CBD BioCare Review | All About the Brand

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on October 27, 2020

CBD Biocare is a US CBD brand with a large variety of products for sale. We gave the products a try to let you know if they’re worth the price point. Check out our quick summary below or jump to the full review to learn more.


CBD BioCare: Quick Summary

CBD BioCare Pros

  • The prices are reasonable.
  • Lab reports are visible before you buy and for each product using a QR code.
  • There are lots of great CBD products to choose from.

CBD BioCare Cons

  • The purchaser is liable for any customs costs.
  • Some of the product descriptions are either too short or too lengthy.
  • None of the products are vegan-friendly.


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CBD BioCare: Full Review

CBD BioCare is one of many brands on the market. If you’re considering buying from them, then you should definitely read independent reviews beforehand. Although some CBD brands can seem trustworthy, it’s vital to double-check by reading brand reviews.

If other CBD BioCare customers have had a good experience, then you’ll know that this brand is worth your money. However, a professional website alone is not enough to indicate that the brand is trustworthy – some scams can be elaborate!

Luckily, CBD BioCare is a legitimate brand. Below, we cover the BioCare products in more detail so you can find out what’s available when shopping online with this brand.


Who Is CBD BioCare?

Stacey and Matthew Pitts run the CBD BioCare brand. They started this company because Matthew’s friend, Daryl, was suffering from cancer and found that cannabis helped him. Unfortunately, Daryl has sadly passed away. Matthew and Stacey want to continue his legacy by fighting for the legalisation of a plant that could help others.

While they cannot sell medical marijuana online, the Pitts realized they could help some people be healthy by selling CBD. The brand now ships to all 50 states by selling products with minimal THC.

The brand operates out of America, but 10% of profits go to a charity in Nicaragua called Youth for Christ. The program aims to spread the Christian message and develop young people through education, leadership skills, and evangelism.

Apparently, CBD BioCare does international shipping, but the website says that the brand is not liable for customs costs. There is a serious risk of the products being stopped at customs, and shipping CBD internationally can be a risk. It’s up to you whether to take this risk, but there are plenty of brands selling in the UK if you don’t want to take a chance.

As for the products, CBD BioCare does not state where it sources hemp. Regardless, there is a QR code on the back of each product that links to lab reports so you can see exactly what’s in each one. There are also some dated samples on the website for you to browse before you purchase.

Below, we cover all the products, so you know where to shop on the site.


CBD BioCare Products

The CBD BioCare website is full of products. Rather than being broken down by product type, they are grouped by their purpose. The categories include Wellness, Pain Relief, and Pet Care. Let’s check them out.


CBD BioCare Wellness

The Wellness section of the BioCare website is dedicated to all-purpose supplements that you can use every day.

Primarily, this category includes CBD oils. Each one is a full-spectrum tincture, but there is a very low amount of THC. The products contain hemp seed oil as the base, alongside full-spectrum hemp extract. BioCare also infuses the bottles with 10% more terpenes. Although this makes the flavour stronger (which may be good or bad depending on your preference!), it also may increase the effectiveness.

The options include:

  • 500mg: $64.99
  • 750mg:$79.99
  • 1000mg:$99.00
  • 1500mg:$129.00
  • 3500mg:$159.00

There are also two “Try It” sizes, which are smaller bottles to help you figure out if this is the product for you. These cost $19.99 (750mg) and $24.99 (1000mg).

The rest of the Wellness range includes capsules, gummies, chewing gum, and coffee. These are all great additions to any CBD range, so we can’t fault BioCare for diversity.

The liquid capsules come in two strengths, with 10mg or 25mg per capsule. Each tub contains 30 liquid-filled capsules. It’s unclear whether this brand produces vegan-friendly pills.

The gummies, meanwhile, come in either a 10-count pouch or a 30-count bottle. Each gummy contains 20mg of CBD, which an assortment of fruity flavours. These gummies contain artificial colourings, which is something to be aware of.

CBD BioCare Wellness

Here are the other prices in the Wellness range:

  • 10mg Capsules: $24.99
  • 25mg Capsules:$44.99
  • 20mg CBD Gummies 10ct:$17.99
  • 20mg CBD Gummies 30ct:$39.99
  • 10mg Peppermint CBD Gum 10ct:$19.99
  • 10mg CBD Coffee Pods:$24.99


CBD BioCare Pain Relief

Those leading an active lifestyle may want to check out the Pain Relief range. Unsurprisingly, this section is comprised of CBD topicals.

The primary product is a Pain Relief Balm. It consists of emu oil, aloe extract, menthol, arnica, and more. The menthol is cooling while the emu oil gives the product a nice texture on the skin. There are three strengths:

  • 60mg: $44.99
  • 75mg:$59.99
  • 500mg:$69.99

CBD BioCare Pain ReliefIf the balm isn’t your thing, there is a Pain Relief Roll-On. A roll-on is an excellent product for pain relief, because it means you don’t have to get the menthol-infused product on your hands. This option comes in a 100mg bottle for $39.99.

CBD BioCare has just introduced a new product in the form of a roll-on gel. It contains 300mg, but other than that, it’s not clear how it differs from the previous roll-on. It costs $49.99.


CBD BioCare Skin Care

The Skin Care range contains yet more topicals. There are actually many products to choose from, so we won’t cover them all. The list includes:

  • Apple Stem Cell Rejuvenating Cream: $49.99
  • CBD Under Eye Cream:$39.99
  • CBD Collagen Retinol Cream: $44.99
  • CBD AM/PM Anti-Aging Moisturiser: $44.99
  • All-Natural Ageless Cream:$74.99
  • All-Natural CBD Scrub:$54.99
  • CBD Prebiotic Spray:$44.99
  • All-Natural Organic Anti-Aging Cream: $49.00

CBD BioCare Skin Care

The Apple Stem Cell Rejuvenating Cream is a new product. It contains 100mg of CBD alongside apple stem cells. The theory behind it is to prevent signs of ageing and promote healthy, glowing skin. The website claims that the results get better over time. There is lots of info about apple stem cells on the website

We also love the idea of a CBD scrub because we haven’t seen it before. Given that you have to rinse it off, though, we’re not sure how effective this product would be.

At CBD BioCare, even your pets can benefit from CBD. There are four pet products on offer right now, including tinctures, a spray, and pet chews.

The tincture, with a hemp seed oil carrier, comes in two strengths. How this tincture differs from the human offerings is unclear – they appear to be the same. The options available are 500mg ($64.99) and 750mg ($79.99).

The prebiotic topical spray, meanwhile, is meant for use on your pet’s skin. Spray your pet with this product once a day for best results. CBD BioCare claims that the product prevents bacterial growth. It costs $44.99.


Final Verdict on CBD BioCare: 8/10

CBD BioCare is a decent brand, but it’s not our favourite. There are certainly lots of products to choose from, with a little something for everyone. However, some of the product descriptions are lacking while others are too descriptive, leaving you with too much information to sift through.

It’s excellent that BioCare offers lab reports and international shipping. However, it’s unfortunate that customs costs lie with the consumer.

If you’re looking for a high-quality brand right here in the UK, try Provacan.