ApexXx CBD Oil Review [Is It Worth It?]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on March 30, 2019

ApexXx CBD is a notorious brand – but has it achieved this reputation for the right reasons? Let’s find out in this full CBD product review.


ApexXx CBD Quick Summary

ApexXx CBD Pros

  • ApexXx sells a good range of products with a little something for everyone. The CBD Freeze Roll-On is quite a unique application method.
  • This company has great customer service. There is a chatbot on the site ready to answer questions, and it’s easy to get in touch with the team if you need anything.
  • A free CBD e-book is offered on the website to teach consumers about cannabidiol. This is really important in the industry.
  • As the sister company of another brand, ApexXx are clearly well-established.

ApexXx CBD Cons

  • The website is very unprofessional; there are a lot of spelling mistakes and errors in the design. This doesn’t speak well about the quality of the oil.
  • The CBD is advertised as a ‘medicine’ on the website. As per MHRA guidelines, this is not legal to say with respect to food supplements or beauty products like these. As a result, we think that ApexXx CBD could get into trouble for their marketing!
  • Lab reports are not posted anywhere on the website.


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ApexXx CBD Full Review

Every day, more and more people are getting involved with CBD. It is a supplement growing in popularity, being pushed by athletes and health gurus the world over. In Europe and North America, it’s clear that CBD is taking over. It’s likely that you know someone who’s taking CBD, or perhaps you’re taking it yourself.

With this popularity has come a number of different brands. The industry is, unfortunately, unregulated. This means that, while there are plenty of reputable brands out there, there are some unscrupulous manufacturers trying to muscle in on the action.

Hopefully, things will change in the future and there will be a body to regulate the industry. For now, though, the responsibility falls to the consumer to do the research and make sure the brand you’re buying from is trustworthy and high-quality.

If you don’t want to spend all your time trawling through CBD sites and comparing then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Greenshoppers, we take the time to review CBD brands and let you know what we think. If something is wrong, we’ll tell you!

Today we are looking at ApexXx CBD, the sister company to ApexXx Nutrition. While the latter brand is already popular and established, have this company managed to succeed in the CBD world?


Who Is ApexXx CBD?

ApexXx Nutrition is an established supplement brand. It launched a CBD Freeze Roll On a while ago, and the success was tremendous. As a result, they decided to launch an entire sister brand dedicated to CBD.

The brand is based in the UK, and as such, they have a lot of opinions on the UK CBD industry. A few years ago, many of the CBD products were of a much lower quality. Even to this day, high street stores and pharmacy chains are selling weak CBD oils simply because they don’t fully understand the product. ApexXx wants to change that. With great knowledge of CBD, ApexXx CBD aims to bring products that can really boost your health.

To achieve this, ApexXx uses nanotechnology and full-spectrum CBD to ensure maximum bioavailability. Furthermore, all the products are non-GMO, organic, vegan, and 100% natural. The hemp used is grown in the EU and the USA, ensuring that it is safe and high-quality right from the source. The hemp plants are handpicked, sunshade-dried, naturally crushed, and processed in bespoke watertight vessels.

Alongside their good practices in manufacturing, ApexXx has a CBD Learning centre on their website. This is great, as it gives CBD newcomers a great opportunity to learn all they need to know about CBD.

So far, it all seems well and good. But what are their products actually like?


ApexXx CBD Products

ApexXx has a decent range of CBD products, including a variety of different consumption methods. This is always nice because it gives consumers a good range of choice for their CBD.

ApexXx CBD Oil

apexxx cbd oil brand

In terms of ApexXx CBD oils, there are two strength options. Each one is vegan-friendly, suspended in organic hemp seed oil. Using nano CBD, the oils are designed to provide a higher level of bioavailability. As a regular CBD tincture, you are supposed to take them sublingually, by placing oil under the tongue. The full-spectrum oils come in a 10ml bottle with a 1ml dropper included.

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg: £36.99
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1500mg: £71.99

ApexXx CBD Freeze

apexxx cbd oil products

Prescription pain medications are now known to be quite harmful. Taken in large quantities, they can cause health complications and even fatalities. While this obviously isn’t a problem if you only take the occasional Ibuprofen, it proves to be a problem for people suffering from chronic pain.

ApexXx CBD have tried to provide a natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain meds with the CBD Freeze Roll-On. This was their first ever CBD product, and it has proven to be popular. It comes in the form of a roll-on stick, sort of like a deodorant. It contains 99.5% pure CBD, with no THC or other cannabinoids. Alongside the CBD, the Freeze Roll-On contains terpenes and cooling agents to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

This product only costs £39.99, which is pretty good for a unique topical like this.

ApexXx CBD Capsules

review apexxx cbd oil

Another oral method of consumption is CBD capsules. ApexXx CBD has provided one capsule option for those who would like to take their CBD in the form of a pill. The CBD Nano Technology Capsules are in a soft gel format, with the nano CBD designed to increase bioavailability. These capsules are full-spectrum, containing cannabinoids and terpenes other than cannabidiol.

One tub contains 30 capsules, each with 25 mg of CBD. It will set you back £79.99.

ApexXx CBD Gummies

Many manufacturers of CBD now sell gummies and sweets. Gummy bears are the most common CBD edible, and that is exactly what ApexXx sells. Unfortunately, there is very little information on the site regarding this product, so we’re not sure about ingredients, flavourings, or other aspects.

We do know, however, that one tub contains 30 gummies, each with 10 mg of CBD. This gives you 300 mg in the whole tub, costing only £40.00

Final Thoughts on ApexXx CBD: 6/10

ApexXx CBD is just one example of a supplement brand branching out into the CBD sector. Rather than add CBD oils to their existing range, ApexXx has decided to open up a whole new sister company.

The range of products is good, despite the limited availability of strengths. Customers seem satisfied with the quality of these products, which is obviously a good sign.

That being said, the website is poorly designed. It can be quite hard to navigate – the CBD gummies are practically hidden away in a ‘More’ tab! Furthermore, there are a lot of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, which comes across as unprofessional. It’s also quite worrying that they advertise their products as medicinal when it is not legal to make false claims like this in the United Kingdom.

Nevertheless, consumers won’t get in trouble for buying and using these products – it’s more a marketing issue. As a result, you should feel free to check out ApexXx CBD if these products appeal to you. If you have already given them a go, then tell us about your experience in the comments!

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