CBD Me Review | Brand Overview & Product Walkthrough

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on September 14, 2020

CBD Me is a British born and bred brand, offering products approved by the Cannabis Trades Association. Before you decide what to buy, check out this full review.


CBD Me: Quick Summary

CBD Me Pros

  • There is a large range of products.
  • CBD Me is very environmentally conscious and makes an effort for sustainability.
  • The brand cultivates hemp strains in the UK under license from the Home Office.
  • All prices are very reasonable.

CBD Me Cons

  • The packaging is quite dull.
  • It’s sometimes hard to find precisely what you’re looking for on the website.


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CBD Me: Full Review

There are lots of brands on the CBD market today. It’s hard to choose the perfect brand for your needs when there are so many to think about; you can spend hours searching! Thankfully, the Greenshoppers team is here to help.

Today, we are reviewing CBD Me. This is a British brand dedicated to ensuring that customers only ever get the best CBD products. Stick with us as we run through the CBD Me UK brand and find out what its products are like.


Who Is CBD Me?

The founders of CBD Me started the brand in 2017 after realising that some of the CBD oil on the market was subpar. Since then, the industry has truly boomed, and yet CBD products sometimes don’t meet the mark. You can end up paying more than what the product is worth.

CBD Me is still pioneering for a better industry, having joined the Cannabis Trades Association. As a result, CBD Me keeps up to date on all the relevant guidelines.

CBD Me sources hemp directly from the UK, which is quite unique. Everything is above board, though; the farms in Market Harborough are licensed by the Home Office. Interestingly, CBD Me grows five different types of hemp.

The brand is dedicated to sustainability and giving back the environment. The parts of the hemp plant that are not used for CBD are turned into hemp protein and bioplastics. Sourcing from the UK is another sustainable move, ensuring that the hemp does not need to be shipped long distances. Finally, CBD Me has minimised plastic packaging.

Unsurprisingly, CBD Me has its products independently lab tested for quality assurance.


CBD Me Products

CBD Me has a very decent range of products, with lots of consumption methods available. Below, we review the CBD products on offer from CBD Me to let you know what we thought.

At the time of writing, CBD Me is also offering hemp face coverings, which we think is a great idea!


CBD Me Creams: CBD and CBG

The first product we tried as the CBD and CBG creams. Rather than offering a single cannabinoid topical, CBD Me has opted for creams high in both CBD and CBG. Some manufacturers and users now believe that CBG could be another beneficial compound found in hemp.

The CBD cream comes in two varieties: Skin Cream and Muscle Cream. Both start at £25 (for 300mg:70mg CBD:CBG) and go up to £40 (500mg:115mg CBD:CBG) depending on the potency you desire.

CBD Me Creams: CBD and CBG

The skin cream is non-greasy but moisturising, infused with ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter. Terpenes like citral and limonene lend the cream a delicious, citrusy smell.

Alternatively, the muscle cream is infused with cooling mint. It was quite effective, but not particularly different to other CBD muscle creams.


CBD Me CBD Oils and Sprays

It would be strange for a CBD brand not to sell CBD oil. CBD Me has opted for a varied range that includes oils, drops, and CBD spray. No matter what you want, you’ll find it here.

The range begins with the Original CBD Oil, which contains 500mg of CBD per 10ml. Consumers have the option to purchase a natural flavour or Fresh Mint, and can also choose between a dropper bottle and a spray.

CBD Me CBD Oils and Sprays

The Original Oil is the standard option, but there are two other varieties. Sunlight is the best to wake you up in the morning, while Starlight will have you settling down for sleep. The sunlight option, in 500mg and 1000mg strengths, contains a citrus flavour with energising terpenes.

Meanwhile, the Starlight CBD oil (available in the same strengths) has a less pleasant floral flavour, infused with terpenes that will help you wind down.

CBD Me also offers some blended options, allowing you to buy both options at once. Prices for CBD tinctures start at £25.99 for a bottle of the Original strength, going up to £114.99 for two strong bottles of Sunlight and Starlight.


CBD Me CBD Capsules

Once again, CBD Me has gone above and beyond with the CBD capsules. Alongside CBD, the capsules are high in CBDa. Again, this is a compound attracting positive attention from CBD users due to its beneficial potential.

CBD Me CBD Capsules

The CBD and CBDa capsules are vegan-friendly in an easy to swallow casing. Each capsule contains 10mg, offering an easy way to achieve the perfect dose. 30 capsules cost £19.99, whereas 90 cost £54.99.


CBD Me Hemp Teas

CBD Me offers an impressive range of eight hemp teas. Many people don’t realise that you can brew hemp to make a pleasant tea drink, but those who try it often wish they had realised sooner!

The range includes both tea bags and loose-leaf tea. There are lots of flavours and sizes to choose from, with prices starting at just £7.99. This is a very reasonable price compared to some others we have seen on the market.


CBD Me CBD Chocolates

CBD Me has a CBD chocolate offering, consisting of a 250mg box of milk chocolates. Each chocolate contains 25mg, meaning an ideal dose with each delicious chocolate. The CBD Me chocolate is a much tastier alternative to CBD tinctures. A box costs £11.99.

Note that the chocolates are not suitable for vegans due to their milk content.


CBD Me CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs have become enormously popular, and CBD Me has one offering. It’s an adorable heart-shaped bomb infused with an impressive 35mg of CBD for just £5.99.

CBD Me CBD Bath Bombs

It’s packed with natural terpenes from the hemp plant, providing a floral aroma and a relaxing vibe. All in all, it’s a good bath bomb. However, a few other brands are offering more choices.


Summary on CBD Me: 7/10

CBD Me is a great brand. It’s UK-based, even sourcing all its hemp from farms in England. The brand uses clean extraction methods and conducts lab reports that are available on the website. There is a large product range, too. Finally, CBD Me makes a great effort to be sustainable.

However, the brand could make some improvements, such as offering more strengths. The packaging could also be a little more attractive, but that’s being picky.

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