Cannapresso Review [The Comprehensive Guide]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on July 23, 2019

Here at Greenshoppers, we regularly bring you updated reviews on all the CBD brands that come to our attention. It is important for consumers to know that they are buying from trusted CBD brands, since the market is not regulated by any governing body like the MHRA.

Most brands are luckily safe to buy from, and won’t do you any harm. Nevertheless, it’s good to check by reading review sites such as this one. We will give you a 100% honest overview of each and every brand.

Today, we will be taking a look at American brand Cannapresso. Will it live up to expectations?

Who is Cannapresso?

Based out of California, Cannapresso is a brand that sells a variety of CBD-based products, all of which are legal for sale in all 50 states. The hemp is grown in America, and the cannabinoids are extracted using chemical-free CO2 extraction. Cannapresso says that this process removes all impurities – third-party lab reports would be required to verify this. The website mentions that the products are tested, but we couldn’t find the results anywhere on the site.

Speaking of the website, it is actually quite confusing. The layout isn’t too bad, but there are some inconsistencies and grammatical errors; this is never professional and doesn’t look good. Furthermore, none of the prices are listed on the site – you have to actually inquire about these products by calling or e-mailing the company. This is quite strange and does make us untrusting. Plus, who would go through the effort when most sites just sell you the CBD there and then?!

As far as we can tell, this is because Cannapresso does not actually sell any of its own products. Instead, you will have to find a third-party retailer somewhere near you where you can pick it up, after browsing the options on the site.

Nevertheless, we don’t like the fact that reading product descriptions often requires you to download a PDF. We wish the descriptions were just laid out on the site like other companies.

Despite the frustrations we have, it’s time to review the products.

Cannapresso CBD Products

Cannapresso has quite the range of CBD products, as well as devices you can use for vaping. We will mention this equipment below, but most of the review will focus on the actual CBD products. Unfortunately, we will not be able to include prices as Cannapresso itself does not list costs.

Cannapresso CBD Oils

Cannapresso CBD Oils

The CBD oils appear to come in two varieties, each in different packaging. However, we were not able to discern the difference between the two. The one with the rainbow-coloured bottle is a whole-plant extract. There are plenty of options for sizing and strength, with bottles in both 10ml and 30ml quantities. Each one is available in Strawberry, Mango, OG Kush, and Original. Here are the strengths:

  • 10ml: 100mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg
  • 30ml: 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 5000mg

The other option has more professional packaging, reading ‘Premium Quality’ on the tube. However, we are not exactly sure what makes this oil premium quality, as the product description is almost exactly the same. Each bottle contains either 10ml or 30ml of full-spectrum CBD oil. Here are the flavours and strengths:

  • Flavourless 100mg (10ml)
  • Strawberry 500mg (10ml)
  • Strawberry 750mg (30ml)
  • Mango 1000mg (10ml)
  • Flavourless 1200mg (30ml)
  • OK Kush 2000mg (10ml)
  • Mango 2500mg (30ml)
  • OG Kush 6000mg (30ml)

Cannapresso CBD Isolates

Cannapresso offers one CBD isolate containing 99.6% CBD and no THC. It comes in a crystal form. The company recommends mixing it with a carrier oil like coconut oil or with an e-liquid to make your own CBD product. The container says it has ‘10ml’ of product, but it’s not actually a liquid. We think they meant to put ‘10g.’

Cannapresso CBD Water

Finally, a product with a price tag! The water is made by mixing the Cannapresso CBD Crystals with mineral water. It is not actually bottled water, but instead an aerosol spray. We knew that CBD water was a thing; but CBD water in an aerosol can? We don’t really understand the point.

The product description says it is ‘Boxed in 5 Bottle.’ We assume that this means it comes as a pack of five, but who knows? Each bottle contains 10ml of CBD water.

  • CBD Water 10ml 10mg: $22.98
  • CBD Water 10ml 50mg: $82.98

Cannapresso CBD Vapes

Vaping is where Cannapresso seems to have focused its energy. There are plenty of e-liquids to choose from in a variety of flavours and options. We’re not sure what ingredients were used, and to be honest this troubles us. Many e-liquids contain ingredients like PG, which can be harmful to our health. Without knowing how much is contained, consumers could unwittingly be damaging their respiratory systems using the e-liquids.

