Ambience CBD Review | All About the Brands, Products, and More

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on October 6, 2020

Ambience CBD sells products in locations throughout the UK. Rather than trusting them because they’re popular, though, let’s see if these products really work.

Ambience CBD: Quick Summary

Ambience CBD Pros

  • There are lots of affordable products alongside more expensive ones for those who want to spend extra.
  • Ambience is stocked at a few highly rated retailers.
  • The packaging is lovely.

Ambience CBD Cons

  • Lab reports are only available on request.
  • You can’t order online through the website.
  • There is very little information about the background of the company.


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Ambience CBD: Full Review

Ambience CBD is different from all the other brands we review because it doesn’t currently have a website. Instead, it sells its products through three other retailers: Holland & Barrett, Boots, and CBD Club. Two of those are impressive partners to have in the supplement industry as a whole.

Apparently, Ambience is in the process of developing a website. For now, you can still purchase the products from the other retailers. The Greenshoppers team decided to give them a shot, so here’s what we thought.


Who Is Ambience CBD?

Ambience is a mysterious brand at present, primarily because there is no website store. There is a list of the products online and details on where to buy them, but that’s the only information there is.

It’s clear that this is a UK company because all of its retailers are British companies. However, no more information is available right now. It’s unclear where the headquarters are, although the brand’s Facebook does reveal a Unit in Brentwood. This page also shows that it was created in 2018, so the company seems relatively new.

Ambience CBD is focused on topicals, with an extensive range of products designed for application to the skin. Unlike most CBD brands, Ambience does not stock tinctures or capsules. However, this isn’t necessarily bad; the topical market is an excellent way for many people to get into CBD because you can use it without ingesting it.

It’s a shame that there is no other information. We would like to know the extraction method and where the hemp is sourced. As a positive, lab reports are available on request.

We tried out the product range and let you know what we thought below.


Ambience CBD Products

Ambience has two product categories: Everyday and Apothecary. The former is stocked at the CBD Club and Holland & Barrett, while the latter is sold a Boots.


Ambience CBD Everyday Range

The Everyday range is designed for daily use, with simple skincare products that make a difference to your routine.

The range begins with a CBD Muscle Balm. This is perfect for athletes and gym-goers who often experience pain. It contains 50mg of CBD alongside ingredients like camphor, eucalyptus, and rosemary. It has a pleasant, herbal scent and is relatively effective. At £12.99, it’s also cheaper than many on the market.

Ambience CBD Everyday Range

Also included in this range is an Intensive Foot and Heel Moisturiser and Facial Moisturiser. Both come in dispenser bottles with 50mg of CBD, and again they are very reasonably priced – the Facial Moisturiser is just £11.99! They have pleasant, floral scents and are said to be useful for all skin types.

Ambience CBD also stocks a 50mg CBD Body Wash for just £7.99, which is insanely cheap. It’s also a product we haven’t seen before. The price makes us question the amount of CBD, and we also wonder how useful a CBD topical is if you’re just going to wash it off right away. For after your shower, there’s a CBD Body Oil (also 50mg) that contains grape seed. This is more of a moisturiser but could also be used as a massage oil.

Finally, the Everyday range contains a 50mg lip balm for just £6.99. It’s a small tub, so this is pretty potent. It contains mango butter and shea butter to moisturise and soothe chapped lips.


Ambience CBD Apothecary Range

The Ambience Apothecary range is much stronger and more luxurious. It comes in more elevated packaging with more expensive ingredients. If you can afford this line, it’s worth it. The Apothecary line will appeal to skincare lovers, but there are also products like the Muscle Balm that will also appeal to athletes.

Each of the Apothecary products builds on the Everyday range. Rather than 50mg, they all contain 300mg of CBD, accounting for the higher price. There are also other added ingredients.

For example, the Apothecary CBD Muscle Balm (£45) contains camphor, chilli, and rosemary essential oil. The addition of warming ingredients is what helps to soothe muscles, while rosemary gives a pleasant and spicy scent.

Meanwhile, the Apothecary Body Oil (£55) contains coconut, jojoba, and apricot kernel oil all blended together. It’s also packed with essential oils to give an incredible, delightful scent.

Ambience CBD Apothecary Range

There are also creams for your feet and legs and a face cream. The Face Cream contains added Vitamin E, rosemary, blackcurrant, ginger, and more. In comparison to the Everyday face cream, the Apothecary edition is much more impressive.

The Apothecary range contains an additional product in comparison to the Everyday range. The Apothecary CBD Body Butter has a blend of cocoa and shea butter along with 300mg of CBD, costing £60. This is the most expensive topical product in the range.


Final Thoughts on Ambience CBD: 7/10

Ambience CBD is a relatively good brand. It has great packaging, and we like the fact that there are two ranges. It gives people an opportunity to buy a CBD product they can afford and only spend more if they really want to.

We obviously can’t give Ambience full marks because there’s so little information. The fact that you have to request the lab reports is also a bit annoying. Hopefully, the brand will rectify these things when it has a website up and running.

Meanwhile, check out our CBDistillery review to see why we gave them full marks.