BNatural Review | 2021 CBD Brand Overview

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on February 24, 2021

BNatural is one of many UK CBD companies entering the market. The Greenshoppers team tested the products to let our readers know if it’s worth it. Find out below.


BNatural: Quick Summary

BNatural Pros

  • Lab reports are available on the website.
  • BNatural’s products have won awards.
  • There is an extensive product range.
  • The topicals come in lovely scents.
  • Excellent prices.

BNatural Cons

  • There is only one lab report.
  • Some text on the website is hard to read.


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BNatural: Full Review

BNatural is a family-run CBD brand from the UK. Although there are some plus points about this, it doesn’t make BNatural stand out. After all, there are now lots of CBD brands in the UK, all competing for the top spot.

Rather than spending hours wondering which brand you should choose, read the reviews here at Greenshoppers. We rate brands out of ten and provide handy lists of pros and cons to help you reach a decision.

Today, we are reviewing BNatural CBD to let you know whether this brand is worth your money. We tried all the products, so make sure you read on!


Who Is BNatural?

The ‘About’ page on the BNatural website says that the brand is “Award Winning,” but it doesn’t specify which awards. We later found out that one of the CBD oils won 1st place in the Best CBD Oil category at the Hemp and CBD Expo 2020. Furthermore, this brand has featured in publications such as Health & Wellbeing and CBD Expo Magazine.

BNatural is a family-run brand, which is usually a good thing. It’s unlikely that it would sell products the founders wouldn’t give to their family members, which is an assurance of quality. For an extra layer of confidence, BNatural is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTAUK), the UK’s primary cannabis product board. The products are also CannaPro certified.

What’s more, BNatural believes in giving back to both the community and the environment. A percentage of monthly profit goes to Zellweger UK, a charity supporting sufferers of the Zellweger Spectrum Disorder. You can learn more about this condition on the BNatural website.

BNatural sources hemp from farms in Switzerland, grown under strict regulations. It then uses CO2 extraction to produce a pure CBD oil free from chlorophyll. If in doubt, you can view the lab reports on the website. The Certificates of Analysis confirm that the products contain the right amount of CBD and less than 0.005% THC, so there’s no risk of getting high.

So far, BNatural seems like a good company. The only fault we could find was the website since it has an old-fashioned design, and some of the text is hard to read due to a picture in the background. Once you’re past that and into the shop, though, it’s time for the products to speak for themselves.


BNatural Products

BNatural has a decent range of CBD products, all in beautiful packaging. The range includes cosmetics and tinctures, so we decided to try them out and say what we thought.


BNatural Oral Tinctures

Of course, BNatural has a CBD oil option. The tinctures have a hemp seed oil base, so the flavour is relatively strong; however, it’s not much different from any other CBD oil. If you like flavoured oils, there is luckily a peppermint option. Also, BNatural has a reasonable range of strengths available.

BNatural Oral Tinctures

The product descriptions for each tincture explain the amount of CBD per drop, which is always useful to know. Each product comes in a dropper bottle, though the bottles are of different sizes. Here’s a run-down:

  • 300mg (10ml): £17.50
  • 600mg (10ml): £29.00
  • 900mg MCT (30ml): £43.50
  • 1200mg (10ml): £54.00
  • 2400mg (20ml): £75.00

For these strengths, the oils are very reasonably priced.


BNatural Capsules

BNatural also sells CBD capsules, in three different options. First off, there is an Immune Support option. These capsules contain 10mg of CBD each, along with 3mg of Vitamin C to support a healthy immune function. There are 30 pills per tub, costing £22.50.

BNatural Capsules

There are also two strengths of regular CBD capsules. The 600mg capsules contain 12mg each with 50 capsules per container; meanwhile, the 1200mg option contains 20mg per capsule and 60 per tub. The prices are £32.50 and £57.50 respectively.

The Immune Support capsules have a vegan-certified note in the product description, but the others don’t. If you follow a vegan diet, we recommend the Immune Support tablets.


BNatural Topical

Under the ‘cosmetics’ tab, BNatural sells topicals. Some brands are stocking strange items these days, and BNatural is one of them. The brand stocks a Men’s All-in-One Beard Oil with CBD. It contains delightful, masculine scents like sandalwood, but with a rosehip and jojoba blend to really moisturise. It also works on the hands, which is excellent. The 100mg Beard Oil costs £30.

BNatural Topical

Onto more typical topicals, BNatural stocks an All-Purpose CBD Balm. We love this product because it combines a CBD lip balm and a body balm, saving you from stocking up on multiple products. The balm comes in a 50ml tub containing coconut oil, beeswax, and 985mg of CBD. Essential oils include rosemary, ginger root, and sage, giving a lovely scent with every use.

Finally, there are two CBD massage oil products to choose from, including Relax and Revive. The massage oils are vegan-friendly and come in pleasant scents, with extracts designed to help the muscles and the mind. The Relax oil contains lavender and marjoram to help you unwind. Meanwhile, Revive contains lime, ylang ylang, jasmine, and fennel.

Both massage oils contain 300mg of CBD and cost £24.50. However, you can pay £25 and get a pump dispenser bottle for ease of use.


Final Thoughts on BNatural: 8/10

We like the BNatural brand. Apart from some slight improvements to the website’s appearance, there isn’t much else this brand could improve on. BNatural stocks a good range of products with high-quality formulas, and we found them to be quite useful.

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