CTFO CBD [Complete Brand Review]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on January 13, 2020

CTFO, or Changing the Future Outcome, is a CBD brand that aims to make a difference in this industry. It has an enormous product range, so let’s find out more.


CTFO: Quick Summary


  • There is massive product range, especially in the topical department. It provides a way for everyone to use CBD.
  •  If you’re interested in buying CBD wholesale, then this could be a brand to look into. The discounts for wholesale purchases are quite substantial.
  • CTFO uses CO2 extraction, widely considered to be the best extraction method.


  • There is a lot of controversy around MLM, and this might put some consumers off.
  • If you’re not buying wholesale, these prices are absurd and probably not worth it.
  • Some information is missing. For example, we would like to see lab reports.
  • The website is disorganised and sometimes looks unprofessional.


There’s lots to know about CBD and hemp. You can learn more about hemp and its legal status in the UK in our guide to hemp in Britain.


CTFO CBD: Full Review

CTFO stands for Changing the Future Outcome. It’s a CBD brand that aims to take over the CBD market and change it for the better. This brand is unique compared to others we have seen before, but it’s gaining traction as one of the big names. As well as selling CBD, CTFO offers a way for ordinary people to get involved in marketing CBD.

But the site makes some enormous claims. Can the brand really live up to these statements? Is it even a legitimate company?

These are some of the questions we are tackling in today’s review. So buckle up as we run through everything you need to know about the CTFO CBD products.



CTFO didn’t start out as a CBD brand. Stuart Finger started the California-based brand in 2015, initially focusing on weight loss supplements. The company operates through multi-level marketing, or MLM. Also called pyramid selling, MLM allows regular people to get involved with product selling. Don’t worry, though – it’s not a pyramid scheme!

Although pyramid schemes are based on MLM, the difference is the legality. MLM is entirely legal as long as the money-making comes from genuine products, rather than just recruiting other people. CTFO appears to have a legitimate business with authentic CBD products.

The opening page mentions that Forbes has estimated the CBD industry to grow by 700% in the next few years. CTFO provides a way for CBD users to cash in on this explosion, even selling products to the US, UK, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Spain, France, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Canada, and Sweden.

It might sound a bit dodgy at first, but CTFO appears to be a legitimate MLM brand. Regardless, you don’t have to start a CBD business to use its products. You can just buy them and use them. Keep in mind, however, that all the products are sold wholesale, making the price point pretty damn high!

Is it worth it? Well, let’s find out.


 CTFO CBD Products

CTFO has a massive product selection with a little something for everyone. The way the products are listed on the site is a bit annoying, with some products randomly lumped together and others split up when they could appear in one section. We’ve done our best to simplify it below. Confusingly, each product has a ‘preferred’ (wholesale) price and a retail price. We will list the retail prices below.



The CTFO CBD oils are standard drops. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t mention anywhere what the carrier oil is. We would love to know some more information, but a lot of CTFO’s product descriptions are pure waffle. The bottles contain 30ml of oil with varying concentrations of CBD. There are multiple options that vary significantly in price, including isolate, full-spectrum, CBDa, water-soluble, and a spray bottle.

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (300mg-1500mg): $65.97 – $391.91
  • CBD Isolate Oil (500mg-1500mg): $80.97 – $391.9110x
  • Pure Water Soluble CBD Oil Drops (500mg-1500mg): $130.97 – $632.91
  • 10xPure Gold super 1000 with CBDa Oil (1000mg): $157.97
  • 30ml Relaxation Spray: $85.97
  • 8ml Relaxation Spray: $40.97


CTFO CBD Capsules

CTFO CBD Capsules

There is only one option for CBD capsules on the CTFO site. They’re called the Total Wellness CBD Capsules, and once again, there is a stunning lack of information. You have to switch websites and visit the myctfo.com page to find anything out.

Made with vegetable cellulose, each capsule is vegetarian-friendly. There is 10mg of CO2-extracted CBD per pill, with CTFO recommending that users take two per day. There are 30 capsules in a tub, which retails for $65.97.


 CTFO CBD Edibles


In terms of edibles, CTFO sells gummy bears. As the staple of the CBD edible market, this isn’t very surprising! Each gummy contains 20mg of full-spectrum CBD. The flavours are produced with a combination of natural and artificial ingredients but note that CTFO uses artificial colourings. In an assortment of flavours, you get 30 gummies per tub. The tub costs $80.97.


 CTFO CBD Topicals

 CTFO CBD Topicals

CTFO has an extensive range of topical products. There’s way too many to cover in this review! The first topical is a standard cream designed to be applied to painful spots. The base of the cream is emu oil, with an added amount of CBD, of course. Another typical addition to any CBD topical range is pain cream, which CTFO has also included. There is a Pain Free-ze Rub and even a roll-on version, both containing menthol to cool the affected area.

In terms of more different topicals, CTFO has a whole section dedicated to hair growth, featuring CBD shampoos, conditioners, and growth serums. There is also an extensive selection of skincare products, featuring the likes of anti-aging serums, anti-wrinkle creams, bath bombs, and more.

We have never seen a topical range quite this big, and to be honest, that goes down as a positive. Each product seems reasonably well-thought-out, and it provides something for absolutely everyone.

Here are the prices for the two most basic products:

  •  Deep Healing Cannabis Cream with Emu Oil (60mg-500mg): $50.97 – $105.97
  •  Pain Free-ze (50mg-100mg): $50.97 – $85.97

CTFO CBD for Pets


No CBD range these days would be complete without a pet range. CTFO has delivered with an oil, treats, and pet shampoo. CBD pet shampoo is quite unique, so we like the idea of this product.

The oil is designed for pets weighing less than 25lbs, containing less CBD than you would get in a human oil. For pets weighing more than this, you can simply use more oil. The treats, meanwhile, are designed for pets under 15lbs. Those weighing more can get two treats at a time.

  • CBD Pet Spray: $54.97
  • CBD Pet Chew Treats: $55.97


Final Thoughts on CTFO CBD: 5/10

CTFO is a brand we could take or leave. It’s a fairly good brand and definitely seems legitimate. However, it uses controversial marketing techniques and has a less than professional website. Furthermore, the prices are astounding. While these price points might be acceptable for wholesale buyers, most individual users are not going to fork out this much money on products that don’t even have lab reports.

That said, those wanting to sell CBD as part of a small business might want to check out CTFO. It could also be a good shopping site for CBD topical lovers. Trust us, there’s a lot of CBD topicals to browse!

Speaking of topicals, we recommend CBDfx. Although an American brand, this company ships to the UK. Make sure you check them out in our full CBDfx review.