Feel Supreme Review [CBD Products and Brand Overview]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on September 7, 2020

Before investing in the CBD products from Feel Supreme, find out more about the brand in this complete review.


Feel Supreme: Quick Summary

Feel Supreme Pros

  • You can buy multiple supplements in one place.
  • The prices are reasonable and correlate with other market prices.
  • The hemp protein powder is quite unique and effective, although it doesn’t taste great.

Feel Supreme Cons

  • Many of the reviews state expensive shipping and long shipping times, with some items never received.
  • The CBD products themselves are alright, but the prospect of paying for 4-week health coaching is likely pointless.
  • There are no lab reports available.
  • There are very few strengths.


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Feel Supreme: Full Review

There are lots of CBD brands on the market now, making it difficult for consumers to choose which brands to buy from. Reading reviews is a great way to stay on top of the market. Today, the Greenshoppers team is reviewing Feel Supreme.

Feel Supreme UK is an interesting brand that offers an innovative way to choose nutritional products. A handful of the range consists of CBD and hemp. Let’s find out whether buying from this brand is worth it.


Who Is Feel Supreme?

Feel Supreme is a strange brand. The website is poor-quality and does not project the image of a professional establishment. Considering that part of the process for ‘feeling supreme’ involves scientific testing, we expected something more clinical.

A nutritionist named Matt Murphy founded Feel Supreme back in 2013. He believed in naturopathic healing, meaning using supplements to keep our body in balance. Thus, it’s not surprising that the brand offers some hemp products now.

The brand takes a 5-step approach to healing:

  1. Nutritional Deficiency Testing. You take a test from the brand to determine what your body is lacking. Honestly, we’re not sure how legitimate this product is; there’s no evidence it actually works and isn’t just a way to convince you that you need these products.
  2. Guidance from the team.
  3. Healing the gut via probiotics and other products.
  4. Natural supplements such as CBD, vitamins, etc.
  5. A 4-week coaching program developed by Vinny Shoreman, conducted over Skype.

No other brands are offering a detailed coaching plan to help you with CBD use, so Feel Supreme is unique. However, whether this is a money-grabbing sham or a legitimate healing process is up for debate.

The website claims that Feel Supreme uses only organic, plant-based products. Furthermore, the brand uses CO2 extraction.


Feel Supreme Products

Feel Supreme has a wide range of nutritional products. In this review, we will be sticking solely to the CBD and hemp range. There is a decent collection of CBD products, including oils and even hemp protein powder.


Feel Supreme Hemp Protein

Hemp protein is not a unique product. The protein found in hemp seeds is considered one of the best sources of plant-based protein, so hemp is a common basis for vegan protein powders. However, Feel Supreme claims its product is the best.

The Feel Supreme Hemp Protein contains 46.4g of protein per 100g. The tub, by the way, contains 500g of powder in total. It also contains added acai, green tea, alfalfa, and spirulina. It’s a pretty unique blend, making it worth the cost of £18.99.

However, it doesn’t have the best taste!


Feel Supreme Hemp Oil

The CBD oil from Feel Supreme comes in a few forms. The first is hemp oil, meaning it has a hemp seed oil base. Each bottle is 10ml and is a pretty standard CBD tincture. There’s nothing particularly special about this product, and there are only two strengths.

Feel Supreme Hemp Oil

The first option is 500mg, called the Original Blend. It costs £35. However, there is also a 1500mg option that costs £89. It would be nice to have an in-between strength, considering that these are two extremes!

That said, the prices aren’t bad.


Feel Supreme 500mg Balm

There is one topical available: A CBD balm. Again, it’s a standard CBD product that’s nothing special. The balm has a base of beeswax and aloe, making it moisturising for the skin. It’s also packed with ingredients like lavender and rosemary, lending the salve a pleasant, floral scent.

Feel Supreme 500mg Balm

The tub is just 30g, which is quite small. It’s also ideal for carrying on the go, though. Each tub contains 500mg of CBD, making it reasonably potent.

The CBD balm costs £45.


Feel Supreme MCT Oil

As an alternative to the hemp seed oil, Feel Supreme also offers MCT oil. Many experts consider MCT oil one of the best carriers for CBD, so it’s not surprising that there are a few options.

Feel Supreme MCT Oil

The MCT CBD oils are 15ml each, and again, there are two options. The first is 500mg (£38) and the second is 1000mg (£65).

Although the prices are decent, it’s a shame to see so few strengths once again.


Feel Supreme Hemp Capsules

Feel Supreme offers hemp oil capsules in one strength. Unfortunately, the brand has neglected to include a product description for this item, leaving us wondering whether these are soft gels, hard pills, or what the capsule casing is made of. This is a bit of a let-down on Feel Supreme’s part.

Feel Supreme Hemp Capsules

There are 30 capsules in the tub with a total of 750mg; that’s 25mg per capsule. The tub costs £49.99.


Bottom Line on Feel Supreme: 6/10

Although Feel Supreme is alright, there is a lot the brand could improve on. The 5-step process seems like a bit much, especially when there’s no guarantee of the nutrient deficiency tests. Plus, there are no lab reports.

It’s always good to pick up all your supplements in one place. However, there are better places for CBD products than Feel Supreme.

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