CalyFx CBD [Complete 2021 Brand Review]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on January 28, 2021

CalyFx is a CBD brand that is based out of the US. It’s well-known for its top of the range vape products, which are also sold in the UK. Let’s take a closer look at the full range of CalyFx products in full detail.


CalyFx CBD: Quick Summary

CalyFx Pros

  • The lab reports seem to indicate good quality.
  • There are some good customer reviews, especially on the vape pens.
  • There’s a good range of products.

CalyFx Cons

  • The shipping is $14.35, which is very expensive.
  • Some of the products are insanely overpriced.
  • The product descriptions are incredibly lacking.
  • There are faults with the website that makes it seem unprofessional.


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CalyFx CBD: Full Review

Vaping is all the rage right now. In fact, vape stores and head shops are among the most likely places to find CBD products in the UK. It’s common to see ‘CBD sold here’ brandished in the windows of vape shops, with CBD vaping shooting to popularity perhaps ahead of nicotine.

Some brands have completely specialized in vaping, stocking only vape products to cater to this growing market. One such brand is CalyFx. Though this brand stocks various CBD products on its US store, the UK website only features vape pens.

In today’s review, we will cover the full CalyFx CBD range.


Who Is CalyFx?

CalyFx is a CBD brand based out of California. Unfortunately, the brand’s US site features no ‘About’ page or any information whatsoever regarding the brand and its practices. There is a UK site, but it’s evident that the company has invested much less time and money in this version. The ‘About Us’ page is extremely underwhelming there, too, with just a brief description of the vape pen and what it does.

The UK site also only lists the vape pen products. However, the US site is filled with a variety of exciting CBD products. It features tons of pictures of attractive women posing with the CalyFx products in the foreground, though these seem to be stock images. We’re not entirely clear what kind of image the brand is trying to present.

According to the FAQ, the shipping costs are set at $14.35. This is extremely expensive! It doesn’t clarify what the shipping policy is and where CalyFx ships to, which is a little troubling.

The website does feature a lab reports section. Some of the products are lacking results right now, but the certificates that are there are positive. The products seem to contain the correct percentage of cannabinoids, minimal THC, and no toxins.


CalyFx CBD Products

CalyFx groups its products both by effect and by product type. We will run through the product types below. The other categories include Social, Sleep, Shape, Sex, Relief, Endurance, Chill, and Focus.


CalyFx CBD Vape

The disposable vape pens are what CalyFx is most known for. You can buy a battery for $11.50, followed by the option of a pod, a 0.5g cartridge, or a 1g cartridge. There’s also a starter kit with all the components for $57.30.

The cartridges are full-spectrum and naturally flavoured. As a result, they aren’t the nicest tasting vapes in the world, but they are very natural. The vape juice contains terpenes that achieve different effects, with the options including Endurance, Relief, Sex, Sleep, and more.

CalyFx CBD Vape

Unfortunately, CalyFx has not specified the basis of the vape juice. It’s unclear whether the brand has used MCT, PG, VG, or what. This lack of information is a bit of a red flag.

There is no real explanation as to what the pods are and why they’re different from the ‘Cartos.’ Again, this is quite annoying, especially from a brand that claims to be a vape brand.

The prices are as follows:

  • Pods: $39
  • Cartomizers 0.5g: $32.30
  • Cartomizers 1g:$65


CalyFx CBD Tinctures

The CalyFx CBD tinctures come in a single strength: 1000mg. Again, the tinctures come in the same categories as the above, with different terpenes for different effects. There are brief descriptions of each option, but no statement about what terpenes are involved.

CalyFx CBD Tinctures

CalyFx states that the tinctures are full-spectrum but leaves out what the carrier oil is. This is concerning for those with allergies and sensitivities.

The 30ml, 1000mg bottle costs $85. This is more expensive than others on the market.


CalyFx CBD Water

CBD water is all the rage right now, with brands like CBD Living popularising this exciting product. One thing we find odd is that the CalyFx CBD water comes with the different terpene blends. Presumably, this lends a peculiar taste to the bottles of water.

That said, CalyFx also adds flavourings. For example, the Sport water tastes of lemon, while the Chill water tastes of mango. Each bottle contains 25mg of CBD for $4.60. This is a fairly reasonable price.


CalyFx CBD Topical

There are several topicals available from CalyFx, including CBD lube! Other options include dropper bottles of oils designed for use on the skin:

  • Relief: Full-spectrum CBD topical oil for general use.
  • After Sun: Intended for use after being in the sun. However, the brand also calls this a ‘CBD sunscreen’, so it’s unclear how to use the product.
  • Post-workout: For use after the gym.

CalyFx CBD Topical

There are also other products, but all of the descriptions are very vague, and CalyFx has even left the sample text on the website where the product descriptions should go. This is a sloppy oversight, to say the least!

With all the vague descriptions and a lack of information about how much CBD is in each bottle, we’d surprised if anybody has actually purchased these products.

The price ranges from $10.20 to $34.


CalyFx CBD for Pets

CalyFx has succeeded in selling a product we haven’t seen before: pet food topper. The product description says that it’s veterinarian-approved, but we find this incredibly hard to believe.

There are multiple flavour options for your pet to enjoy, including Chicken Rosemary, Beef Gourmet, and Turkey and Banana. Each 2oz pouch contains 26mg of CBD.

The prices range between $9 and $15.20 depending on the flavour.

There is also a pet super food for $51.10. The picture is of a 100mg CBD oil, which is strange considering the product description talks about a pouch and considering that the price is astronomically high. Again, we’re not sure who’s buying these products!


Final Verdict on CalyFx: 4/10

CalyFx is a brand that seems a little bit on the dodgy side. Although it has a great product range, it has an unprofessional website (and an even less professional UK site), poor quality product descriptions, and tons of missing content. There’s too much room for improvement for us to recommend buying from CalyFx.

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