Cheds CBD Review [All Products]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on March 1, 2019

Today, the Greenshoppers team reviews the Cheds CBD brand. We tried the products to give our final verdict. If you’re short on time, check out the quick summary below.

Cheds CBD: Quick Summary

Cheds CBD Pros

  • Cheds CBD sells a number of different products; they have something to suit everyone. There is a really great range here. They also sell vape liquids, although these are all made by other brands, which is why we didn’t review them here.
  • Third-party lab reports are easily accessible and can be seen in the product descriptions for each product.
  • They offer a large range of oils, with the most potent one coming in at 20% – this is great for veteran users of CBD!
  • Customer service is great with Cheds CBD; they clearly put a big emphasis on this.
  • The company is active on social media like Facebook and Twitter, which is always a good sign.

Cheds CBD Cons

  • Product descriptions are quite inconsistent. Some products tell you how much CBD is contained, others don’t. This is a bit annoying, and we would like to see more consistency.
  • The branding on the chocolate is confusing and somewhat suspicious. We’re not sure what to think here.

Want to make your own CBD chocolate treat? Find out how in our guide to making CBD brownies.

Cheds CBD: Full Review

Interested in buying CBD? You’re going to need to find a trustworthy and reputable brand. There are so many manufacturers of CBD out there now that it can actually be quite difficult to locate a brand you can rely on, especially when it comes to finding one that aligns with your values – and your budget.

You also need to find a CBD seller who ships to your country, as difficult laws surrounding cannabis derivatives means that companies are reluctant to transport their CBD abroad. Thankfully, there are now plenty of great CBD brands now within the United Kingdom, making it easier than ever before to get your hands on quality CBD.

Today, we will be investigating Cheds CBD, a professional brand that appears to put a lot of effort into making great quality CBD products. Will they hold up under our review? Let’s find out…

Who Is Cheds CBD?

Cheds CBD was founded by Aaron Nolan, who has been using CBD for several years now and believes it to be very beneficial. He must believe greatly in his products, as he says that consumers “can make [their] own minds up about CBD.”

Currently, Cheds CBD operates through a small team of people who are very passionate about cannabidiol and its benefits. They are a “People before Profit” company, meaning that particular emphasis is placed on the customer. In fact, the samples available on the website allow new customers to try out CBD before they buy it, allowing them to be sure of their investment.

Cheds CBD grows its hemp on farms in Europe and in the United Kingdom. The oils are produced using CO2 extraction, and all extracts are full-spectrum – they contain a range of different cannabinoids and terpenes. All oils are also tested by a third-party laboratory; the reports from these tests can be found right on the Cheds CBD website. We appreciate this level of transparency a lot.

Another great thing about the Cheds CBD is the amount of information available. The ‘About Us’ page has a section dedicated to CBD information, giving newbies the opportunity to learn all they need to know. Furthermore, the option is provided to e-mail the company if you have any questions about cannabidiol. Clearly, this is a company very dedicated to customer service.

Cheds CBD Products

As yet another plus point, Cheds CBD has an enormous product range. This is great for prospective customers who might want to try out new things.

Cheds CBD Oils

Cheds CBD Oil Review

As well as producing their own CBD oils, Cheds CBD also sell the oils produced by the company CBD Brothers. If you are interested in these products, check out our full CBD Brothers review here.

In terms of their own oils, Cheds CBD offer a number of options. Each strength option comes in a syringe – some companies use syringes because they may be easier to use than a dropper.

All of these oils come from EU-certified hemp, containing extracts of CBD, CBDa, CBC, CBG and CBN. They also contain terpenes like myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, linalool, alpha-pinene, and more. The oils are triple filtered for the utmost purity. Lab reports are provided in the descriptions for each oil, so there is no room for doubt about their quality; these also confirm that less than 0.2% THC is in each oil.

Here is a breakdown of price for each oil:

  • CBD/CBDa Oil 1.4% Sativa Whole Plant:
    10ml: £6.75
    30ml: £19.99
    100ml: £59.99
  • CBD Oil 3.6% Indica/Sativa Blend:
    10ml: £24.99
    30ml: £72.99
    100ml: £220.99
  • CBD Oil 4% Sativa Whole Plant:
    10ml: £19.99
    30ml: £58.99
    100ml: £195.99
  • CBD Oil 6% Sativa Whole Plant:
    10ml: £29.99
    30ml: £87.99
    100ml: £280.99
  • CBD/CBDa Golden Oil Sativa 20%:
    3ml: £15.99
    5ml: £29.50
    10ml: £54.99

Cheds CBD Capsules

Cheds CBD capsules

Once again, Cheds CBD do sell a few of the CBD Brothers products of this variety. In terms of their own capsules, there are three options. These are created using European-grown hemp, but they come from different strains of the hemp plant.

