Better You Review [CBD Oral Spray Review]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on August 14, 2020

Renowned supplement company Better You is now selling CBD. Find out if it’s worth picking up this brand’s CBD spray in our full guide.


Better You: Quick Summary

Better You Pros

  • Uses pea protein encapsulation.
  • 246mg per spray.
  • Better You is a reputable company with a long history.
  • There are reasonable reviews.

Better You Cons

  • There are no lab reports.
  • You can’t buy the product from the official website.


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Better You: Full Review

There are now more CBD companies than ever before, with new ones cropping up all the time. This market is tough, and many brands don’t last very long. In some instances, new brands appear, scam their ‘customers’, and disappear overnight. The risk that comes with shopping for CBD is enough to deter some potential users.

That’s why it’s great when a reputable company comes along. In the UK, high street retailers like Boots are now cashing in on the CBD trend. Supplement companies are also getting involved, including Better You.

This supplement website has been around for many years, catering to a variety of customers will a large range of natural wellness products. Now, it has added a CBD spray to its line. In today’s review, we check out the Better You CBD product to let you know whether this should be your first choice.


Who Is Better You?

Better You has been around for over ten years. It began in 2006, founded by Andrew Thomas. Better You is now a well-known supplement brand with a large range of products. The website claims that this brand was the first in the world to craft a topical magnesium product.

Currently, Better You works with several universities including Cardiff, Ulster, and Sheffield. It also partners with a handful of NHS trusts and hospitals. This is a very encouraging sign as it proves just how reputable Better You is.

Better You also works with pharmacology research teams to develop its products, ensuring effective and safe results. This is something you don’t often get in the CBD industry.

Furthermore, this brand is involved in the Better Planet project, working to improve recycling. Better You also aims to become carbon negative – a rare find in any industry.

It’s clear that Better You is a trustworthy brand with a lot of backing. However, supplement industry leaders don’t always hit the nail on the head when it comes to CBD. Let’s find out about the CBD on offer from Better You.


Better You CBD Products

Better You does not have much to offer in the way of CBD products. The shop currently offers a single option: CBD spray. Here’s what we have to say.


Better You CBD Oral Spray

We were excited to try the CBD spray from Better You. Many CBD users prefer sprays as there is less mess, but the same fast absorption and level of control as other tinctures. Sadly, we were left disappointed.

Better You CBD Oral Spray

The Better You website features a section titled ‘CBD’. However, click on it, and you find a broken link. The website reads “Sorry, we can’t find the content you’re looking for!”. Sometimes, clicking on it leads you to the DLux vitamin D spray, but this product contains no CBD. It seems the product was discontinued.

Interestingly, you can still pick up the Better You CBD spray from both Boots and Holland & Barrett. It’s odd that Better You no longer sells the product on the official website!

From these third-party retailers, we learned that the Better You spray contains 7.5mg of CBD per spray, or 246mg in total. Uniquely, it also contains pea protein encapsulation technology, which supposedly increases the efficacy. It costs £15 for the 25ml bottle, which is not a bad price!


Final Thoughts on Better You: 5/10

Finding the Better You CBD spray is more effort than it’s worth. If the brand sold this product on the website, you would be able to pick up all your natural supplements in one place. However, the link is broken! Of course, you can do the same at the third-party retailers mentioned above.

The CBD spray is nothing special, though it is quite cheap. There’s no evidence the pea protein encapsulation actually works. Besides, there’s no lab reports – who’s to say it even contains CBD?!

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