Fully Activated CBD | Company Review

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on November 2, 2020

Most American brands don’t ship to the UK, and that includes Fully Activated CBD. However, this brand is at least making an attempt by offering international shipping via e-mail request. Before you order, though, check out this review to learn about the products.


Fully Activated CBD: Quick Summary

Fully Activated CBD Pros

  • The brand has a nice, natural feel to it.
  • The packaging is beautiful.
  • There is an excellent range of products.
  • All hemp is sourced from Colorado on local farms.
  • Fully Activated publishes lab reports on the site.


Fully Activated CBD Cons

  • The products are very expensive.
  • The vape juices contain no ingredient information.
  • International shipping is very risky.


Learn more about what’s going on in the US with CBD in our tell-all guide, so you know what to expect before ordering from overseas.


Fully Activated CBD: Full Review

CBD is all the rage in countries around the world. Many of the highest quality brands are located in North America, which is a shame for those of us in the UK. The British market is steadily growing, even in places like Northern Ireland. However, many of us are left dreaming of the amazing quality and level of choice available in the States.

Some brands are pushing the boat out with international shipping. This is a risky business, though, with many packages stopped at the border. A few brands have achieved almost seamless international shipping, nonetheless.

Today, we are reviewing Fully Activated CBD, a brand that claims to allow international shipping via e-mail request. Before you go ordering straight away, let’s find out more about these products.


Who Is Fully Activated CBD?

The founder of Fully Activated CBD, Nick Russo, claims that he has been using CBD since the early 2000s. Back then, the market was tiny and barely anybody knew what cannabidiol was. It’s likely that he was using very poor-quality products!

Nick still found success in using CBD for his health, and his mother also began taking it. Eventually, he began to give it to his dog, Buca, too! With the whole family benefitting from CBD, he decided to create a CBD brand of her own.

In 2015, he started Fully Activated CBD. The brand is based in Colorado, a state renowned for hemp and cannabis products. To this day, the brand operates on a “farm-to-lab” approach, which is relatively small-scale. Nick sources hemp from local Colorado farms and produces CBD in small, testable batches.

The brand tests its products with a third-party lab to let customers know exactly what they’re buying

Since Fully Activated CBD is based in America, you might assume that you can’t buy it in the UK. However, the brand offers international shipping via e-mail request. Notably, they do not guarantee that you will receive your order, and you are liable for shipping expenses even if your order is destroyed or returned. It’s a risk. So, is this risk worth it for the products?


Fully Activated CBD Products

Fully Activated CBD stocks a decent range of products. There are products in many categories, giving everyone a chance to find something they’ll enjoy.


Fully Activated CBD Oil

Fully Activated stocks two types of CBD tincture. The first is the Pure CBD Oil, which consists of a zero-THC hemp extract suspended in MCT oil. There are no other ingredients involved, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the most natural product possible.

Fully Activated CBD Oil

Alternatively, there is a full-spectrum oil, which contains up to 0.3% THC. By the way, the legal limit in the UK right now is 0.2% THC, so this is a risky product to buy. Do not expect border officials to be lenient.

Both oils are available in the same strengths, with the prices as follows:

  • 600mg: $50
  • 1200mg:$85
  • 2500mg:$135
  • 5000mg:$240

Fully Activated CBD Isolate

The CBD isolates from Fully Activated CBD are excellent. Often, brands sell just one option, but there are three available on this site.

The first is a 99.6% pure CBD powder. This is extremely pure, so it’s a bold claim to make. The powder form is ideal for versatile use. Impressively, you can purchase this product in sizes of 1g going all the way up to 1000g – that’s an insane amount!

Fully Activated CBD Isolate

Alternatively, there is a 99.6% isolate in slab form. Also ideal for dabbing, this form is waxier than the powder and therefore its use is more limited. The prices for this product are the same, but the maximum size is 28g. Here are the costs for each one:

  • 1g: $16
  • 3.g: $52
  • 7g:$100
  • 14g:$190
  • 28g:$300
  • 125g:$750
  • 500g:$800
  • 1000g:$1,100

There is one final product: Terpsolate. This is less pure because it contains terpenes, and therefore it is less refined. However, some may argue that it is more effective and tastier! Prices for 1g start at $24.


Fully Activated CBD Vapes

The Fully Activated vape juices come in the same options as the tinctures: Pure and Full-Spectrum. Unfortunately, the brand does not specify what the base of the oil is – we aren’t sure what the ingredients are. For a vape product, this is a little worrying.

Prices start at $100 for 1500mg. The other option is 3000mg for $125. These are pretty expensive products, but the 3000mg option is a bargain in comparison.


Fully Activated CBD Topicals

Under the ‘Skin and Body’ section, Fully Activated CBD stocks many products. Some of these are more unique, while others are quite general.

The Full-Spectrum Salve, for example, is a relatively standard product. It contains chamomile and lavender to add a pleasant, floral scent. Furthermore, beeswax and shea butter create a lovely texture that moisturises the skin. The 1oz tin contains 500mg of CBD, and it costs $30. This is reasonable compared to many other products on the market.

Fully Activated CBD Topicals

The balm also comes in a roll-on form. This is great if you don’t want to get it on your hands. It’s also much more potent, with 1200mg per roller; it costs $85.

Fully Activated also has a range of burn care and tattoo care products, which are more unique. These products are an excellent touch to the site and certainly add a unique dimension to the brand. The burn care cream is also $30, so people aren’t priced out of trying them.


Fully Activated CBD for Pets

The human CBD tinctures are also pet-friendly, so your pets can use the Fully Activated CBD tinctures. However, there are also dog treats available from Fully Activated. The treats are sold in honour of Buca, Nick Russo’s dog who sadly passed away a few years back.

The dog treats are designed to promote healthy skin and fur. Each treat contains 4mg of CBD, making it easy to give your dog an appropriate amount.

A bag of 12 treats costs $15.50, which is a competitive price currently.


Final Verdict on Fully Activated CBD: 7/10

Fully Activated seems like a decent CBD brand. There is lots to love about it, including the local ethos and the beautiful packaging. However, this brand could make some improvements, specifically with regards to the price point.

If you want to order abroad from Fully Activated, then it’s possible to do so. However, it is not without risk. Before you buy, we suggest having a browse elsewhere, too – just to make sure it’s worth it.

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