Cloud 9 Hemp CBD [Brand, Products, & More]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on November 4, 2020

Cloud 9 Hemp is a brand dedicated to vaping CBD products, but it also has a variety of other offerings. Learn more about this brand in our complete review below.


Cloud 9 Hemp: Quick Summary

Cloud 9 Hemp Pros:

  • There are lots of product categories to choose from.
  • The vapes and tinctures come in a variety of strengths.
  • The clay face mask is a great product.

Cloud 9 Hemp Cons:

  • The packaging is inconsistent and looks super cheap and unprofessional.
  • The website lacks information about the brand and contains lots of grammatical mistakes. It makes the brand look lower quality than it is.
  • There are no lab reports.


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Cloud 9 Hemp: Full Review

The CBD market is enormous, so some brands attempt to stand out by specialising in specific product categories. One such brand is Cloud 9 Hemp, which places particular emphasis on its vaping products.

As well as stocking a range of vape oils and terpenes, Cloud 9 Hemp also sells vape accessories such as pens and e-cigs. This is a brand that’s all about vaping, but its website also features tinctures, edibles, and more.

Read more about Cloud 9 Hemp in our full review below.


Who Is Cloud 9 Hemp?

Cloud 9 Hemp has been around since 2014. This makes it a pretty old brand in the CBD industry. However, Cloud 9 is an American brand based in Tennessee, and the market for CBD is much larger and older in the States.

Unfortunately, the website describes Cloud 9 Hemp’s international shipping options as “limited.” Due to a divergent situation regarding hemp and CBD in the USA, it is not possible for British readers to purchase these products.

There is also limited information about the company itself on the website. The ‘About Us’ page gives an address for the HQ, mentions that the products do not contain THC, and mentions lab testing. However, we couldn’t find the lab reports anywhere on the site, which is a troubling sign.

There is pretty much no other information. It lags far behind other brands on the market that have flashy advertising and professional websites.

Speaking of professionalism, the packaging is a little odd. It looks cheap and tacky, and the branding is also inconsistent across the product range. Perhaps we’re being picky by looking at the packaging, but these kinds of things are essential in judging a brand.

Without further ado, let’s look at the products in more detail.


Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Products

While Cloud 9 Hemp is known for its vape products, the website is host to a number of CBD consumption methods. We take a look at all the categories below.

Cloud 9 Hemp CBD E-liquid

As a brand renowned for vaping, it’s unsurprising to see such an array of e-liquids available on the Cloud 9 website. There are many flavours and strengths to choose from, including two product types.

First is the CBD Vape, an e-liquid based on vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. The brand does not specify the ratios of these ingredients. Food-grade flavourings are then added to create the array of flavours. Unfortunately, the flavours have obscure names, and you would have to read all the product descriptions to find out what to expect.

Each vape liquid comes in a 30ml dropper bottle that makes it easy to add it to your vaporiser. The strengths are:

  • 250mg: $19.99
  • 500mg: $29.99
  • 1000mg: $49.99

The second product is Mixologist, a CBD concentrate that you can mix into your favourite flavour of e-liquid to create a CBD twist. This product also has a PG/VG base. It comes in a wider variety of strengths, from 500mg to 25000mg, which costs a whopping $909.75. Who’s buying that?!

Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Hemp Oil

Cloud 9 stocks two varieties of hemp oil: High Octane and Flavoured. High Octane is a raw hemp oil that’s high in CBD, and it has an MCT oil base. It comes in the same strengths and prices as the e-liquid, but with the addition of a 1500mg bottle for $69.99.

Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Hemp Oil

The flavoured oil retails for a slightly higher price thanks to the added ingredients. Cloud 9 does not specify whether the ingredients are artificial or not. Flavours include Butterscotch, Strawberry, Cinnamon, Peppermint, and Vanilla. The strengths and prices are as follows:

  • 250mg: $29.99
  • 500mg: $49.99
  • 1000mg: $74.99
  • 1500mg: $99.99


Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Edibles

Most brands sell some sort of edible these days. Cloud 9 has a jar of CBD honey in its edibles section. While this is more unique than gummy bears, it is a product we have seen a lot lately. Cloud 9’s take on this product consists of orange blossom honey infused with 200mg of CBD. The jar is 2oz, so you can easily measure out however much you want to add to your morning beverage as a sweetener. It costs $24.99, which is a reasonable price.


Cloud 9 Hemp: Hemp Flower

Hemp flower is a rather controversial product. It smells like marijuana and you use it by smoking it. As a result, in places where marijuana is illegal, it can land you in trouble! Still, it’s becoming increasingly popular as a consumption method.

Cloud 9 has three strains: Elektra, Lifter, and Hawaiian Haze. Each has a slightly different flavour profile and effects.

Prices start at just $9.99 for 1g:

  • 1g: $9.99
  • 5g: $29.99
  • 7g: $54.99
  • 14g: $99.99


Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Topicals

In the topical department, Cloud 9 Hemp has four products. It includes all the typical products you will find, including a body lotion, healing balm, CBD cream, and a face cream/face mask.

Beginning with the Healing Balm, this product has a base of beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil, and more. It also contains peppermint oil and lavender oil to create a pleasant scent, with menthol, Saint John’s wort, and comfrey root powder to create soothing effects. With no parabens and 100mg of CBD, this is a good topical by all accounts. It costs $34.99, which is an average price.

Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Topicals

The CBD body lotion retails for the lower price of $24.99, and in our view, it has a nicer texture. The lotion is more moisturising, but it also contains a list of intimidating ingredients like white protopet, dimethicone, and more. It’s unscented, too, so it’s not as indulgent. The 8oz bottle contains an unspecified amount of CBD.

The CBD cream is different. It contains purified water, mineral oil, 100mg of CBD, aloe vera gel, and various vitamins. It’s good for the skin and offers unscented moisture. This one comes in a 4oz bottle for just $19.99.

Finally, there is the face cream/face mask. This versatile product contains various clays, essential oils, and 50mg of CBD. It’s intended to fight signs of aging and offer a pleasant lime-and-lavender scent. Overall, this is a nice product if you want to treat yourself. Unlike most of the other products, there’s a review for this one on the site, and it’s five stars. It costs $24.99, which is quite a lot for just 50mg, but the clays are quite luxurious.


Cloud 9 Hemp CBD for Pets

Cloud 9 Hemp CBD for Pets

CBD for pets has become a big deal. Cloud 9 Hemp offers a single product for this market: A CBD pet tincture. The drops have a glycerine and MCT oil base and come in two strengths: 250mg and 500mg. They cost $19.99 and $29.99, respectively. It’s unclear how these oils are drastically different from the human oils, but it’s common for CBD brands to just slap a paw print label on the same product these days.


Final Thoughts on Cloud 9 Hemp: 6.5/10

Cloud 9 Hemp has some decent foundations. The brand offers a great array of products in numerous categories, with a special emphasis on vaping and hemp flower. The products are seemingly of high quality, but it would be great to see lab reports to back up the brand’s claims. Furthermore, a brand that has been around since 2014 should have better packaging and a better website – it almost seems like the owners don’t care.

For now, this is a decent brand to look at if you live in America. Don’t forget to check out the vaping accessories section of the store, too.

However, British readers and those looking for something a little more refined may want to try CBDfx. This brand is more polished and also offers a wide array of vaping tools. Check them out in our CBDfx review to snag a coupon code.