Cheeba Chews [What’s All the Fuss About?]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on August 18, 2019

CBD edibles are a big market, and for a good reason. Some brands, such as Cheeba Chews, sell CBD edibles and nothing else. By the way, this review is centred around the hemp Cheeba Chews, and not the marijuana products sold in the US.


Cheeba Chews: Quick Summary

Cheeba Chews Pros

  • Very easy dosing and transportable; you can take CBD anywhere on the go.
  • Sometimes, it’s nice for a brand to have a key focus where they ensure that all products are high-quality.
  • It’s good that Cheeba Chews lab test every batch.

Cheeba Chews Cons

  • A lack of information about the company itself.
  • The chews often have grainy solids in them, which ruins the texture and makes the taste more unpleasant.
  • Often, users report a lingering aftertaste that isn’t great.

Cheeba Chews makes many of its products from cannabis strains as well as hemp. High-CBD cannabis is really popular in US states with legal medical marijuana; find out more about high-CBD cannabis strains in our guide.


Cheeba Chews: Full Review

The CBD market is absolutely exploding in the UK and throughout the world. Surely, nothing can stop it now – not even Brexit!

With so many brands competing in the market, there seems to be a competition about who can sell the most products. If you check out some brands, there is an absolutely enormous array of products. Sometimes, sadly, the huge array of products comes at the cost of lower quality.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are some brands that have picked a focus and decided to stick with it. Cheeba Chews is one of these companies. This brand only sells edibles – and a fairly small range at that. So, are these products worth it?


Who Are Cheeba Chews?

Cheeba Chews is a brand with very little information about it. There’s no doubt that it’s a legitimate and professional brand, as it has been around for quite a while and has a string of satisfied customers. However, it would be nice if we knew where the company was based, for example.

The hemp from Cheeba Chews is grown in the USA at licensed farms. Apparently, the hemp is grown using “organic cultivation methodology”. This is pretty much a fancy way of saying that the hemp is organic.

Each batch is lab-tested three times by an independent party. The testing and manufacturing takes place in certified facilities. However, as far as we can see, the lab reports are not published on the website. We much prefer it when a brand publishes the results and is transparent with its consumers.

Cheeba Chews is focused entirely on organic, CBD-infused taffy. If this is your thing, then great! If not, then you’ll have to look elsewhere. So, how does this taffy measure up?


Cheeba Chews CBD Products

Cheeba Chews

As mentioned, the only CBD product you’ll be getting from Cheeba Chews is the CBD taffy. For our British readers, taffy is basically a chewy sweet. Chewits and Starbursts are good brand examples if you want to try and imagine the texture of Cheeba Chews.

Cheeba Chews says that its taffy is “award winning” and is the original CBD-infused taffy product. The taffy is made using sugar, glucose syrup, palm kernel oil, palm oil, coconut oil, and a number of other ingredients and flavours. Some of the chews involve eggs and milk, and so none of them can be consumed by vegans. However, all chews are gluten and peanut-free, so those with allergies are not excluded from using these products.

Edibles are a great way to dose your CBD easily. Each Cheeba Chew contains 25mg of CBD, which is pretty much a standard dose for the majority of people. Alongside this, there is 2mg of Potassium, and a small amount of Vitamin A. With just 10 calories per serving, you can consume the Cheeba Chews on a daily basis without too much guilt.

The Chews come in a tray, where you can pop each Chew out of the foil as and when you want it. Sometimes, the Chews may become a little too soft, in which case just leave them in the fridge for 1 minute before popping them out of the tray.

The flavours available are as follows:

  • Chocolate Hemp Taffy
  • Strawberry Hemp Taffy
  • Caramel Hemp Taffy
  • Sour Apple Hemp Taffy
  • Orange Cream Hemp Taffy
  • Cherries & Cream Hemp Taffy (Coming Soon)

Even though the number of milligrams per Chew is set at 25mg, you have a choice on the packet size:

  • 4 pack (100mg CBD): $18.00
  • 10 pack (250mg CBD): $32.00
  • 20 pack (500mg CBD): $45.00


But Wait, You Missed Out Some Products!

Okay, in this review, we admittedly overlooked some of the products sold by Cheeba Chews. In certain regions of the United States, Cheeba Chews sells other products, including sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, and hybrid cannabis taffies.

These products are only available in states where marijuana is legal, because they contain THC rather than CBD. As a result, they are illegal in other states, and in the United Kingdom. That’s why we decided to leave these products out of the review – our British readers wouldn’t be able to buy them anyway!

Cheeba Chews actually has another branch called Green Hornet. These THC-infused gummies are slightly different, more like a gummy bear than a Starburst. It’s a shame the brand hasn’t made a CBD version of this snack, as we’re sure it would go down a treat.

If you want to buy the CBD products, you will have to visit the Hemp Cheeba Chews website, rather than the standard site.


Final Thoughts on Cheeba Chews: 6/10

To be honest, we can’t give Cheeba Chews a high rating. It’s kind of a mixed bag with this brand – it has won awards, so something must be right! We think that the awards and praise are down to consistency, in that Cheeba Chews repeatedly make taffy with the same quality and the same dosage of CBD.

However, many users are not a fan. For example, some users said the Chews taste like toothpaste, Tootsie Rolls, and hemp. That kind of flavour is not going to appeal to everyone! Nevertheless, some might be able to overlook the less than perfect taste for an easy dose of CBD that they can use on the go.

For now, unfortunately, Cheeba Chews can only be purchased in the United States; even the hemp varieties. This is kind of a shame on one hand, because we haven’t seen any British brands selling CBD chews. Gummy bears are a more popular option. If you are simply in the market for edibles in general, then you will definitely be able to find other CBD sweet treats elsewhere.

In fact, one of our top-rated brands for CBD edibles is Just CBD. It stocks an enormous range of edible treats; check them out in our full Just CBD review, where we even offer a discount code!