Biopurus UK CBD Review

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on February 19, 2019

Find out more about Biopurus CBD in this full review. If you’re short on time, check out the pros and cons in our quick summary below.


Biopurus: Quick Summary

Biopurus Pros

  • Biopurus CBD products are grown under EU standards, made using CO2 extraction to produce safe and high-quality products.
  • All of their products are vegan, meaning they can be used by everyone.
  • The hemp teas have a high concentration of CBD. There is also a good range of CBD oils in very potent strengths.

Biopurus Cons

  • Since Biopurus is not dedicated solely to CBD, their products are probably not going to be the best CBD around. Furthermore, this does mean that they tend to run out of stock a lot.
  • Though For The Ageless claims that these products are lab tested, we do not know where to find lab reports. The lack of consistency across websites is troubling.
  • The fact that Biopurus don’t sell their own CBD products and outsource the work is slightly concerning. This may be to avoid legal repercussion, but we can’t be sure.


Did you know that Biopurus sells hemp tea? Find out more about CBD and hemp tea bags in our guide.


Biopurus: Full Review

Choosing a CBD brand to buy from can be difficult. Due to the tricky legal complications surrounding cannabis and its extracts – including cannabidiol – it is better to buy from brands located in Great Britain. You can also buy from Europe, but supporting British brands is always a great thing.

Some brands are tailored to specific types of people; for example, they may be dedicated to vaping CBD products or CBD fitness supplements. However, there are also some companies that sell a huge variety of products, and CBD happens to just be one of them. Holland & Barrett, for instance, are not CBD retailers, but they do offer CBD alongside their range.

Today, we are reviewing a brand called Biopurus. They craft their own line of health extracts and food supplements, not all of which contain CBD. We will specifically be reviewing their CBD products, telling you everything there is to know about their CBD oils and hemp teas. Read on to find out all you need to know…


Who Is Biopurus?

Biopurus are sellers of organic vegetable oils, cosmetic oils, superfoods, and organic drinks. They aim to improve people’s sense of wellbeing through these natural oils and substances, including a variety of different organic ingredients.

Most of their products are sold directly through the Biopurus website. From there, you can get free Royal Mail shipping within 2-3 working days. They also deliver to EU and international countries.

That being said, not all of the products are stocked on their website. All of their CBD products are actually sold through a company called fortheageless. Located in London, For the Ageless stock a variety of natural supplements and skincare products. There is free shipping on orders over £75.

It is actually quite confusing that the Biopurus CBD products are only sold this way, but once you get around that, there is a good variety of products available. They are made using organic hemp, with CO2 extraction used to draw out the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes, alongside phytonutrients. The hemp is grown under strict EU regulations, so you know that you can trust them.


Biopurus CBD Products

The Biopurus CBD products are sold through For The Ageless. Since Biopurus is not a mass producer of CBD products, these items do go out of stock sometimes, and For The Ageless tries to restock as soon as possible.


Biopurus CBD Oils


Biopurus CBD oils are made using hemp grown on farms in the Czech Republic. The oils themselves are manufactured in the United Kingdom. Supercritical CO2 extraction is used to create a full-spectrum CBD oil which allows for the entourage effect to take place. It is recommended to take 2-3 drops twice per day. With 10ml of oil in each bottle, this equates to 250 drops, which means one bottle can last approximately two months if taken daily. There are also 30ml options which can last more than 6 months if taken in the same way (30ml equates to 750 drops).

There are a variety of options available, including:

  • Biopurus Organic CBD Oil 5% 10ml (500 mg): £39.90
  • Biopurus Organic CBD Oil 5% 30ml (1500 mg): £119.00
  • Biopurus Organic CBD Oil 10% 10ml (1000 mg): £69.90
  • Biopurus Organic CBD Oil 20% 10ml (2000 mg): £139.90
  • Biopurus Organic CBD Oil 30% 10ml (3000 mg): £219.90

The 30% oil is the strongest option, and it actually comes with a free gift. At checkout, you will be presented with 4-5 options for your free gift.

The final option is the Biopurus CBG 5% + CBD 5% Hemp Oil. There are 500 mg of both CBD and CBG in this 10ml bottle. CBG is found in concentrations of less than 1% in most strains of Cannabis sativa, and therefore it is hard to come by. It may still be beneficial for your health. Just like all the other Biopurus oils, this option is vegan. It costs £89.90.


Biopurus Hemp Tea

biopurus cbd oil

According to For The Ageless, the Biopurus hemp teas are “The strongest EU Certified-Organic CBD hemp tea flowers, buds and leaves [they’ve] found in the UK.” Vegan, non-GMO and additive free, these hemp teas are actually pretty versatile.

Of course, it can be brewed just like a regular tea. However, it can also be smoked, vaporised in a dry herb vaporiser, or used in cooking. The loose leaf tea contains the flowers, buds and leaves of the hemp plant in raw form. Though the tea is THC free, it is still packed full of CBD, which will end up in your tea as it brews.

  • Biopurus Hemp Tea 30g: £10.99
  • Biopurus 1.6% CBD Hemp Tea 35g: £13.99
  • Biopurus Hemp Tea Bags 1.6% CBD: £12.99
  • Biopurus 4% CBD Hemp Tea 40g: £21.99


Biopurus Bundles

As well as buying CBD oils and hemp teas, you can also buy combinations to help you save money:

  • 3 x 5% CBD Oil + Free 1.6% CBD Hemp Tea: £133.69
  • 3 x 10% CBD Oil + Free 1.6% CBD Hemp Tea: £222.00
  • Strongest CBD Bundle: This contains a variety of CBD products, not just from Biopurus. Alongside the Biopurus tea, you receive a CBD balm, paste, and oil, equating to over 7000 mg of CBD in total. It costs £415.00.


Our Final Thoughts on Biopurus: 6/10

Biopurus is clearly a great brand when it comes to all things natural and nutritious. They stock an absolutely enormous variety of essential oils and vegetable oils, and will pretty much be able to provide any plant supplement you can think of, including hemp seed oil.

When it comes to CBD, they do have some products available. This is limited to oils and teas, which unfortunately means there are no capsules available. Though we do not fully understand why, Biopurus’ CBD products are actually sold on a different company’s website. Nevertheless, the products appear to be of very high quality.

Alternatively, you can try another brand with a large product range and top-quality products. Take a look at CBDfx in our full CBDfx review, where you can also make use of a discount code.