Cubid CBD Review | A Brand Worth the Cost?

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on July 6, 2020

With all the CBD brands on the market today, it’s imperative to read reviews before you buy – you don’t want to make a wrong decision! Read on for the full low-down on Cubid CBD.


Cubid CBD: Quick Summary

Cubid CBD Pros

  • Cubid CBD sources hemp from farms in Colorado, regarded for high quality.
  • Lab reports are freely available on the website.
  • The products are regularly featured in reputable magazines.
  • Beautiful packaging.
  • 50% NHS discount at the time of writing.

Cubid CBD Cons

  • The website doesn’t run completely smoothly – some links are broken.
  • There are only two strengths of CBD oil.
  • Only CBD tinctures and topicals are currently available.


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Cubid CBD: Full Review

The UK CBD market is pretty huge these days. You’ll likely spot CBD products when strolling through town, with several major retailers now selling CBD. You can find it in pharmacies, vape shops, and health food stores. Still, most CBD consumers prefer to shop online.

The internet is packed full of hundreds of CBD brands. No matter what product you’re after, you’re sure to find it somewhere. However, the popularity of CBD means that some sellers are offering eye-catching products that aren’t really as high-quality as they seem. That’s why it’s vital to read up on CBD brands before you buy them.

Here at Greenshoppers, we regularly review the latest and greatest CBD brands. Today, Cubid CBD is going under our microscope; our team gave these products a try, and below, we let you in on the secrets of this brand.

Read on to learn more about Cubid CBD UK.


Who Is Cubid CBD?

Cubid CBD is unique because it is a woman-led brand. The brand’s director, Danielle Nodwell, says that the company’s aim is to create more than just a great product range. It aims to lead a CBD revolution with stunning products that meet the needs of the customers.

The company motto is “Choose a Better Day.” It suggests that users can choose to improve their day-to-day lives by taking Cubid CBD products each day. This is typical of a CBD brand; the question is whether Cubid CBD products really stand out above the rest.

The Cubid CBD team creates products that it would be happy for friends and family to use. As a result, you should be able to use these products with ultimate trust.

Despite being a UK brand, Cubid CBD sources hemp from Colorado. Amongst American brands, Colorado hemp is widely regarded as some of the finest. While it isn’t common for British brands to source hemp from the USA, it can only be a positive that Cubid CBD has opted for Coloradan plants.

Cubid CBD specialises in broad-spectrum hemp and CBD isolate. Whether you prefer a range of terpenes or CBD alone, there’s something for everyone.

By the way, Certificates of Analysis are freely available on the website. If you doubt the safety or cannabinoid content, check out the lab reports; the tests are conducted by Leaf Laboratories.

Before we check out the products, it’s worth noting two things. First of all, customers outside the UK can purchase Cubid CBD products, but they need to purchase from the Cult Beauty website. Secondly, at the time of writing, Cubid CBD was offering a 50% discount for NHS workers. This is an excellent touch; it’s always nice to see CBD brands giving back.


Cubid CBD Products

There are several CBD products on offer from Cubid. The range includes lots of amazing skincare options; here’s what the Greenshoppers team had to say.


Cubid CBD Oil Drops

Almost every CBD brand on the market sells CBD oil, and Cubid is no exception. This brand offers 30ml bottles of CBD tincture, each with a dropper attached for easy measuring. Cubid doesn’t specify what carrier oil it uses, but the Natural Oil Drops have a smooth texture and a pleasant mouthfeel. The taste is strong, but not too bad.

Cubid CBD Oil Drops

While Cubid offers two flavours – Peppermint and Natural – it also only offers two strengths. The options are 500mg and 1000mg. While these are decent strengths, it would be nice to have a little more range.

The 500mg bottle costs £35, while the 1000mg option costs £55. These are good prices, ensuring that nobody is priced out of Cubid CBD products.

Our team found the drops to be pretty effective, so we give this product a good rating.


Cubid CBD Skincare

It seems that Cubid CBD somewhat specialises in skincare products, with lots of options available. The range includes CBD cream, CBD gel, and CBD balm. Whatever your CBD topical needs, it’s likely that Cubid CBD has something to suit you.

Athletes and go-getters will like the Re:vive Stay Active Gel. Alongside fruit extracts like blackcurrant that provide a pleasant, sweet flavour, the gel contains cooling ingredients. You can apply it to the skin to ease aches and pains, and the topical application ensures that the CBD is targeted to a specific area. There is 500mg of CBD in each bottle, costing £55.

Cubid CBD Skincare

The Re:Juvenate Stay Active Cream is a similar product, but with a creamier consistency that feels a bit more luxurious. Both options are 100ml, making them ideal for tossing in your gym bag.

For the beauty addicts, Cubid sells the Re:scue Body Butter, Re:fresh Face Cream, and the Re:new Hand Cream. These are all ultra-moisturising options with pleasant scents. A few of them have featured in publications like Harper’s Bazaar, so you know they’re the real deal.

Prices start at £30 for the hand cream.


Cubid CBD E-Liquids

There is a section on the website titled CBD e-liquids, so we assumed Cubid would sell CBD vape juice. However, when you click on the link, it says no products were found.

Cubid CBD loses a few marks here for not keeping their website up-to-date.


Summary on Cubid CBD: 8/10

Cubid CBD is a pretty good brand, all in all. It offers some excellent products, including high-quality topicals. We love the beautiful packaging design and it’s good to know that the brand sources high-quality ingredients. The NHS discount is also something we loved.

However, Cubid CBD drops a few marks. First off, there is a very limited product selection. Also, the link to the CBD e-liquids is broken, or perhaps Cubid CBD doesn’t sell them anymore; in which case, they should fix the website!

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