Aura CBD Review [All Products Tested]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on April 16, 2019

Seen some Aura CBD products but not sure if they’re worth it? Check out this Aura review before you buy.

Aura CBD Quick Summary


Aura CBD Pros

  • Aura CBD has been around for a while now and knows what it is doing in the CBD industry.
  • The range of oil strengths is very good, especially since there are options with CBGa. All oils are full-spectrum, which many users see as a good thing.
  • Since all products are vegan and cruelty-free, everybody can use them. It’s great that even the chocolate is vegan-friendly.
  • The packaging of the products is lovely and really speaks about the professionalism of the company.

Aura CBD Cons

  • Lab reports are nowhere to be seen on the UK website. This is worrying considering that the CBD industry is unregulated.
  • Although there are many different types of products, there are not many strengths for a lot of them. Moreover, there is no information about the strength of the CBD chocolates.


Not sure about Aura? If this doesn’t sound like the brand for you, use the ‘Reviews’ tab at the top of this page to explore more great brands.


Aura CBD Full Review

CBD brands are now flooding the market, giving consumers almost too much choice. Once you know the basics of buying CBD online, you would think it would be simple to find a CBD brand you want to buy from.

With the increasing quality standard in the CBD industry, though, it’s harder than ever to choose the perfect brand. You could spend hours trawling through internet search results, reading page after page looking for a brand whose ethics you deem responsible, and whose products seem good enough to buy.

But why waste your time? Here at Greenshoppers, we review the products for you so that you can compare a wide range of products in one place. Today, we will be looking at Aura CBD to help you decide whether their products are worth it.


Who Is Aura CBD?

In 2013, Aura Lakshmi discovered the benefits of CBD and decided to dedicate her life to it. Within five years, the Aura CBD company had been established.

There are two different websites for Aura CBD, one American and one for the UK audience. When shopping, make sure you are on the right site. Unfortunately, the websites are clearly very different, and the American version has clearly had a lot more care put into it. While this is annoying, it doesn’t really speak about the products themselves.

Aura CBD produces full-spectrum CBD products from industrial hemp. The company processes the plant as little as possible, ensuring that the final product remains organic and natural. Furthermore, all products are vegan and cruelty-free.

If you’re wondering about customer service, then Aura CBD has it covered. The website has a chat feature where you can get a free one-to-one consultation service before you buy your CBD. This is great for newbies who are feeling a little lost. They also have a blog that covers a variety of different cannabidiol-related topics.

So, what about their actual products?


Aura CBD Products

Aura CBD sells a number of different products. They have a little something for everyone, so let’s take a look at the kind of cannabidiol products they sell.


Aura CBD Oil

Aura CBD

If CBD oils are your thing, then Aura CBD sells a selection. Each bottle of vegan Aura CBD Oil comes in a 10ml bottle with a dropper included. With a full-spectrum hemp extract, the oils contain a variety of terpenes, fatty acids, and cannabinoids.

There are a number of different strengths available, meaning that newcomers and veterans alike can enjoy Aura CBD. What’s more, regular users can bulk buy in 4-packs to earn yourself a slight discount.

Here are the strengths and prices:

  • Aura CBD Oil 2.5%: £17.99
  • Aura CBD Oil 5%: £29.99
    4-pack: £105.00
  • Aura CBD Oil 10%: £47.00
    4-pack: £159.99
  • Aura CBD Oil 30%: £95.00
    4-pack: £310.00

There is also the option to purchase Raw CBD Drops. These contain Cannabigerolic acid (CBGa) as well as CBD. Some people think that the raw form of CBD might provide extra health benefits, and so this may be a preferred option for some.

  • Aura CBD 20% Raw CBD Drops: £59.00
    4-pack: £199.00
  • Aura CBD Organic 30% Raw Drops: £99.99
    4-pack: £359.00


Aura CBD Paste

Aura CBD oil

CBD pastes have not been mixed with a carrier oil, and therefore provide CBD in the purest form. People who are extremely health-conscious may find that paste is their preferred option, even though the hemp taste comes through more strongly. CBD pastes come in a syringe rather than a dropper, with measurements to make dosing easy.

There are two options available from Aura CBD:

  • Aura CBD Whole Plant CBD Paste 16% 3 grams: £45.00
  • Aura CBD Whole Plant CBD Paste 16% 10 grams: £99.00


Aura CBD Edibles

Edibles are an extremely popular option for CBD users. They remove the bitter hemp taste of CBD and make it easier to take.

Aura CBD has gone down the chocolate route. In line with their other products, they are vegan chocolates that are made using raw cacao powder and no dairy whatsoever. The taste is still chocolatey and delicious, but quite mild so as not to be overwhelming. They taste like milk chocolate, to be specific, and so people who are not fans of bitter tastes won’t mind these.

A bag of Aura CBD Raw Chocolates contains 30 cubes of chocolate. They are beautifully crafted and appealing to the eye as well as the palate.

The product costs £28.00 for one bag. However, the shipping cost is higher than that of other products because the chocolates are made to order by an artisan chocolatier in Europe. Furthermore, the delivery may take a longer time of 5-7 working days.

Unfortunately, Aura CBD does not say how much CBD in each chocolate – this is definitely not ideal!


Aura CBD Topicals

Aura CBD review

A huge trend recently has been CBD skin care. Aura CBD, being a brand targeted at your entire wellbeing, has also jumped on this bandwagon. There is currently only one CBD skincare product, in the form of a CBD Skin Balm.

The balm contains 3% CBD and is made from organic raw coconut oil, raw cacao butter, CBD extract, and lavender essential oil. It is suited to all skin types and can be used simply as a daily moisturiser.

The 30ml tub costs £25.00. The smells of lavender make this a lovely addition to any skincare routine, and those struggling with sleep may enjoy this balm rubbed on your hands before bedtime.


Final Thoughts on Aura CBD: 7/10

With the sheer number of CBD brands around nowadays, choosing can feel impossible. It’s difficult to make a decision in an unregulated industry, as there is somewhat of a risk involved. Fortunately, things are looking up in the world of CBD and the majority of brands are now adhering to good standards.

Aura CBD has been in the industry for a while and knows how to keep on the customer’s good side. As a result, they follow good manufacturing practices and use all organic products. There are a number of different products available, too.

While Aura CBD does have some downsides, there are plenty of positives, too. If Aura CBD seems like the brand for you, then check out all their products on their official website.

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