Cannadips CBD Review | What Is This Brand All About?

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on October 22, 2020

Cannadips is a CBD brand offering something we’ve never seen before: CBD dips. Find out more about the CBD chewing tobacco alternative in the review below or check out our quick summary if you’re short on time.


Cannadips: Quick Summary

Cannadips Pros

  • It’s a unique product that we’ve never seen before.
  • The flavours are tasty and enjoyable.
  • Lab reports are available to view on the website.
  • Due to the method of consumption, these pouches should be effective.

Cannadips Cons

  • Shipping requires a minimum spend of €23,85, and postage is pretty expensive.
  • There is a very limited number of products.
  • The website contains little information.
  • You don’t save any money from the kits.


Cannadips is an American brand, but it does sell in the UK. If you’re looking for authentically British CBD, find out where you can get it in our full guide to CBD in Britain.


Cannadips: Full Review

The CBD world is full of interesting and exciting brands. Every day, a new concept arises that rocks the market. Cannadips is one such brand that has presented a game-changing idea.

Cannabis dips, an alternative to chewing tobacco, might seem strange to some. However, they make sense. The reason you hold CBD oil in your mouth is so that the CBD can get through the skin in your mouth and reach the endocannabinoid system quickly and efficiently. Chewing something that releases CBD is the same kind of premise.

We have seen CBD chewing gum before, but these CBD pouches are very interesting. Let’s find out more.


Who Is Cannadips?

Cannadips has two websites. It is an American company founded in Humboldt County, California. As a result, the brand had to create a second website in order to sell in Europe. is the site for UK customers and those throughout Europe.

The founders were shocked to discover that nobody had thought of a chewing tobacco-like product for CBD. They took matters into their own hands and created Cannadips, a brand selling the first-ever cannabis dips.

Cannadips sources hemp from America, taking extra steps to remove any traces of THC. The result is broad-spectrum CBD that you can absorb through the mouth. Admittedly, the European website has less information about this process than the US site.

This brand has been around since 2016 and is no stranger to the industry. It’s no wonder that it offers lab reports directly on the website, reassuring customers that the products are safe. Lab reports are essential, so this is a significant step.

Cannadips ships to all countries in Europe apart from Norway. Shipping is pretty expensive, at €4,95 for EU countries and €19,90 for non-EU countries.


Cannadips Products

In case you’re uncertain, Cannadips offers cannabis chewing tobacco. The name comes from the alternate label for this product, dipping tobacco. We tried the EU products and let you know what we thought below.


Cannadips CBD-Infused Pouches

The Cannadips products come in round, metal tins. Each tin contains 15 ‘pouches,’ which are designed to be taken orally. To use, you simply pop a pouch in your mouth between the gums and lips. Leave it there for as long as you like, allowing the CBD to enter your mouth. The dosage lasts for 30-45mins, according to Cannadips. Once the pouch is done, toss it away.

Each pouch contains 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD. That’s 150mg of CBD in total. By the way, the extract is also water-soluble. This fact should increase bioavailability and make the product more effective.

Cannadips CBD-Infused Pouches

It’s vital to note that, although the dips are modelled off chewing tobacco, they contain no tobacco whatsoever. The ingredients are instead things like xanthan gum, vegetable glycerol, coconut fibre, etc.

Cannadips sells three flavours, allowing you to benefit from a pleasant taste every time you swallow. The flavours are American Spice, Natural Mint, and Tangy Citrus. The American Spice option, by the way, is cinnamon and chocolate with hints of coffee. The flavours are actually quite delicious; subtle, but tasty.

Each tin (150mg) costs €18.90. You can also get a four-pack of each flavour for €60.48. These prices are relatively high, but a lot of ingredients and effort go into these products. Remember that the single tin doesn’t qualify for shipping, so you’ll have to order at least two.


Cannadips Starter Kit

At the time of writing, the Starter Kit is on sale for a 20% discount. Usually, it is €56.70. The kit consists of all three flavours, allowing you to try them all. It’s always great when brands offer kits for a discounted price to let you figure out your preferences.

Cannadips Starter Kit

That said, the sale is apparently a limited offer. As a result, you usually don’t save any money. This is a bit frustrating.


Final Thoughts on Cannadips: 6.5/10

Cannadips is a reputable brand. There are lots of plus points: Lab reports, a unique product, and awesome flavours. However, Cannadips has a lot of room for improvement ­– at least in Europe. The shipping costs are really high, and many of the products don’t even qualify for shipping!

We understand that Cannadips is based in North America, explaining the high costs and complicated shipping. Hopefully, they will be able to open a European office one day and reduce some of these costs.

For now, we recommend that our readers check out other consumption methods. Why not try Provacan? This brand stocks some unique flavoured CBD lozenges you might enjoy. Read more in our full Provacan review.