CBD One Review | All About the Brand

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on August 20, 2020

Before purchasing from any CBD brand, you should read up on it. Find out about the products from CBD One and whether this brand is worth it in today’s complete review.


CBD One: Quick Summary

CBD One Pros

  • Lab reports are included with every product.
  • CBD One is run by a healthcare professional.
  • The product descriptions are completely transparent, even detailing the expected bioavailability.
  • The products are really stylish, with great packaging.

CBD One Cons

  • Some of the products, like the highest tincture strength, are a little expensive.
  • It’s hard to find the About page.


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CBD One: Full Review

CBD One is yet another CBD brand hitting the UK market. It looks professional and high-quality, but it’s always a good idea to investigate CBD companies before you buy.

In today’s review, we will cover all the info you need to know about CBD One UK. After all, you can never be too careful! The last thing you want is to spend your money on CBD products just to find out that it’s a scam. It’s all too easy for brands to sell hempseed oil and pass it off as CBD, with customers being none the wiser until they don’t feel any effects.

Sure, you can find out about a brand on the website, but you never know if the information is legitimate. That’s what the Greenshoppers team is here for!

Without further ado, let’s find out more about CBD One.


Who Is CBD One?

CBD One is a mysterious brand. The website’s ‘About’ page is tricky to find, so it’s pretty impossible to find out about this brand. You have to go to the FAQ page, titled ‘Common Questions, and then scroll to the bottom.

Even still, there’s little information. CBD One claims to be one of the first companies run by a registered health professional. It’s based in the UK, but sources hemp from high-quality farms in the Netherlands.

CBD One clearly believes in transparency, with full lab reports available on the website. This brand specialises in full-spectrum products that contain a full range of terpenes. CBD One claims that they are still legal in both the UK and the EU.

There are only eight team members working at CBD One, making this a small brand. It’s always nice to support small businesses, especially ones that claim to be backed by science and that sell effective products.

Let’s check out the products in more detail.


CBD One CBD Products

CBD One has eight products on offer, covering topicals and tinctures and a water-soluble option. We tried these stylish CBD products; here’s what we thought.


CBD One CBD Absorb

Water-soluble CBD is something we are seeing more and more on the market. However, it’s still a rarity that you can’t always find.

Why would you want water-soluble CBD? Well, it’s known that CBD doesn’t dissolve well in water, and yet CBD tinctures often have a distinctive, unpleasant flavour. Since CBD is hydrophobic, you can’t add it to a drink to remove the taste.

CBD One CBD Absorb

Water-soluble CBD solves this issue. Furthermore, the process of making CBD water-soluble also makes it more bioavailable, improving the effectiveness and giving you more bang for your buck.

CBD One has three options: Absorb Life+, Absorb Ultra+, and Absorb Pure+. The website includes a handy comparison chat to help you compare all the options. Each one comes in a 10ml bottle:

  • Absorb Life+: 250mg, £29.99
  • Absorb Ultra+: 400mg, £49.99
  • Absorb Pure+: 800mg, £69.99

Pure+ comes in a syringe format, making it even easier to measure out a dose.

By the way, CBD One offers the chance to buy each one in a pack of two or a pack of five.


CBD One CBD Topical

CBD One offers one kind of topical. The CBD cream, called Complete+, comes in a stylish tub with blue and pink colouration. The brand says that it’s ideal for people looking to provide lasting nourishment to their skin.

Complete+ comes in a 110ml bottle containing 275mg of full-spectrum CBD. There’s also a 220ml option. The ingredients are all organic, including things like jojoba, macadamia, and aloe.

CBD One CBD Topical

This paraben-free cream is really moisturising and effective. Ever transparent, CBD One states that the bioavailability is about 40%.

Complete+ CBD cream costs £54.99.


CBD One Oil Drops

In terms of CBD oil, CBD One offers three signature blends and one option called the Life Edition. The latter is the cheapest.

According to the website, each oil offers 12% bioavailability, though each one has a different quantity of cannabinoids. CBD One uses hemp seed oil as the carrier, giving the oils a pretty strong taste.

CBD One Oil Drops

Each oil is 10ml, with a dropper bottle for ease of use. CBD One also offers a pack of two and a pack of five, allowing you to save when you buy in bulk.

  • Life Edition: 250mg, £19.99
  • Signature Blend No.1: 500mg, £39.99
  • Signature Blend No.2: 1000mg, £69.99
  • Signature Blend No.3: 2000mg, £12.99

CBD One says that the Life Edition oil is the best for those on a budget, but the Signature Blend No.2 is the best all-round CBD oil.

It’s good to have a range of options that suit all users.


Bottom Line on CBD One: 8/10

CBD One is a decent brand, by all accounts. The products are chic and stylish, with seemingly great quality. After all, CBD One sources hemp from the Netherlands, where quality is guaranteed. The products also have lab reports available to prove the top-shelf quality of these products.

CBD One has a decent range of products, too. The strengths available in the CBD oils are excellent, with something to suit everyone. Furthermore, there are water-soluble options and a pleasant topical.

All in all, CBD One is great.

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