While the CBD Capsules Sativa Whole Plant Organic come from a sativa strain grown in Spain, the CBD Capsules Hybrid Whole Plant Organic come from an 80:20 mix of sativa and indica strains. The CBD/CBDa Golden Oil Capsules Sativa are different still in that they are triple distilled after going through a premium CO2 extraction process – this is what gives these capsules their golden colour.

All Cheds CBD capsules are vegan, created using coconut oil.

The prices vary a lot depending on the strength of the CBD and the quantity you want. Here are their price ranges:

  • CBD/CBDa Golden Oil Capsules Sativa 20%: £11.75 – £175.00
  • CBD Capsules Hybrid Whole Plant Organic: £11.75 – £167.25
  • CBD Capsules Sativa Whole Plant Organic: £10.50 – £159.99

Cheds CBD Balms

Cheds CBD balm

The topical balm on offer from Cheds is fully organic, made using hemp extract, coconut oil, and beeswax, as well as a host of other ingredients like shea butter and lavender essential oil. The mixture is created over a period of 8 to 12 hours, ensuring that everything is well blended.

Unfortunately, Cheds CBD doesn’t state how much cannabidiol is in this balm, which is a shame.

  • CBD Balm Organic Sativa:
    15ml: £7.99
    30ml: £24.99
    50ml: £39.99
  • CBD Balm Organic Hybrid Blend:
    15ml: £14.99
    30ml: £29.99

Cheds CBD Isolates

Some CBD consumers are concerned about even trace amounts of CBD, and others believe that isolated CBD is better than a full-spectrum product. For those of you that like to dab your cannabinoids, isolates could be a great option – they are also ideal for cooking! Not many companies offer CBD isolates, but Cheds CBD is one that does.

The CBD Crystal Isolate contains 99.6% CBD, said to be in its “purest form possible.” As always, this product is produced organically using European-grown hemp. Cheds CBD recommends using this product sublingually and taking it 3 times per day.

  • 500 mg: £27.50
  • 1000 mg: £55.00
  • 5000 mg: £250.00

Cheds CBD Edibles

While many CBD companies offer gummies as their edible of choice, Cheds CBD has taken the chocolate route. They offer three varieties of CBD-infused chocolate, coming in a delicious bar or a hot chocolate stirrer. We love when a company offers edibles, because they provide a quick, easy, subtle and tasty way to take cannabidiol.

Cheds CBD Premium CBD Belgian Milk Chocolate comes in two forms: Indica and Sativa. These are made from different strains of hemp. Both are 100g bars of milk chocolate made in association with a Chocolatier. Both options contain 1000 mg of CBD in total; it is recommended to eat 2 squares per day, meaning that the whole bar will last about 2 weeks.

There is also the Indica CBD Belgian Hot Chocolate Stirrer, which can be stirred into hot milk to create a tasty hot chocolate beverage. Once again made from indica strains, this contains 14% hemp extract in the stirrer – we’re not sure exactly how much CBD there is.

  • Indica CBD Belgian Hot Chocolate Stirrer: £6.50
  • Premium CBD Belgian Milk Chocolate Indica: £15.00
  • Premium CBD Belgian Milk Chocolate Sativa: £17.00

Something that concerns us is that the chocolate bars have ‘Cannaseurs UK’ printed on them and nothing to suggest that they are produced by Cheds CBD. And yet the product descriptions seem to suggest that they were in fact made by Cheds. This is a little bit suspicious.

Cheds CBD Paste

As opposed to an oil, pastes do not use a carrier oil and are therefore thicker. They usually come in a syringe and are thickly concentrated with CBD. However, Cheds CBD actually don’t offer much information about these pastes – this is inconsistent with their other products, but there is really not much to go on.

Each type of paste comes in a number of different sizes, so the price is variable depending on your purchase:

  • 13% CBD Sativa Whole Plant Extract Paste: £10.50 – £335.00
  • 17% 80/20 CBD Hybrid Whole Plant Paste: £15.99 – £475.00
  • 17% 60/40 CBD Hybrid Whole Plant Paste: £21.75 – £680.00

The Final Word on Cheds CBD: 5/10

Overall, Cheds CBD is a seemingly trustworthy company. They grow their hemp under EU standards and provide third-party lab reports in plain sight – clearly, transparency is something they value. We appreciate the lengths they go to to take care of their customers.

At the moment, this is a very small company, and since it is quite new, there are some issues to iron out. This is mostly pertaining to the website, where pictures are blurry and information is inconsistent. Of course, this is a matter of how picky you are, and you may decide to buy from Cheds CBD regardless of their site quality. Definitely, they have a lot of room to grow and we think that they will flourish in the future.

For now, we point our readers in the direction of other brands, such as FAB CBD. Learn more about this incredible brand in our full FAB CBD review.