Fab CBD All Products Reviewed [Updated]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on May 2, 2019

The CBD market has been flooded by a number of different products recently. The US and UK markets are enormous, with new brands entering at a stunning rate. While this does give consumers a lot of choice, it also makes choosing a CBD brand difficult.

It is important to select a brand that shares your values as well as fits your budget. Conducting all the relevant research into CBD brands can be very time-consuming. Luckily, here at Greenshoppers we bring you full, comprehensive reviews on the most popular CBD brands.

Today we are reviewing an American company called Fab CBD. The name suggests that their products should be absolutely fabulous, but do they live up to the hype? Read on to find out…

Who are Fab CBD?

It is clear that Fab CBD are geared toward the booming health and wellness industry. Their products are neatly packaged in colourful pastel containers, and the site is all very intagram-worthy. Their target audience is very, very clear.

Fab CBD was founded by a man named Josh, who has been in the supplement industry for over 25 years. He describes his team as being “fitness junkies” who love helping their customers improve their nutrition and thus their overall wellbeing. It’s obviously very important to the team that their products can help support a healthy lifestyle.

The Fab CBD website features a blog on CBD which is regularly updated. The blog is very informative and perfect for newcomers to cannabidiol who are looking to learn a little more. It is also apparent that Fab CBD host sales from time to time, advertising these sales in blog posts. At the time of writing, their most recent sale gave 30% off sitewide!

The website also features a Lab Reports tab, where you can find all the relevant information regarding their products. Lab reports are provided for each individual product without having to request them, which proves that this is a company all about transparency. Furthermore, Fab CBD even give the name of their third-party tester, ProVerde Laboratories, and offer a link to their site.

The company itself seems quite flawless, with a good website, a strong team, and a clear view on transparency. Do their products fit into this positive image?

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Fab CBD Products

There are three methods of consumption offered by Fab CBD. Oils, of course, are sold here, but so are CBD chews and a topical treatment. Below, we explore the ins and outs of each product in detail.

Fab CBD Oil

fab cbd review

Fab CBD sell their oils in multiple flavours and potencies. Scrolling down will reveal a wealth of information regarding the best potency for you. The company recommends starting with the 600 mg option to see if it works for you, then lowering or increasing the dose as required. They also state that the 150 mg tincture in Natural flavour is ideal for giving to your pets! As CBD for dogs is a huge trend, it is nice that you can include your dog in your CBD journey.

The full-spectrum oils contain less than 0.03% THC. They come in the flavours Mint, Citrus and Natural, at the following potencies:

  • 150mg CBD Oil: $49
  • 300mg CBD Oil: $69
  • 600mg CBD Oil: $89
  • 1200mg CBD Oil: $139

Fab CBD Chews

fab cbd chews review

The Fab CBD Chews are this company’s take on the CBD gummy. They are made using a CBD isolate oil, which means there is no chance of any THC sneaking into the product. The gummies are all-natural and vegan-friendly, so anybody can take them. Gummies are perfect for on-the-go CBD use and provide an easy way to dose your CBD.

The Fab CBD chews come in an assortment of flavours, including apple and blackcurrant. It is recommended to take one gummy as and when you need it; each one contains 25 mg of CBD. The tub contains 30 gummies in total and costs $64.

Fab CBD Topical

fab cbd topical

As Fab CBD are a fitness company, the fact that they sell a CBD topical makes a lot of sense. Sourced from Colorado hemp (as are all their other products), this topical is intended for use as a pain-relief cream. This is ideal for sore muscles; many athletes are turning to CBD usage as a form of recovery. It has even been recommended to work general CBD oil into your fitness routine, but using a topical can really help with those aches and pains.

This particular topical has a creamy consistency and is infused with a gentle Blood Orange scent, along with 600 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. The jar weighs 2oz, so this is a good amount of CBD. The scent is pleasant, too, as it makes treating your aches and pains just a little more luxurious.

The tub costs $74.

Fab CBD Pros

  • 10% coupon offered when you sign up to the site.
  • Free shipping within the USA when you spend $89 or more.
  • The company is clearly well-established; the site is very professional and discounts are offered regularly.
  • The website is incredibly easy to use.
  • Lab reports are very easily accessible, which is absolutely key in this industry’s current climate.
  • Reviews online are overwhelmingly positive, even on third-party review sites.

Fab CBD Cons

  • The fact that they are based in the US can make it difficult to buy their products abroad. Even ordering from Canada has proved to be a problem for some customers.
  • The CBD topical contains an ingredient called polysorbate-60, which is thought to be potentially harmful. Hopefully this will be removed in the future.

What We Think of Fab CBD

Overall, Fab CBD seems to be a really good brand. Their website is very slick and stylish, and we really like the product packaging. Most comments about their customer service are positive, although Canadian customers don’t seem quite as pleased.

It’s unfortunate that their products are only sold in the USA, as they are very high quality. The only issue is the use of polysorbate-60 in their topical treatment, which does make us slightly wary of its safety.

Topical aside, the Fab CBD oils are very effective and even taste nice. If you have bought from Fab CBD before, we would love to know about your experience. Let us know in the comments!

Check them out over at fabcbd.com
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