Bud and Tender Review [All About the CBD Brand]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on July 17, 2020

Bud and Tender is a British brand that has featured in several publications. Is this CBD oil as good as it seems? Find out in our full review below.


Bud and Tender: Quick Summary

Bud and Tender Pros

  • High-quality CBD tinctures.
  • Dual extraction method.
  • Freely available lab reports.
  • Bud and Tender was a finalist in Men’s Health for the Sports Nutrition Award.


Bud and Tender Cons

  • Only one product available.
  • The tinctures are expensive.


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Bud and Tender: Full Review

A ‘budtender’ refers to a staff member in a legal marijuana dispensary. In the United States, where many states are legalizing some form of cannabis or another, budtending is becoming a lucrative profession. Budtenders are familiar with various strains of cannabis and their properties.

Bud and Tender, meanwhile, is a British CBD brand looking to change the perception of CBD in the United Kingdom. It’s clear that this brand is aiming to be as professional and marketable as possible, but has it achieved its goal?

In this full Greenshoppers review, we check out the current Bud and Tender products and let you know what we thought. Read on to learn more about Bud and Tender CBD.


Who Are Bud and Tender?

Mark Turner, BSc, and Charles Clowes founded this brand because they believe in cannabidiol. Bud and Tender aims to be an industry leader, with professional products that are marketable to everyone.

Bud and Tender sources cannabinoids from high-quality hemp, using CO2 extraction and ethanol for a full-spectrum extraction approach. This combined process preserves most of the cannabinoids and plant compounds. However, lipids, waxes, and chlorophyll are all removed. Afterward, the extract is tested for cannabinoids, terpenes, heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes.

Bud and Tender’s efforts have certainly paid off. The brand works with the School of Life and Medical Science at the University of Hertfordshire. Through a university partnership, Bud and Tender can continually produce the highest quality CBD extracts.

Plus, Bud and Tender works with the British Hemp Association and the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs (UKCSC). With all these recommendations, it’s hard not to trust this company.

What’s more, Bud and Tender has featured in several publications such as The Daily Mirror and the Evening Standard. Men’s Health even made Bud and Tender a finalist in the Sports Nutrition Award. It doesn’t really get better than that.

By the way, Bud and Tender provides lab reports on the website, for an extra layer of assurance.


Bud and Tender Products

For all the good things about Bud and Tender, it is let down by its lack of CBD products. This brand currently stocks only one product: CBD oil. For this brand to survive, it has to be a very special CBD tincture.


Bud and Tender Filter Pure CBD Oil

Bud and Tender states that its CBD oil is “filter pure” because of the dual extraction process. Using CO2 extraction and ethanol allows Bud and Tender to produce a full-spectrum CBD oil. It has the ultimate array of cannabinoids and terpenes. The brand then filters the extract until it contains no plant waxes or harmful materials, making it filter pure!

Bud and Tender Filter Pure CBD Oil

The Bud and Tender Filter Pure CBD oil comes in lovely packaging, with a white container embossed with metallic green. It feels like unpackaging an expensive liquor. Inside is a regular CBD oil dropper, but the bottle carries the brand’s signature green tinge.

With just two ingredients – MCT oil and hemp extract – the Bud and Tender CBD oil is completely vegan-friendly. It carries a fresh, hemp taste, but the array of terpenes provide some hints of floral and fruity notes. Overall, it’s a pleasant oil compared to some others on the market.

Bud and Tender offers several options in terms of strength:

  • Bud & Tender CBD Oil 500mg (5%): £45
  • Bud & Tender CBD Oil 1000mg (10%): £80
  • Bud & Tender CBD Oil 1500mg (5%): £120
  • Bud & Tender CBD Oil 3000mg (10%): £210

As you can see, the bottle size varies. The first two options are 10ml bottles, while the latter two are 30ml bottles.

By the way, there’s also a sample option for just £10. It comes in a 1ml bottle containing the 10% strength, which means 100mg.

These products may seem expensive, but they are pretty potent. The 10% strength contains 100mg per ml, which is really strong! As a result, we think the cost is quite justified.


Final Thoughts on Bud and Tender: 7.5/10

Bud and Tender has loads of excellent qualities. The lab reports are very detailed and available on the site. The fact that the brand features in publications adds an extra layer of assurance that Bud and Tender is the real deal.

However, Bud and Tender can’t score a perfect ten because of the limited product range. Unless this brand expands its range, it may struggle to compete with other brands on the market that are offering a more extensive range of products.

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