The full-spectrum e-liquids come in 10ml increments. Each flavour option can be purchased with either 100, 300, 500 or 1000 milligrams of CBD. The flavours include Grapefruit, Menthol, Natural Hemp, Strawberry, and another Strawberry flavour but in a different colour (there really is no explanation).

Alternatively, Cannapresso sells a CBD Isolate E-liquid. These come in a white and green packaging, with paler colours; you need to know this, because the product title does not actually mention whether it is the CBD isolate or not. The vape liquids are obviously CBD isolate (we hope), and they come in either 10ml, 15ml, or 30ml varieties. There are several different flavours available:

  • Straw-Melon 100mg (10ml)
  • Natural Hemp 100mg (10ml)
  • Natural Hemp 100mg (15ml)
  • Cherry Mint 100mg (30ml)
  • Natural Hemp 300mg (10ml)
  • Natural Hemp 300mg (15ml)
  • Mango 300mg (30ml)
  • Natural Hemp 500mg (10ml)
  • Natural Hemp 500mg (15ml)
  • Strawberry 500mg (30ml)
  • Natural Hemp 1000mg (15ml)
  • Grape 1000mg (30ml)

Finally, there is a range of Terpene E-liquids. These are made using terpenes from the cannabis plant, allowing you to tailor the effects of your vape experience by adjusting the terpene levels in your e-liquid. Bear in mind that this may also affect the taste. These products contain no CBD whatsoever, only terpenes, so bear this in mind. Each variety comes in a 10ml bottle.

  • Critical Mala
  • Mango Kush
  • Strawberry Wild
  • Mint Hemp

Cannapresso CBD Cream

Cannapresso CBD Cream

Cannapresso has a surprising variety of CBD topicals. Designed for skincare, the range includes a body lotion, a hand cream, an eye cream, and a facial cream.

The Body Lotion contains hyaluronic acid, known to be good for the skin. Other ingredients include xanthan gum, various plant oils, and a quantity of CBD. We’re a bit confused, because the product title says 50mg, but the description says 15mg. It’s a mystery! We’re pretty sure that you can either get a 30ml tub with 15mg or a 60ml option with 50mg.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the other creams have the exact same product descriptions and ingredient lists, albeit with a slightly different quantity of CBD. We have a sneaking suspicion that they’re all the same cream with a different label slapped on.

Inspire CBD Sprays

These CBD sprays actually belong to a different brand, called Inspire. Considering that you can’t actually buy anything on the Cannapresso site, we aren’t sure why these are even listed. The range includes a Hay Fever CBD Spray, a Sinus Congestion Relief CBD Spray, and a Sore Throat CBD Spray.

We think these products sound pretty awesome, but we’ll leave the Inspire review for another day.

Cannapresso Pros

  • Pretty big range of products.
  • You can download a free information guide from the ‘About Us’ section. It’s called a product catalogue, but in reality, it just tells you a bit about CBD and how the products are made.

Cannapresso Cons

  • There are no prices listed on the site and no options to purchase products directly from Cannapresso, which we find odd. U.S. customers can order online from
  • Bizarre product descriptions which seem to have been copy-pasted.
  • A huge lack of information about individual products. We have been led to think that the topicals are a complete scam and all contain the exact same ingredients.
  • A lot of inconsistencies on an overall unprofessional website.

What We Think of Cannapresso

The entire Cannapresso site is clearly copy-pasted from other articles about CBD; read the introductory paragraph of the ‘CBD Vapes’ section, and you’ll see what we mean. This is pretty much the largest red flag you can imagine – the company is run by computers!

To be honest, we recommend steering clear of Cannapresso. The whole thing just seems… slightly off. There are plenty of reputable and trustworthy CBD brands online who provide high-quality and honest CBD; Cannapresso does not appear to be one of them.

For an example of a much better CBD website, check out Provacan. Or, see our list of other CBD reviews to find a brand that suits you.