Glo CBD [Product Walkthrough and Review]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on December 18, 2019

The CBD industry is insanely varied. You can find almost any product under the Sun infused with CBD these days, giving supplement users a massive amount of choice. The possibilities are endless, and not just in terms of CBD products, but in terms of brands, too.

Some brands boast an enormous product range with pretty much every product type you can think of. Others specialise in specific CBD consumption methods. Today, we are reviewing Glo CBD, a company that occupies the latter category. With just one product, how does this brand keep up with an exploding CBD market?

Who Is Glo CBD?

Founded in Albuquerque, Glo CBD is an exciting brand pioneering a unique route in the  CBD industry. Rather than spending money on an extensive product range, Glo has developed a single high-quality product. Namely, the brand sells a flavoured, chewable CBD tablet.

The brand’s website is professional and clinical looking, and it’s easy to find all the information you need. We have to say the available information on this brand is a significant selling point. For example, we know that Glo CBD produces its products in a state-of-the-art, FDA-inspected manufacturing facility.

Furthermore, the brand conducts 63 tests on the products. We always tell our readers to find a brand with lab tests, and Glo CBD appears to be a forward-thinker in the industry in this regard. Having this many tests is a fantastic way to back up the products, and we have to admit we’re impressed! A number of tests are posted on the website to browse before you buy. However, Glo CBD tablets also come with a QR code; when you scan it, you can check out the lab tests for your particular batch. This kind of reassurance is incredible.

It certainly appears that Glo CBD is a brand to watch, but you have to wonder whether the brand will survive long in such a competitive industry. With other brands regularly innovating new and exciting products, will Glo manage to keep up? They had better have a killer product to do so!

Let’s check out the CBD tablet.

Glo CBD Products

As we mentioned above, Glo CBD only produces one product: A chewable CBD capsule. We have also already mentioned that Glo makes the capsules in a USDA and FDA registered facility and carried out extensive testing.

Glo uses a CBD isolate, which will not be to everyone’s tastes. Some users consider isolates to be the purest form of CBD since the product contains cannabidiol and nothing else. However, others staunchly promote the entourage effect. In case you’re not sure what this means, the entourage effect refers to a phenomenon in which cannabis plant compounds work together. Various cannabinoids and terpenes could have a more powerful impact than CBD

Alongside 10mg of CBD isolate, the Glo CBD tablets contain natural ingredients. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the list of ingredients on the website, but we know that none of them are artificial. This includes the elderberry flavouring that makes these capsules a delight to take.

We think that the Glo CBD capsules find a happy medium in the CBD industry. They’re not messy or irritating like CBD oils, instead offering the convenience of a single CBD dose in an easy-to-use format. But unlike standard tablets, these chewable capsules taste yummy.

At the time of writing, Glo CBD offers two packs of its products. The first is a resealable 5- pack. The 5-count GloPack is incredibly convenient because you can stick it in your pocket or tuck it into your wallet for use on the go. Alternatively, the GloTabs are available in a 30- count tub for you to keep in your cupboard at home.

  • GloPack 5-count (50mg Total): $10
  • GloTab Elderberry 30-count (300mg Total): $39.99

Glo CBD Pros

  • Sometimes, it’s refreshing to see a company pouring their energy into one product and making sure it’s incredible.
  • The lab tests are unrivalled in this industry.
  • Glo CBD produces the GloTabs in an FDA-inspected facility.
  •  The elderberry flavour is pleasant and subtle.
  • Сapsules are convenient, and it’s nice that the brand offers a 5-count packet to use on the go.

Glo CBD Cons

  • Glo only uses CBD isolate, which is a shame for those looking to experience the entourage effect.
  • If you don’t like elderberry, then you’re out of luck!

Final Verdict on Glo CBD

We have to admit; we like the Glo CBD brand. It seems like a professional, pioneering company, and we just adore the level of transparency this brand is promoting! Also, the capsules were pretty great. They have a pleasant elderberry flavour that isn’t overpowering, and the texture isn’t at all weird.

Glo CBD has succeeded in a lot of areas. The price is reasonable, and the product is high- quality. Plus, Glo has the information required to back up its product.

The major problem right now is that there is only one product. We would like to see a more extensive range, even if it’s just a few more flavours or strength options. Glo is quite new to the market, so the brand might implement more products in the future.

One thing is for sure: If Glo continues down this path, we could be looking at an unstoppable brand!