CBD Mountain Review | 2021 Updated Brand Review

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on January 19, 2021

As more and more people buy CBD throughout the UK, more brands are selling it. Today, we look at CBD Mountain, a brand designed for active lifestyles. Here’s what we have to say.


CBD Mountain: Quick Summary

CBD Mountain Pros

  • The lab reports are easily accessible.
  • Extremely good pricing.
  • Less than 0.2% THC.

CBD Mountain Cons

  • The products are nothing new or exciting.
  • There’s a lack of information about the brand and some of the products.
  • Lots of the strengths are quite low.


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CBD Mountain: Full Review

CBD Mountain is one of the hundreds of CBD brands operating in the UK. As numerous members of the British public turn to natural products like cannabidiol, there’s a vast market for hemp-based products. Demand is only growing, and so too is the number of brands.

Today, we will be reviewing the CBD Mountain UK brand. What is this brand about, and what are its products like? Read on to find out what the Greenshoppers team made of these products.


Who Is CBD Mountain?

CBD Mountain is a UK based CBD brand. It’s a small start-up brand focused on bringing high-quality products to the market. The team works hard to locate hemp farms that adhere to strict standards.

CBD Mountain also works to support local communities, according to the website. You can get in touch with the company if you know someone who might benefit from this brand’s help.

The website doesn’t include much info about the founders, where the brand is based, or where it sources hemp. We could do with having more information about how this brand operates, even if it’s just the extraction method used.

Anyway, we ordered some of the products to give them a try. Let’s see how they held up.


CBD Mountain Products

CBD Mountain sells all the typical CBD products that customers expect to see these days. The range includes oils, topicals, and vapes.


CBD Mountain Oils

cbd mountain

The CBD Mountain CBD oil is a full-spectrum tincture. The brand uses hemp seed oil as the carrier, which means there is a strong taste. Luckily, CBD Mountain sells a Peppermint option alongside the Unflavoured oil. By the way, the peppermint flavour comes from natural sources.

Each bottle comes with 30ml of CBD tincture. There’s a dropper attached for ease of use. We can’t say that there’s anything particularly special about these oils, but they did work for us.

There are three strengths available, and the price point is pretty good for each:

  • 250mg: £18
  • 500mg: £30
  • 1000mg: £50


CBD Mountain Skin Balms

CBD Mountain Skin Balms

Again, the CBD balm that’s available from CBD Mountain is pretty standard. It’s made with coconut oil and beeswax. CBD Mountain also adds lavender and eucalyptus for a soothing effect every time. The lavender oil also adds a lovely scent. The balm was okay, but it takes a little bit to sink into the skin.

Currently, you can purchase the skin balm in the following strengths:

  • 250mg: £18
  • 400mg (Bigger Tub): £40
  • 500mg: £30
  • 1000mg: £50

You can also get a 3ml sample size, which is a great idea.


CBD Mountain Softgels

cbd mountain uk

In the capsules department, CBD Mountain sells a 30-count container of soft gels. The CBD softgels contain water-soluble cannabidiol. According to the brand, this provides 3-5x more bioavailability than standard capsules.

The soft gels contain 25mg of CBD each, providing an ideal daily amount for many users. The container costs £40 for the 750mg of total CBD.


CBD Mountain Vapes

Vaping CBD is super popular, so it’s unsurprising that Mountain CBD offers a CBD vape oil. The brand has opted for natural flavouring, which can be a bit risky. Many CBD users prefer a flavoured e-liquid that makes it a pleasure to vape.

Nevertheless, the taste of this vape oil isn’t too bad. The terpenes are light and can be pleasant.

You can add the e-liquid to any vaporiser or even mix it with another e-liquid, meaning you can use it with your favourite flavour. CBD Mountain offers three strengths, and once again, the price is the main selling point.

  • 100mg: £9.00
  • 250mg: £18.00
  • 500mg: £30.00

Each one comes in a dropper bottle. So you can easily add your desired amount of CBD to the vaporiser. This also makes it easy to mix it with your favourite e-liquid at home for a CBD added-boost.


Bottom Line on CBD Mountain: 6.5/10

There are some positives about CBD Mountain. For example, there is a decent range of products, and we love that the lab reports are easily accessible.

However, this is not the best brand we have seen. The product line is all very basic, so the main selling point here is the price. The cost is cheap for all of these products, which ensures that nobody is priced out of this brand.

This is great to see. But there’s a lack of detailed information about the brand and products, which is why we marked CBD Mountain down a little.

While there’s nothing terribly wrong with CBD Mountain, it’s not our favourite brand. Make sure you take a look at Medterra, one of our top-rated brands with a massive range of exciting products. You can find our full Medterra review here.