Gold Standard CBD [Complete Brand Review]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on November 6, 2020

Gold Standard is an American CBD brand looking to increase the quality of products on the market. Find out if they achieved this goal in our full review below. Or, if you’re short on time, check out our quick summary.


Gold Standard CBD: Quick Summary

Gold Standard CBD Pros

 This brand has great packaging.

  • There are lots of choices in each product section.
  • The prices are reasonable.
  • Lab reports feature in the product descriptions.

 Gold Standard CBD Cons

 The CBD tinctures may be too strong for some users.

  • Hemp cigarettes are a risky product to use in many localities.
  • The vapes use MCT oil, which is controversial.


Are you new to CBD? Before buying from any brand, learn the basics. For example, learn whether you can overdose on CBD right here.


Gold Standard CBD: Full Review?

Before purchasing CBD products, it’s essential to do your research. Some brands are not as high quality as they seem. After all, hemp and CBD are lucrative industries, leaving scammers eager to cash in on the trend. And these days, scams are professional. Just because a website seems legit doesn’t mean the products are safe.

Given the expensive nature of CBD products, it’s vital to read up on a brand before you buy. Learning what other users thought of the company is the best indication you can get. Here at Greenshoppers, we like to help our readers find the best brands for them.

Today, we are reviewing Gold Standard. This American brand has a great range of products, but are they really gold standard?


Who Is Gold Standard?

Zion Greenfield and Lucas Brown started Gold Standard in 2017, so it has been around for a few years now. The two friends wanted to introduce a CBD product that was the best quality possible, rivalling high-THC marijuana products on the market. At present, the company consists of twenty staff members, but it is constantly growing.

The brand aims to promote utter transparency and product quality. That said, most brands say that these are their aims.

Apparently, Gold Standard was the first company to market a hemp cigarette in the US. That said, we may have seen this claim somewhere else before! While we can’t verify this claim, it’s possible that these are some of the best quality hemp cigarettes available right now.

Gold Standard features lab reports on the website, which is not surprising considering the brand’s mission is supposedly transparency. You can find the certificates of analysis in the photo reel for each product, found in the description.

Let’s view the products below to see if Gold Standard is worth the risk of no lab reports.


Gold Standard CBD products

Gold Standard has several CBD products on offer, with a particular emphasis on inhalable products. In other words, hemp flower and CBD vapes are the brand’s primary products. However, there are also some other products available.


Gold Standard CBD Flower

The CBD flower available on the website is perhaps one of the brand’s most famous products. The website features a section detailing all of the available strains, helping you to find a hemp strain to suit your tastes and needs.

The hemp flower comes in a stylish plastic pot, allowing you to use as much as you want and grind up the buds yourself. The price depends on the size rather than the strain, with the options and prices as follows:

  • 1g pouch: $11
  • 3.5mg tub (500mg): $25
  • 7g tub (1000mg):$40
  • 14g tub (2000mg):$69
  • 1oz pouch (4000mg):$110

The available strains include options such as Hawaiian Haze, Kush, Sour Space Candy, Frosted Lime, and more. The product description includes a breakdown of the percentage of CBD in each strain. Interestingly, there is also a CBG strain with 21.88% CBG.

The prices for hemp flower are super reasonable. However, there is always a risk when smoking hemp flower in public, as it can easily be mistaken for marijuana.


Gold Standard CBD Oil

Confusingly, the ‘CBD oil’ tab contains vape juice and e-liquids. This section also includes a $20 adjustable voltage battery to allow you to smoke the vape cartridges also sold by the brand.

The Gold Standard CBD vape cartridges are pretty potent, with options including 225mg and 450mg. The former option is a 0.5ml cartridge, while the latter is 450mg. As you can tell, this makes them quite strong.

Gold Standard CBD Oil


Gold Standard uses an MCT oil base with THC-free, broad-spectrum hemp extract. The use of MCT oil as a base for a vape juice is controversial, since inhaling an oil may have a long-term negative effect on your lungs.

The flavours include Mint, Natural, Sour Diesel, Trainwreck, and Strawnana. These flavours come in both available strengths.

  • 225mg: $30
  • 450mg:$42


Gold Standard Hemp Stix

The Hemp Stix are Gold Standard’s take on hemp cigarettes. For a more expensive (on a price per milligram bases) price than the CBD flower, you can get a pre-rolled hemp cigarette. There are lots of options to choose from, including single rolls, packs, and numerous flavours.

Gold Standard uses unrefined paper with a biodegradable filter. The hemp is natural, and there are actually lab reports for this product available on the site.

Gold Standard Hemp Stix


There are many options, beginning with the 75mg Hemp Stix. You get one cigarette in a small tube, and each one costs $5. The flavours are Original, and Mint. The next option is the $6 Bold Hemp Stix, which contains 100mg.

Gold Standard also sells higher quality cones. These cost $9 each and come in options including a CBD:CBG 1:1 formula and flavours like Frosted Lime, Hawaiian Haze, Kush, Lifter, and more.

After that, the options are boxes of 10 Hemp Stix. The options are as follows:

  • 750mg Hemp Stix (Original & Mint): $20
  • 1000mg Hemp Stix (Bold):$25
  • 500mg Hemp Stix Cone 5-pack: $23

It’s great to see such variation in this part of the industry, with a slightly more unique product.


Gold Standard Honey Stix

Honey sticks, or Honey Stix as Gold Standard calls them, have become popular as a sweet form of CBD. You can use them by melting them into hot beverage as a sweetener, or by munching on them as a snack. The stick format makes it easy to use the right amount of CBD.

Gold Standard sells two options:

  • 100mg (7-pack): $20
  • 100mg (7-pack) Chocolate Flavour:$20

We love the chocolate flavour. It’s such a unique twist on the normal CBD honey sticks we see, and it’s clearly a popular option with other users. This product has 5 stars on the website.


Gold Standard Hemp Drops

Finally, Gold Standard stocks a few CBD tinctures, which it calls Hemp Drops. Once again, there are numerous options; Gold Standard doesn’t skimp on choice!

This brand uses a broad-spectrum formula infused into a blend of MCT oil and hemp seed oil. According to the brand, this gives the tinctures “superior taste.” Several users also agree!

Gold Standard Hemp Drops

The list of options is extensive, featuring:

  • Hemp Drops Broad Spectrum 1000mg: $50
  • Hemp Drops Broad Spectrum 2500mg: $119
  • Hemp Drops CBD:CBG 1:1 1000mg: $65
  • Hemp Drops CBD:CBG 2:1 1000mg: $65
  • Hemp Drops CBD:CBG 3:1 1000mg: $65
  • Hemp Drops CBD:CBG 3:1 2000mg: $119
  • Hemp Drops Full Spectrum 1000mg: $59
  • Hemp Drops Full Spectrum 2000mg:$109

The full-spectrum tinctures come in a KUSH flavour profile, which may or may not be enjoyable depending on your preferences.


Final Verdict on Gold Standard: 8/10

Gold Standard is, by all accounts, a top-quality company. The brand has a professional website and packaging, lab reports available on the site, and an extensive product selection. We fully recommend trying Gold Standard if you live in the USA.

However, our British readers will have to look elsewhere. Are you stuck for inspiration? Try CBDfx. You can read more about this brand and its enormous vape selection in our full CBDfx review.