Focus Supplements Review [Brand, Products, & More]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on July 15, 2020

As CBD continues to grow in popularity, major retailers like Boots are stepping in to sell this compound. Focus Supplements is one of the latest health and wellness companies jumping on the CBD trend. Find out more about the products in this full review.


Focus Supplements: Quick Summary

Focus Supplements Pros

  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are unhappy.
  • Certificates of Analysis are available upon request.
  • All products are made in ISO, GMP, and SALSA accredited facilities.
  • You can buy other supplements at the same time.
  • A portion of every sale goes to the Alzheimer’s Society.

Focus Supplements Cons

  • You have to actually request the lab reports.
  • There is only one CBD product currently available.
  • The CBD oil capsules are not vegan-friendly.


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Focus Supplements: Full Review

There are now more places than ever to buy CBD in the UK. While online shops remain the most accessible place to access cannabidiol products, many Brits are looking to shops they are already familiar with. High Street retailers are cashing in on CBD’s popularity, but online supplement stores are also offering options.

Focus Supplements is one of many brands that has added CBD to its range. Admittedly, there are not many CBD products to choose from at the time of writing, but it’s definitely worth a look if CBD capsules are your thing.

Read on to find out more about the Focus Supplements UK CBD capsules and whether you should be investing your money in this brand.


Who Are Focus Supplements?

Focus Supplements offers a refreshing change from many other supplement brands. Shopping for nutrition products can often feel a bit clinical, with websites designed like doctor’s offices. In contrast, many other brands simply seem too corporate. Focus Supplements, however, provides a friendly face and unique products.

Chris Willoughby and Jack Baldwin are directors and co-founders; you can see their faces on the website. After graduating from university, the men decided to start a business with a focus on health and nutrition. According to the ‘About Us’ page, the duo wanted to sell products that could help to tackle the rising mental health concerns in the UK.

Surprisingly, Focus Supplements began as an eBay shop. It started by selling nootropics, supplements that improve cognitive function. Nootropics are valued as a way to increase creativity and motivation. In some cases, these products are controversial because people mistake them for drugs.

In fact, Focus Supplements hit a road bump when the Psychoactive Substance Act (2016) banned many of the products, shortly after the team launched a website. Unperturbed, Willoughby and Baldwin wrote to their local MP, and several politicians backed the company. In the end, they lost the fight.

After, Focus Supplements branched into alternative nootropics that didn’t fall under the act, including cannabidiol. This is an excellent brand for those interested in cognitive supplements. In fact, a portion of every sale goes to the Alzheimer’s Society.

Focus Supplements appear to produce high-quality products, so it’s a shame that the CBD selection is so small. Let’s check it out.


Focus Supplements Products

Focus Supplements offers one CBD product: Capsules. The brand does perform lab tests, but you have to email the company to see the results. This is a bit annoying, but at least there is a way to see them.


CBD Oil Soft Gels

Alongside the many unique offerings at Focus Supplements, there is one CBD product. The brand sells CBD soft gels. Frustratingly, this item is the only supplement sold on the site that isn’t suitable for vegans!

The CBD oil soft gels are produced using European hemp and CO2 extraction methods. Both of these are good signs and suggest high-quality CBD extract. Focus Supplements then dissolves the extract into hemp seed oil, which it claims improves digestion. Finally, it is infused into a bovine gelatine capsule – that explains why vegans can’t use this product.

CBD Oil Soft Gels

Each capsule contains 10 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD. The 10mg strength is quite standard, but it’s also quite low. Many other brands offer a 15 or 25mg offering for those who need a more potent dose. You could end up taking two capsules per day, expending the whole container pretty quickly.

Speaking of which, the tub contains 30 capsules. It costs £18.99, which isn’t bad for 300mg of CBD. Of course, two tablets every day means you’re spending £37.98 every month. It’s a shame there aren’t more options.


Bottom Line on Focus Supplements: 6.5/10

We like Focus Supplements. It’s a great supplement brand if you’re looking for nootropics and health-boosting ingredients, and we love that it donates so much to the Alzheimer’s Society. We’re also glad that the brand has branched out into CBD, but the current range is just too limited for us to give a high rating.

While the capsules seem to be high-quality and a reasonable price, it’s frustrating that there is only a capsule option, and it only comes in one strength. That’s why Focus Supplements gets a 6.5 out of ten.

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