Carolina Hemp Company Review [2021 Complete Brand Review]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on March 19, 2021

Find out all about the Carolina Hemp Company in today’s full Greenshoppers review. Take a look at the quick summary below for a brand overview or jump to the full review for a complete breakdown of the products.


Carolina Hemp Company: Quick Summary

Carolina Hemp Company Pros

  • There’s a great range of CBD products.
  • The packaging is beautiful and uses minimal plastic.
  • Each dropper has measurements on the side for ease of use.
  • There are lots of satisfied customers.

Carolina Hemp Company Cons

  • There are no lab reports and little information about the brand’s practices.
  • This brand doesn’t ship to the UK.
  • The prices are pretty expensive.


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Carolina Hemp Company: Full Review

As more CBD brands appear on the market, it can be complicated for customers to choose where to shop. There is almost too much choice, and it ruins the shopping experience for many customers.

Here at Greenshoppers, we try to make that process a little easier by offering reviews. Here, you can find out everything you need to know about brands before you buy, saving you time and money.

Today, we are reviewing the Carolina Hemp Company and its products. Let’s see if this brand could be the one for you.


Who Is the Carolina Hemp Company?

The Carolina Hemp Company is an old hand in this industry, having been around since 2014. It began as a wholesale distributor of hemp and CBD products, which is why the range is quite substantial.

This company calls itself Asheville’s Hometown Hemp Company. It aims to be a local brand integrated into the community. It achieves this through local, American farms that use biodynamic practices and regenerative agriculture to grow high-quality hemp.

This brand no longer exclusively sells wholesale, although this option is still available. The Carolina Hemp Company has eleven retail locations throughout North Carolina, where locals can browse the products and speak with the staff.

The Carolina Hemp Company website gives off rustic, homely vibes. However, there is little information about things like shipping, extraction methods, and testing. These are all essential components for a CBD company, so it’s a shame these things aren’t included. There aren’t even any lab reports in the product descriptions, which is a huge negative.


Carolina Hemp Company CBD Products

The Carolina Hemp Company offers an extensive range of products, which is always great news. It means that you can take time exploring the site and finding what you really want to use. Here’s what we thought of the products.


Carolina Hemp Company CBD Oils

There are three CBD oils available from the Carolina Hemp Company. It sells them in terms of categories: Nourish, Support, and XO.

The Nourish oils are full-spectrum and contain hemp extract and MCT oil. It also contains additional Vitamin E. Carolina Hemp Company stocks two flavours: Natural and Peppermint. There are tons of information on the website about dosage, the price per milligram, etc. Oddly, neither the website nor the label detail how much CBD is in each bottle. Everything is done in terms of the quantity you take, which is why the dropper has markings to help you measure. A 15ml bottle costs $59.

Carolina Hemp Company CBD Oils

The Support is a 2% concentrate, with 20mg per ml. It’s also full-spectrum and is stronger than the Nourish oil. It only comes in a 30ml bottle, costing $149. This is very steep! It also comes in Natural and Peppermint flavours.

Finally, the XO tincture is the strongest, at 4%. It gets its name because it’s eXtraOrdinary. With 40mg per ml, this offering is pretty strong, with a potent taste that you may not enjoy. Luckily, it also comes in a peppermint flavour. This strong oil costs $189 for 30ml.


Carolina Hemp Company Hemp Flower

Interestingly, the Carolina Hemp Company also sells pre-rolls. In case you don’t know, these are hemp flower ‘joints.’ You smoke them like a cigarette and benefit from the CBD within. Hemp pre-rolls can’t get you high, but they may still have damaging effects on the lungs long-term.

Carolina Hemp Company Hemp Flower

This brand stocks a variety of hemp strains, each providing slightly different flavours and effects. The list includes:

  • Banana Bread
  • Sour Tsunami
  • John Snow
  • Pineapple Haze

A 7-pack of pre-rolls costs $39.99 and comes in a handy cardboard carry case. You can also get raw flower to roll yourself, with a 7g jar costing $60.

Pre-rolls and hemp flower are great, but it is risky. If a policeman passes by and assumes that you’re smoking marijuana, saying “It’s just hemp” is unlikely to help.


Carolina Hemp Company Edibles

As far as edibles go, the range here is pretty good. Notably, the products are all from different brands, including The Brothers Apothecary, Lunchbox Alchemy, and more. You can get a great range of products, including gummies, honey, and chocolate.

Carolina Hemp Company Edibles

Our favourite product is the Hemp Extract Chocolate from Lulu’s Chocolate. With 78% cacao, it’s very rich and indulgent. An 80mg bar costs $14.99, which isn’t too bad for high-end CBD chocolate. And since it’s dark chocolate, it’s vegan-friendly!


Carolina Hemp Company Topicals

Those searching for topicals will be spoilt for choice at the Carolina Hemp Company. The brand has a variety of products it makes itself, but it also stocks a variety of other brands incuding Meta-Flora, Kannai, and more.

The brand’s own topicals include seven products. There’s a hydrating face wash, body butter, massage oil, an eye cream, and a vegan moisturiser, among others. We love that there’s a vegan-friendly option here.

Prices start at $24.99 for the Carolina Hemp Eye Cream. In fairness, it’s a small tub of just 0.5 fl. Oz. The eye cream contains fruit extracts packed with antioxidants to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Blueberry and raspberry are just some of the ingredients. This offering is also vegan.

At the top of the range is the $49.99 massage oil, packed with MCT oil, jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil. It’s full-spectrum and super moisturising. With a much larger bottle size of 8oz, the price point is reasonable.


Carolina Hemp Company CBD for Pets

The final product we looked at from the Carolina Hemp Company is the pet range. The brand itself sells a pet oil and an equine oil, specifically for horses.

There is concerningly little information about the pet oil on the site. It costs $69.99, but there’s no explanation about how the oil is different to the human tincture. There is, however, a handy dosage guide on the site.

The equine oil is much more expensive at $189. It’s obviously much stronger because horses are big animals. Again, there is very little information.


Final Thoughts on the Carolina Hemp Company: 7/10

The Carolina Hemp Company is a homely, familiar brand with a great ethos. We love the way it caters to its local community, as well as stocking high-quality CBD products online and selling wholesale.

The fact that this company has survived since 2014 proves that it’s a strong contender. We love lots about this brand, including the range and the packaging.

However, we have to complain about the lack of lab reports and information. It would be helpful to include the miligrams in the product description and explain some of the ingredients in a better format. These are definitely things that the brand can work on.

Since our British readers can’t get Carolina Hemp Company products in the UK, we recommend trying Palmetto Harmony. Read more in our Palmetto Harmony review.