Canabidol Review [The Original CBD Brand]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on August 21, 2020

Before investing in the products from Canabidol, find out what the Greenshoppers team thought of the products in this full review.


Canabidol: Quick Summary

Canabidol Pros

  • Canabidol has developed proprietary gel tabs for maximum CBD efficiency.
  • Third-party lab reports verify the contents of the products.
  • There is a decent product range to choose from.
  • The prices are reasonable.

Canabidol Cons

  • The packaging is not very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Customers report being exceedingly displeased with the wholesale service.
  • A handful of buyers say that Canabidol has poor customer service and several never received the product.


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Canabidol: Full Review

Canabidol is a pretty well-known brand these days. You might have heard of it and wondered if it’s a brand worth your money. Greenshoppers is here to provide up-to-date reviews on all the best CBD brands, letting you know which ones are worth the spend. So, before you go splashing out on Canabidol, you can find out more about them here.

In today’s review, you’ll discover more about Canabidol UK, its products, and how effective they are. There’s a quick summary above if you’re short on time.


Who Is Canabidol?

Canabidol launched in 2015 with CBD gel tabs. It wanted to provide the market with a brand-new product, creating effective sublingual CBD methods. The website claims that the gel tabs remain its best-selling product.

This brand is based in the southeast of England, but it sells throughout the UK and in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the USA. This is impressive for any CBD industry. With an HQ in the UK, you can rest assured that these products meet British regulations.

There isn’t tons of information on the website, but presumably, Canabidol sources hemp from the EU. This brand is proving popular on social media, with 4700 likes on Facebook at the time of writing. Reviews are largely positive.

To further back up the quality, Canabidol provides lab reports on the website. You can search up lab reports for your specific products on the British Cannabis website, where the test results are published. It might seem that you can’t view lab reports until after purchasing, but baseline results are included in the product descriptions.

So far, Canabidol is a decent brand. But what about the products themselves?


Canabidol CBD Products

Canabidol has a decent range of CBD products, beginning with the flagship gel tabs. Below, we run you through the products that we tried to let you know what we thought.


Canabidol CBD Vape Liquid

As vaping continues to grow in popularity, it’s unsurprising that Canabidol has a vape range. The brand has opted for a naturally flavoured CBD vape juice, meaning that it carries the taste of the hemp plant.

Canabidol CBD Vape Liquid

Uniquely, Canabidol uses a 90/10 blend of PG/VG. The CBD e-liquid creates a smooth vapour with a very subtle flavour. Canabidol says that you can vape it alone or combine it with your favourite e-liquid to make a delightful CBD-infused vapour.

Canabidol sells three strengths:

  • 100mg: £9.99
  • 250mg: £19.99
  • 500mg: £39.99


Canabidol CBD Oral Capsules

If you prefer not to taste your CBD at all, you might want to try the CBD capsules from Canabidol. The brand has opted for 10mg of CBD per capsules, which is a pretty low dose. Many users might find themselves needing multiple at once.

The CBD oil capsules come in a transportable blister packet, with 30 tablets per box. The 300mg total costs £19.99.

Canabidol CBD Oral Capsules

Interestingly, Canabidol also provides a CBDa option. It’s basically the same product, but the active ingredient is CBDa. Reviews on CBDa products are mixed, with some people believing it’s even better than CBD and others saying it’s useless. It might be a matter of trying it to see what you think.


Canabidol CBD Oil Drops

Almost any brand sells CBD oil drops these days. The Canabidol website provides two types of CBD tincture: Regular drops and a RAW version. The RAW CBD oil has a darker colour and a more intense flavour. If you can’t stomach the taste of CBD tinctures, then the RAW oils are not for you!

Canabidol doesn’t specify the carrier oil, which is always unfortunate. It’s ideal for people with allergies to know what the full ingredients are. Since it says “100% Cannabis sativa L,” it could be hemp seed oil.

Canabidol CBD Oil Drops

Both the regular drops and the RAW drops come in three strengths:

  • 250mg: £19.99
  • 500mg: £39.99
  • 1000mg: £69.99

All bottles have a dropper attached for ease of use.


Canabidol CBD Gel Tabs

Finally, we have the CBD gel tabs. This is the brand’s flagship product; the one it claims is its bestseller. The Canabidol gel tabs are comparable to CBD capsules, but they contain a proprietary gel formula.

You don’t swallow these pill-like tabs. Instead, pop the gel tab out of the blister packet and place it under your tongue, waiting for it to dissolve. It will take around 15 minutes to completely dissolve. Although it’s slightly uncomfortable, the gel tabs are supposed to provide maximum bioavailability. As a result, we think they’re worth the cost.

Canabidol CBD Gel Tabs

The gel tabs come in different packet sizes, with the total amount of CBD in each tab increasing each time. Once again, Canabidol provides these in both regular and RAW form.

  • 100mg (10mg per capsule): £17.99
  • 250mg (25mg per capsule): £21.99
  • 500mg (50mg per capsule): £39.99
  • 1000mg (100mg per capsule): £69.99


Other Canabidol Products

Canabidol has a handful of other products, including CBD topical creams. The ‘Rescue Cream’ is designed to moisturise and nourish the skin, in three different strengths. This product has won numerous awards, attesting to their quality.

Canabidol has also developed Cacao Tabs. Like the gel tabs, these are taken under the tongue, but they come in a delicious white chocolate flavour. It’s a bit strange popping a pill-shaped chocolate out of a blister packet, but it is again designed to increase bioavailability. The tabs start at £17.99.

Finally, Canabidol has a concentrated extract in a syringe. Since it’s super-concentrated, it’s more expensive and comes in a smaller amount. It works well if you need a large amount of CBD quickly.


Bottom Line on Canabidol: 7/10

Canabidol has made a name for itself as a good brand. Its reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and there are also lab reports to prove the cannabinoid content of these products. The fact that Canabidol has remained successful in several countries is also a positive sign.

All in all, this is a good brand. However, apart from the gel tabs, it isn’t offering anything spectacular. There are some more stylish and impressive brands out there, in our opinion.

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