CBD Brothers Complete Review

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on December 9, 2018

CBD Brothers are one of the many brands catering to a British audience. In this review, we check out all of the products stocked by this brand, evaluating their quality. Read on for a breakdown in price so you can find out what CBD Brothers has on offer.

CBD Brothers Quick Summary

CBD Brothers Pros

  • Based in Europe, meaning all their hemp products are safe and high quality.
  • There is an enormous product range, so CBD Brothers sells something to cater to everyone.
  • The fact that they sell educational guides is testament to how dedicated they are to educating the public.
  • Their range of edibles includes so many varieties of chocolate; it’s a much larger range than any other company we have seen.
  • Third-party lab reports are incredibly easy to access; the company is very transparent.

CBD Brothers Cons

  • Some of the products are quite expensive.
  • The amount of CBD in the Whipped Body Butter is unclear.

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CBD Brothers Full Review

Without any regulation in the CBD industry, it’s very important to be clued up enough to buy the right brands yourself. Although it seems risky to purchase CBD oil in an unregulated market, there are plenty of trustworthy brands out there pioneering the way to a gold standard.

One of these brands is CBD Brothers, who are quickly becoming popular brand leaders in the United Kingdom. But what do CBD Brothers actually bring to the table? In this complete review, we will be checking out this brand and all its products to decide whether they are worth spending a penny or two.

Who Are CBD Brothers?

CBD Brothers sell their products under the corporation The Original Alternative. With their official HQ in Spain, the company grows its hemp in Europe, meaning that they stick to EU safety standards and produce high-quality hemp. They grow their indica strain outdoors in the natural sunlight, adding to the impressive quality of their products. The plants are handpicked when they reach maturity and are hung to dry.

Next, CBD Brothers use CO2 extraction with low heat and low pressure to extract a full spectrum of terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids alongside CBD. With this full range of cannabis compounds, the resulting products are very effective, and the CO2 extraction method ensures that they are safe for consumption.

Designed for European sale, the products all comply with UK law and contain less than 0.2% THC. Each product has a third-party lab report posted on the website alongside the product description, so you can be sure that these products are safe.

CBD Brothers Products

CBD Brothers sell a range of different CBD products, ranging from CBD oils to books and clothing. In this article, we will give you a full breakdown of all their products and the pricing so that you can make the best decision possible.

CBD Oils

CBD Brothers CBD oils come in a large range, ranked by the different colour options. The CBD and other phytocannabinoids are extracted from the buds and flowers of female Cannabis sativa plants via CO2 extraction. These extracted compounds are then suspended in organic hemp seed oil.

Green Edition CBD Oil

CBD oil review

The Green Edition CBD oil contains 2000 mg of whole plant extract, with >14% of this consisting of CBD. In other words, each 10ml contains 280 mg of CBD – or 2.8%. A 10ml bottle contains around 190-200 drops, meaning that there is 1.4 mg per drop. The Green Edition is available in a 10ml bottle with 2000 mg of cannabinoids, costing £9.60, or in a 30ml bottle containing a total of 6000 mg of cannabinoids, costing £27.00.

Blue Edition CBD Oil

The Blue Edition CBD oil contains 2000 mg of whole plant extracts, of which >25% is CBD; this equates to 500 mg. With 5% CBD per 10ml, there is approximately 2.5 mg of CBD in each drop of oil. There are three size and strength options for the Blue Edition oil:

  • 10ml – 2000 mg cannabinoids (500 mg CBD): £21.60
  • 30ml – 6000 mg cannabinoids (1500 mg CBD): £58.20
  • 100ml – 20,000 mg cannabinoids (5000 mg CBD): £156.00

Purple Edition CBD Oil (Hybrid)

CBDbrothers review

The difference with the Purple Edition CBD oil is that the CBD is extracted from a hybrid cannabis plant, possessing both sativa and indica properties. A 10ml bottle of Purple Edition oil contains 2000 mg of whole plant cannabinoids and >16.4% of this is CBD, equating to 320 mg of CBD per 10ml. With up to 200 drops in the 10ml bottle, this means approximately 1.6 mg per drop. The 10ml option of this oil contains 2000 mg of cannabinoids in total, with 320 mg of CBD, and this costs £26.40. The 30ml option, containing 6000mg of cannabinoids of which 960 mg is CBD, costs £71.40.

You can also purchase Purple Edition Plus Water Soluble CBD (Hybrid). Costing £36.00, this spray is very versatile and can be mixed into drinks or taken with water.

White Edition CBD Oil (Indica)

CBDbrothers oil review

Instead extracted from Cannabis indica plants, the White Edition oil adds some nice variation to the range of CBD oils. The 10ml variety of this oil contains 500 mg of whole plant extract and >30% CBD, meaning there is 150 mg of CBD in the bottle. After doing a little maths, this means that there is 0.75 mg of CBD per drop of oil. This is a pretty weak strength but is very ideal for beginners and those who want to give CBD oil a try. This option is only available in a 10ml bottle (for £66.00), or as a collection of 3x 10ml bottles, costing £178.20. If you buy the three-pack, you can save £19.80 as opposed to buying three separately.

Red Edition CBD Oil (Indica)

CBD oil review

Once again, the Red Edition oil is made from an indica plant. This is quite a bit stronger than the White Edition, though, containing 1000 mg of whole plant cannabinoids of which >30% (300 mg) is CBD. The Red Editon, in other words, is 3% strength CBD oil. There is roughly 1.5 mg of CBD per drop of oil. Once again, you can purchase a 10ml bottle costing £126.00, or buy a three-pack for £340.20 and save £37.80. Talk about a bargain!

