Bio Bloom Hemp CBD Review [Oils and More]

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Updated on February 23, 2019

It can be confusing trying to buy a high-quality CBD product with so many brands on the market. We review brands to make the choice a little easier. Today, we are outlining Bio Bloom Hemp; read on to find out what we thought.


Bio Bloom: Quick Summary

Bio Bloom Pros

  • All products are vegan-friendly and can be used by anyone.
  • With such a long background in hemp, this business really knows all there is to know about hemp and cannabinoids.
  • The teas are regarded very highly and appear to have helped many people with their wellbeing.
  • The hemp is all grown to EU standards.

Bio Bloom Cons

  • Since Bio Bloom is so focused on CBDa, it may not appeal to everyone. Some consumers prefer CBD not in its acid form.
  • There is not a huge variety in terms of products – only oils and teas if you’re looking for cannabinoids.
  • We couldn’t find any third-party lab reports, and that’s something we always encourage our readers to look out for.


If Bio Bloom doesn’t sound like the brand for you, then we’re happy to say that there are plenty of other brands out there. Spoiler alert: Bio Bloom isn’t one of our top-rated brands, even though it’s a decent company. Head over to our guide on where to find CBD oil in the UK to see some of our top picks.


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Bio Bloom Hemp: Full review

Buying CBD products can be a bit of a minefield. There are numerous regulations that you have to navigate, grappling with the worries of buying cannabis-derived substances. Of course, CBD is non-psychoactive and it is perfectly safe and legal to use in the United Kingdom. But that doesn’t mean that buying it is easy.

Since the industry is not government-regulated, consumers need to be aware of precisely what they are buying. There are many brands out there who don’t live up to the hype and can ruin the experience for would-be CBD users. Luckily, there are also fabulous brands that are improving the landscape of the CBD market.

In this review, we are looking at the European company Bio Bloom. Do their products make the cut?

Who Is Bio Bloom?

Based in Austria, Bio Bloom is a family-run company that has been producing hemp products for three generations. Its organic hemp fields are organised into rows, prioritising the quality of the hemp over the quantity they can grow. No artificial additives are used, and the products are certified vegan.

After the hemp is grown, the flowers are hand processed and made into CBD products that are sold internationally. The cannabinoids are extracted using the CO2 extraction method to ensure the highest quality. Regular sampling analysis is carried out throughout the whole production process, meaning that you can trust the safety of these products.

Now we know about the quality, what products does Bio Bloom actually offer?


Bio Bloom CBD Products

Bio Bloom CBD Hemp Flower Extracts

Bio Bloom Hemp Review

These extracts are essentially regular CBD oil. The hemp plants used in production and the manufacturing process itself have allowed Bio Bloom to preserve over 80 cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in these oils. In other words, it is a full-spectrum tincture.

The 1-stage CO2 extraction process preserves all these compounds, and no artificial additives are put into the product. Furthermore, the lack of heating involved in the process means that these oils are raw – the CBD has not been transformed out of its state as an acid, CBDa. While some people prefer to use CBD, some research has suggested that CBDa is also beneficial for your wellbeing.

The Bio Bloom CBD Hemp Drops were developed in a collaboration with Arge Canna. The third-party lab reports for the products can be found on the Arge Canna website, which is linked by Bio Bloom. You can also download the analyses below each product.

After the cannabinoids have been extracted, they are suspended in hemp seed oil from the same plants. Bio Bloom claims that, because its products are 100% natural, they have a higher bioavailability.

There are several strengths and sizes available:

  • 4% CBD Hemp Drops 10ml: €29.90
  • 4% CBD Hemp Drops 30ml: €65.90
  • 6% CBD Hemp Drops 10ml: €41.90
  • 6% CBD Hemp Drops 30ml: €92.90
  • 8% CBD Hemp Drops 10ml: €53.90
  • 8% CBD Hemp Drops 30ml: €119.90


Bio Bloom Hemp Flower Tea

Bio Bloom Hemp CBD flower tea

Hemp flower tea is perhaps Bio Bloom’s most famous product. Most people don’t realise that the hemp flowers can be brewed in hot water like tea, but many CBD manufacturers are now providing CBD-infused teas that come directly from the hemp plant. Containing CBDa as the main cannabinoid ingredient, the tea also contains flavonoids that produce a lovely flavour to the tea.

Bio Bloom proposes different brewing times for different times of the day. By brewing in hot water for 5 minutes, the tea has stimulating and refreshing effects that are good for the morning. However, brewing for 15 minutes will create a more soothing and relaxing effect that is ideal for settling down to sleep.

These teas differ from other hemp teas because they are made using the flowers of the hemp plant instead of the leaves. The flowers contain other beneficial ingredients that your body can make use of.

  • Organic Hemp Flower Tea, Box: A box of tea containing 20 tea bags. €11.90
  • Organic Hemp Flower Tea, Glass Jar: 50g of loose leaf tea in a glass jar. €29.90
  • Organic Hemp Flower Tea, Bag: 50g of loose leaf tea in a bag. €26.90.


Other Bio Bloom Products

Remember that Bio Bloom cultivates many hemp plants, and so it would be a waste to use CBD and nothing else. They also sell two hemp foods – these don’t contain CBD, but do have a high protein and fibre content and will still contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

The Bio Bloom Organic Hemp Seeds are peeled and ready to eat, with a nutty flavour and packed full of essential acids. You can add them to salads, muesli, spreads, pesto, or smoothies. You can even snack on them. A 250g tub costs €9.90.

The Bio Bloom Organic Hemp Oil is made from these seeds, gently pressing them to create an oil. The taste is mildly nutty, but just like the seeds this oil is packed full of nutrients. It is perfect for drizzling on salads and spreads, but is not really the best kind of oil to cook with. A 250ml bottle costs €15.90.


Our Verdict on Bio Bloom: 7/10

It is quite clear that Bio Bloom is a legitimate, reputable brand. They have been in the hemp sector for a long time and obviously grow high quality, organic hemp that goes into creating wonderful products. Their hemp teas, in particular, have proven popular, and it’s doubtless that their CBDa oils are of a high standard as well.

That being said, some people would prefer to take CBD rather than CBDa. This is up to you and what you find from your own research into the compounds, but it may be enough to put some people off.

Another thing to note is that Bio Bloom is very restricted in terms of location. They are based in Europe, and their website is in German. It is actually quite difficult to access an English version of the site, and that should be enough to express that shipping to the United Kingdom is a tricky situation.

There are plenty of great UK-based CBD brands online, so perhaps you should check them out. Hempurafor example, is one of our top-rated brands (they got a 10/10!). Make sure you check them out in our full Hempura review.

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