Good Hemp CBD: All About This Brand

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on December 9, 2019

Looking for a sustainable brand to improve your diet? Look no further than Good Hemp, now stocked in British supermarkets. Find out about the hemp and CBD products below.


Good Hemp: Quick Summary

Good Hemp Pros

  • One of the original British brands to start selling hemp products, Good Hemp has a lot of experience.
  • Great range of unique products.
  • The website and the product packaging is packed full of interesting facts about how sustainable hemp (and these products) is. You feel like you’re making a difference just by using them.
  • Really healthy products that actually taste great.

Good Hemp Cons

  • Only ships to the UK.


Good Hemp specializes in hemp nutritional products. If you’re wondering what to do with these items, check out these 10 healthy hemp recipes that will blow your mind!


Good Hemp: Full Review

There’s no denying that the food we eat is killing the planet. Our consumption habits are putting the Earth at risk, and drastic action is required to save it. As plant-based diets boom and consumers learn to make more ethical choices, various brands are popping up to cater to our new tastes.

There is a lot of crossover between the health-conscious CBD industry and the earth-conscious (and health-conscious) food community. People who are into health foods and saving the planet seem to love CBD! Given that the hemp plant is so sustainable and has so many nutritional uses, this overlap is not too surprising.

But what if there were a brand catering to both audiences? Well, now there is: Good Hemp.


Who Is Good Hemp?

Good Hemp has been in business for quite some time. You can tell straight away from the website that this is a professional, top-quality brand with some experience. The target audience is apparent right from the get-go, with a friendly and almost rustic feel to the packaging.

The story of Good Hemp starts back in 1998. Henry and Glyn were growing hemp in North Devon, selling the plants to BMW for use in dashboards. At one point, a few hemp plants were missed from the harvest and allowed to flower. Henry and Glyn decided to experiment and make their own hemp seed oil – it was a great success!

Initially, the pair began selling Good Hemp Oil at Henry’s mother’s market stall in Wiltshire. As business started to boom, the founders decided to sell the oil onto bigger and better things. High Street stores, including Harvey Nicholls and Selfridges, began stocking the oil, and from there, it snowballed. High-end chefs started picking up the oil ­– Jamie Oliver even put it on ice cream! In 2005, Waitrose began to stock Good Hemp. You can also buy the products on the official website.

The brand has come a long way, continuing to make leaps and bounds. There is now quite a range of products, including a CBD oil! Let’s check them out.


Good Hemp Products

Good Hemp’s products focus on the idea that hemp is filled with proper nutrition. For example, hemp contains essential fatty acids like Omega 3, 6, and 9, as well as fibre, vitamin E, and all 20 amino acids. Good Hemp also pushes the idea that hemp is sustainable and great for the environment. But importantly, do the products taste good?


Good Hemp Milk

Good Hemp Milk

After selling the oil, Good Hemp branched into creating the first hemp milk sold in Britain. Plant milks are a bit controversial. Some people switch to almond milk because it’s healthier and better for the environment, only to find that you can’t use almond milk in coffee!

Hemp milk is different. The Good Hemp milk comes in two options: Creamy Seed Milk and Barista Seed Milk. Both of them can be used in hot beverages as well as foods like porridge, cereal, and more.

Hemp milk is a real game-changer in the plant milk market. It looks like real milk with its white colouring, and it actually tastes pretty good! By the way, the barista option makes a creamy microfoam that’s perfect for lattes and cappuccinos. If you’re a coffee-lover, this is the way to go.

Recently, Good Hemp updated the milk range with two more products, a chocolate hemp seed milk (yum!), and a CBD-infused hemp seed milk. The CBD milk contains 60mg of CBD, allowing you to easily work CBD into your daily routine, and it costs just £24.


Good Hemp Oil

Good Hemp Oil

The company’s flagship product, the oil is your new best friend when it comes to cooking. It’s a cold-pressed hemp seed oil rich in fatty acids, with 40% less saturated fat than olive oil. You can use it for food, but many people like to drizzle it on salads and use it as a dressing. If Jamie Oliver can put it on ice cream, then you can put it on anything!

The hemp seed oil has quite a nutty flavour. If this sounds like it appeals to your palate, then we suggest making the switch from olive oil.

Good Hemp oil is available in Original and Extra Virgin, depending on your preferences.


Good Hemp Seeds

Good Hemp Seeds

Hemp hearts make a great snack. They contain all 20 amino acids and are packed with protein and fibre. If you often find yourself reaching for unhealthy snacks, then the Good Hemp seed hearts are going to be your new go-to. They’re much healthier than other snacks, and the protein will keep you feeling full. Once again, they carry a delightful nutty flavour.


Good Hemp Protein

Good Hemp Protein

If you’re a gym-goer, you might want to consider plant-based protein powders. And what better way to access plant protein than hemp seeds?! Good Hemp sells two options:

  • Raw 50% Protein: 50% protein and 20% powder, made using only raw hemp seeds.
  • Pure 75% Protein: 75% protein, made with hemp seeds.

We have to say; these aren’t the best-tasting protein powders on the market. After all, you can get chocolate and fruit flavours which may be more pleasant. Still, the taste of Good Hemp protein is quite neutral, and it means you can add the powder to recipes as well as making protein shakes. With 22g of protein per scoop, this is a pretty powerful product.


Good Hemp CBD Oil

Good Hemp CBD Oil

Now what you’re all waiting for! Good Hemp sells CBD oils in two strengths, both infused into hemp seed oil, of course. As usual, the drops come in a bottle with the dropper attached for easy usage. Both oils are full-spectrum but contain only non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

There is a 500mg option (2.5mg per drop) and a 1000mg option (5mg per drop). With simple ingredients grown here in the UK, we really think these drops are some of the best in the market.

At £40 for the 1000mg option, these CBD oils are extremely well-priced.


Final Thoughts on Good Hemp: 7/10

To be honest, it’s hard to find a bad word to say about Good Hemp. It’s an excellent brand! Growing from organic roots in Devonshire, this brand has gone from strength to strength. It has brought hemp to the mainstream market, selling products in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Holland & Barrett, and more. By the way, the different retailers stock Good Hemp for different prices, so be sure to check what the cost is like near you.

One thing we love about Good Hemp products is that you genuinely feel you are making a difference to both your body and the planet. It’s hard to argue with the facts stated on Good Hemp’s website. Perhaps it’s a placebo, but you really feel healthier when you start filling your body with tasty, hearty foods like this.

If you’re interested in hemp and health, then Good Hemp is a great brand to try. However, if you’re looking for a larger variety of CBD-infused products, make sure you check out Hempura. You can read more in our full Hempura review.