 corners cbd

The above oil is full spectrum. However, 4 Corners also offers THC-free alternatives. These come in much larger bottles and thus cost more. That said, it’s worth it for those using it daily.

Finally, 4 Corners has developed a peanut butter flavoured tincture that dogs just love. It comes in just two strengths: 1000mg and 2000mg.


4 Corners Edible CBD

There is one edible on salt from 4 Corners: A CBD-infused squeezy honey. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The 8oz bottle of local honey contains 1000mg of full-spectrum hemp extract and costs $49.99.


4 Corners CBD Topicals

The 4 Corners Cannabis topical range is relatively extensive. It includes a CBD salve that doesn’t really stand out from other products on the market. The tub contains 250mg of CBD alongside coconut oil and beeswax. It’s not very exciting to say that it costs $42.49. The salve also comes in a THC-free formula.

In a slightly more exciting twist, 4 Corners also offers CBD + Cooling Menthol Salve. With added menthol, the product is cooling and soothing for aches and pains. Still, it is nothing unique compared to other products on the market.

four corners cbd

4 Corners Cannabis offers both the regular salve and the menthol option in the form of salve sticks. These sticks are a great idea, as it makes the salves more portable and usable on the go. They’re also mess-free. The salves start at $5.99.

Finally, 4 Corners sells a grape seed and jojoba massage oil. This is a great addition to the store and comes in two strengths.


Final Thoughts on 4 Corners Cannabis: 8/10

4 Corners Cannabis is an excellent brand with lots of promise. It’s an old hand in the CBD industry, and its longevity is very telling about the quality of this brand. Surviving for so long in such a competitive industry is a great sign.

There are some issues with 4 Corners. For example, CO2 extraction is generally considered a safer method ­– although the lab reports do show that the products are solvent-free. Secondly, there could be some more edibles on offer. Finally, the prices are very high.

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