Columbus Botanical Depot Review [Complete CBD Brand Review]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on October 7, 2020

Columbus Botanical Depot is a little different from the brands we usually review. It’s an American CBD dispensary based in Ohio. Now, it sells its products online, too. Check out our quick summary below or jump to the full review to learn more.


Columbus Botanical Depot: Quick Summary

Columbus Botanical Depot Pros

  • You can buy from all your favourite brands in one place.
  • There are many product types to choose from, and lots of options within categories.
  • There are products to suit all budgets.
  • Columbus Botanical Depot only works with high-quality and reputable brands.

Columbus Botanical Depot Cons

  • Lab reports aren’t available directly from the website. You have to find them from individual brands.
  • UK customers may have to pay a lot for shipping, which may not be worth it.


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Columbus Botanical Depot: Full Review

Usually, the team here at Greenshoppers reviews CBD brands that sell in the UK. Often, these are British brands like Provacan. However, today we are reviewing Columbus Botanical Depot, a CBD ‘dispensary’ located in Ohio, USA.

This brand has branched out to create an online site where it sells THC-free products. As a result of the low THC level, consumers in other countries have become interested in Columbus Botanical Depot.

We decided to review these products and give our opinion. Here’s what we have to say.


Who Is Columbus Botanical Depot?

The founders of Columbus Botanical Depot were spreading the message about CBD as far back as 2014. It began as a mobile booth appearing at parades and festivals, but before long, the owners decided to set up a static shop. It first appeared in December 2016.

As the popularity of CBD increased, the shop began to do quite well, and it’s still here to this day.

Columbus Botanical Depot does not manufacture products of its own. Instead, it works with the finest quality brands and stocks a variety of CBD products. Columbus Botanical Depot has a commitment to work only with brands that have lab tests and high-quality products.

The staff in-store are always on hand to help, with a commitment to customer service and empathy. As a result, you can always have peace of mind that you’re getting the best care possible.

Columbus Botanical Depot seems like a great place to shop if you’re looking to buy multiple brands and products at one time. However, it may not be the best CBD shop for UK customers who may be liable to pay expensive shipping costs.


Columbus Botanical Depot CBD Products

There is a multitude of products available from Columbus Botanical Depot, including a vast range of brands. Although it doesn’t manufacture its own products, this shop only sources from reputable brands.


Columbus Botanical Depot CBD Vapes

There is a very large selection of vapes at Columbus Botanical Depot. There are disposable pens such as the ones from Select CBD, pre-rolls from Upland Hemp, and e-liquids from several brands.

Columbus Botanical Depot CBD Vapes

One of the largest selections comes from Funky Farms, which sells vape juice, vape cartridges, and inhaler pods. The reviews are very positive. Each product comes in different flavours. The Inhaler Pods contain 100mg of CBD vape for $20, which is an extremely reasonable price.

For the vapes, prices start at $7.99 for Upland Hemp Pre-Rolls and go up to $118.97 for a Hemplucid Vape Drip with 1500mg CBD.


Columbus Botanical Depot CBD Topicals

Columbus Botanical Depot separates its products into ‘Topicals’ and ‘CBD Body Care.’ However, these categories are pretty much the same so we’re not sure why the site lists both.

Columbus Botanical Depot CBD Topicals

There are many CBD brands to choose from, including the likes of Lazarus Naturals, Medterra, Theramu, and more. Columbus Botanical Depot stocks many topicals from +PlusCBD Oil, including the Gold Balm, Gold Body Cream, Gold Body Lotion, and more. The prices are all decent for these products, and it’s great that you can choose between so many product types.

Prices start at just $6 for a CBD hand sanitizer from CBD Living, going all the way up to $99.99 for an Emu Oil Topical from Theramu containing 250mg of CBD. The range clearly encompasses everything from basic topicals to more luxurious skincare items.


Columbus Botanical Depot CBD Capsules

Again, a large part of the Columbus Botanical Depot’s capsule selection comes from +PlusCBD Oil, which offers some of the more affordable options.

There are many CBD pills to choose from on the site, including vitamin options, sleep capsules, and women’s wellness tablets. Whatever you need, you’ll be able to pick it up from Columbus Botanical Depot.

Columbus Botanical Depot CBD Capsules

The prices start at $5 for a daily dose capsule from Original Hemp, or $5.99 for two from Select CBD. The price range here is enormous, as the most expensive option is $359.99. For this price, you get 30x 100mg capsules from Isodiol; they also contain immune-boosting ingredients.


Columbus Botanical Depot CBD for Pets

Even your pets aren’t left out at Columbus Botanical Depot. There is a vast range of brands and products available, including popular options like Green Roads and King Kalm. The majority of pet products are animal-friendly tinctures, but you will also find dog treats.

Columbus Botanical Depot CBD for Pets

The cheapest item is $5.99 for 4 CBD dog treats from Paw-Rrific Relief. This goes up to $149.99 for a 3.38oz pet tincture from Charlotte’s Web.


Columbus Botanical Depot CBD Edibles

On many CBD sites, you are limited with the selection of edibles. Most brands sell just gummies; or at the very most, two or three items. At Columbus Botanical Depot, you have the option to browse a vast range of CBD edibles from numerous brands.

Columbus Botanical Depot CBD Edibles

The selection includes gummies, coffee, chocolate, sparkling water, chewing gum, honey, and more. Some of the gummies are even specially formulated for sleep. A large portion of the range comes from Green Roads, a brand renowned for its amazing quality.

Coincidentally, the cheapest option is a single Green Roads CBD Froggy for $4. The most expensive item is a Daily Fiber product from Clean Remedies costing $62.99.


Columbus Botanical Depot CBD Isolate

At Columbus Botanical Depot, there are lots of CBD isolate products to choose from; you are not limited to crystals and powders. The products include topicals, edibles, transdermal patches, and more.

It might take you a while to browse through all these products! If you’re looking for a particular isolate, you might feel like the website is a bit disorganised in this department.


Columbus Botanical Depot CBD Oils

Finally, there are CBD oils. After all, what kind of an all-encompassing CBD shop would it be without tinctures?! The tincture section is the largest selection on the entire site, with 5 pages of CBD oils to choose from. All of the brands are represented here, with lots of strengths and flavours to browse.

For tinctures, prices begin at $4.89 for a Daily Dose syringe from Green Roads. At the other end of the spectrum is a $274.99 tincture from Charlotte’s Web. This product comes in lots of flavours such as Lemon Twist and Mint Chocolate. The price is for a 3.38oz bottle containing 60mg of CBD per drop.


Final Thoughts on Columbus Botanical Depot: 8/10

Columbus Botanical Depot is an excellent option for residents of Ohio looking to buy CBD. The physical store is filled with helpful staff, and you even get the opportunity to buy CBD-infused ice cream! As for the website, there are tonnes of products to browse, with a little something for everyone.

The website has a lot of products to suit all tastes and budgets. Although browsing the website takes a while, it’s great that you can pick up all your favourite products in one place.

Unfortunately, lab reports aren’t provided on the website. You have to search with individual brands.

The other issue is international shipping. It can sometimes present a problem and incur lots of tax, so this may not be the best shop for UK customers.


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