Black Edition CBD Oil (Indica)

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The Black Edition CBD oil is the strongest of the indica oils, containing 2000 mg of whole plant cannabinoids of which >30% (600 mg) is CBD. The Black Edition is a 6% strength CBD oil, which means there is around 3mg per drop. This is better for those looking for a more potent oil, but it is definitely on the pricey side. A 10ml bottle will set you back £240.00, while a three-pack will cost you £648.00 – bulk buying will save you a whopping £72!

CBD Capsules

CBD Brothers also sell capsules, which are ideal for discreteness and ease of use. Many people prefer capsules to CBD oil because of the taste, so we love it when companies offer a capsule option. These capsules are great because they are vegan-friendly and are made using healthy coconut oil. CBD Brothers make their CBD capsules in their own laboratory in Suffolk, right here in the UK. Each tub contains approximately 30 capsules.

Green Edition Capsules (Sativa)

Why CBD brothers

The Green Edition capsules are similar to the Green Edition oil, made using a sativa cannabis strain. These contain >14% CBD and come in 3 different strengths. The lowest strength option is priced the same as the corresponding oil, but the middle option is cheaper than the 30ml bottle of oil.

  • 50 mg – 7 mg of CBD per capsule: £9.60
  • 100 mg – 14 mg of CBD per capsule: £16.80
  • 250 mg – 35 mg of CBD per capsule: £36.00

Blue Edition Capsules (Sativa)

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The Blue Edition capsules contain >25% CBD. These are actually stronger than the Blue Edition oils, containing quite a lot of CBD in each capsule. But they are actually cheaper! The Blue Edition capsules come in three strengths:

  • 50 mg – 12.5 mg of CBD per capsule: £13.80
  • 100 mg – 25 mg of CBD per capsule: £26.10
  • 250 mg – 5 mg of CBD per capsule: £61.80

Purple Edition Capsules (Hybrid)

CBDbrothers for anxiety

Just like the Purple Edition oil, these capsules are made from a hybrid form of hemp, grown organically on family plantations in Holland for over 20 years. They contain >16.4% CBD and are available in three strengths:

  • 50 mg – 8 mg of CBD per capsule: £16.80
  • 100 mg – 16 mg of CBD per capsule: £31.80
  • 250 mg – 40 mg of CBD per capsule: £75.30

CBD Edibles

CBD Brothers sell a huge range of edibles, which is very impressive for a UK-based company. Check them out below:

CBD Belgian Hot Chocolate Stirrer

CBDbrothers chocolate

Perfect for the winter, this edible contains 100 mg of whole plant extract, with 14% CBD. Made with 40g of premium Belgian milk chocolate, this product contains over 75 cannabinoids, terpenoids, and terpenes. Simply heat up your milk in a saucepan and pour into your favourite mug, then stir this edible in until all the chocolate melts – it’s a delicious way to get your CBD and only costs £9.60. This is available in either sativa or indica variety.

CBD Belgian Chocolate Bar

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CBD Brothers sell six varieties of CBD-infused Belgian chocolate. The bar weighs 100g, containing 99g of Belgian chocolate and over 75 cannabinoids and terpenes. It is advised to eat two squares of chocolate per day to get a dose of CBD, as there is 1000mg in the whole bar. At this rate, the chocolate bar will last you two weeks. This chocolate bar is available in white, milk and dark flavours, which each flavour offering a sativa and an indica option. Whatever your choice, a CBD Brothers Belgian Chocolate Bar will cost you £18.00.

CBD Infused Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known to be incredibly healthy, and adding CBD can only make it better. This coconut oil is ideal for baking, roasting, frying and sautéing, and it can even be added to smoothies and coffee. This oil contains 10.6% CBD and 5.3% CBDa. A 125ml tub of CBD-infused coconut oil will cost you £36.60 and is a great way to subtly slip some CBD into your diet.

CBD Lotions

CBD Balm (Hybrid)

This topical CBD balm is made by infusing the roots, stems, and leaves of hemp with organic coconut oil. The balm is then slow-cooked over seven days to ensure all the nutrients are extracted, and then 50mg of CBD is added into the tin. Finally, beeswax is melted into the mixture. The balm can be used on the face, neck, and all over the body, and is refreshing and good for your skin. There is 350 mg of whole plant extract in the tub. A 30ml tub costs £42.00, while a 100ml tub will set you back £114.00.

CBD Whipped Body Butter
This body butter is the ultimate in skin hydration, containing shea butter, coconut oil, hemp, apricot kernel oil, and lavender oil. All these ingredients are designed to be kind to the skin. CBD Brothers don’t actually specify how much CBD is contained per tub, but this doesn’t matter too much with topicals. The tub will cost you £54.00.

Other CBD Brothers Products

Alongside their products, CBD Brothers also sell books and informative guides on cannabis and CBD, helping to educate the public about important issues. Furthermore, they sell t-shirts relating to CBD Brothers and cannabis, costing around £22 each. Check out their website for further options.

Final Verdict on CBD Brothers: 7/10

CBD Brothers are a very reputable and trustworthy CBD brand, as shown by their lab reports and transparent practices. Using hemp grown in Europe, you can be sure that these products are safe, legal, and high quality.

The range of CBD Brothers products is tremendous, and we recommend some of the lower strength oils as a good starting point for CBD newbies. Check out CBD Brothers and their products on their official website.

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