Green Garden Gold | All About the Brand

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on May 26, 2020

Green Garden Gold is one of the greatest brands on the market right now, setting a gold standard for other brands. We tried out the product range, so read on to find out what we thought of Green Garden Gold.

Green Garden Gold: Quick Summary

Green Garden Gold Pros

  • Green Garden Gold sells tons of products, featuring some unique options.
  • The brand is highly rated and has featured in several publications.
  • Green Garden Gold uses CO2 extraction.
  • There’s free shipping on orders over $100.
  • CBD tinctures start at less than $30, making CBD accessible.

Green Garden Gold Cons

  • We didn’t spot any lab reports on the site.
  • Some of the products are incredibly expensive.

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Green Garden Gold: Full Review

The CBD market is saturated with brands competing for a top spot. It’s crucial to read reviews before you buy – it’s the only way to truly know whether CBD products are worth it these days.

Here at Greenshoppers, we provide consistent, up-to-date reviews on CBD brands in the UK and the USA. We try to products to give our readers a better insight. Today, we are reviewing Green Garden Gold. Read on to find out how we got along with the products.

Who Is Green Garden Gold?

Green Garden Gold has been around since 2014. Justin Barrick founded this brand and continues to serve as president and CEO to this day. Green Garden Gold is based in Texas and caters to CBD users in the USA.

By the way, this brand doesn’t ship to the UK, so our British readers will have to check out another brand (try our guide to CBD oils in Britain!).

Green Garden Gold works to provide top-quality CBD, growing hemp organically in Colorado. After cultivation, the brand uses CO2 extraction to make its products. CO2 is widely regarded as one of the safest and cleanest methods available.

We know that Green Garden Gold is reputable because it has featured in publications such as High Times, USA Today, and more.

But what did the Greenshoppers team think of these products?

Green Garden Gold CBD Products

Green Garden Gold sells a vast range of CBD products, and even some CBG options! We tried them out; find out more details below.

Green Garden Gold CBD Oils


The Green Garden Gold CBD oils are broken down into several sections. There are PRIME Advanced Care tinctures, with a vegetable glycerine base, MED PAC CBD Oil, with an MCT base, and a terpene collection.

Green Garden Gold CBD Oils

There is an incredible range of strengths to try out. The strongest MED PAC oil, for example, is a whopping 6000mg! Most people will not need anywhere near this amount.

We tried out the terpenes, which come in:

  • CALM-U: Indica
  • FOCUS: Sativa
  • STRESS LESS: Hybrid

The hybrid terpenes were really effective and calming, although the taste is quite peculiar! Prices start at $29.99 for the 200mg PRIME CBD oil.

Green Garden Gold CBD Capsules

Green Garden Gold offers three types of capsules: Night Repair, Panidiol Joint Formula, and a regular option. The regular pills come in both 30-count and 60-count tubs. Each one contains 30mg of CBD, which is a little higher than most brands. They cost $62.99.

Green Garden Gold CBD Capsules

The Night Repair capsules, meanwhile, contain 100mg per capsule, which is super high strength. This is reflected in the price, though, as one tub costs $139.99. By the way, they also contain 200mg of Valerian Root per capsule, which is sure to knock you out.

The Joint Formula capsules, meanwhile, cost $69.99. These soft gels contain glucosamine, with 15mg of CBD per pill.

Green Garden Gold CBD Topicals

Unsurprisingly, Green Garden Gold has several topicals on offer. Alongside some basic salves (with 150mg or 1000mg of CBD), there’s a collection of POLARX products designed for active lifestyles.

The ‘polar’ in the name comes from cooling ingredients that are ideal for soothing the muscles. There’s an analgesic cream ($29.99), a CBD spray ($29.99), and a CBD patch containing 4% lidocaine for $59.99. Although expensive, the patch is super effective for pain relief.

Finally, there is a facial cream. This is more of a luxury beauty product than one for athletes; it’s packed with ingredients like hydrogenated lecithin, avocado oil, and more. There’s 300mg of CBD, and it costs $89.99.

Green Garden Gold CBD Edibles

Green Garden Gold stocks the typical Yummy Gummies. You can try them out in a two-pack for $9.99, or get a pack of 24 for $29.99. Each bear contains 15mg of CBD.

Green Garden Gold CBD Edibles

More uniquely, Green Garden Gold stocks CBD-infused gum, wildflower honey, and chocolate. Chewing gum is a good product because the CBD can be used sublingually as you chew; plus, the cool mint flavour makes your breath smell nice. There’s 10mg per piece, and a pack of eight costs $29.99

However, our favourite product was the CBD chocolates. They are called Gourmet Chocolates, and we could see why! The box costs $29.99 for 360mg in total.

Green Garden Gold CBD Isolate

Green Garden Gold offers 99.9% CBD crystals, ideal for dabbing. You can buy the tub in 0.5g, 1g, or 2g containers, ranging from 500g to 2000mg. For such a high concentration, these isolates are reasonably priced, starting at $44.99.

Green Garden Gold CBD for Fitness

Something we haven’t seen elsewhere before is the Green Garden Gold CBD for Fitness range. These products include probiotics and protein powders, perfect for gym-goers who are looking for a dose of CBD.

The MCT powder makes for a good pre-workout shake, but we have to say it’s not the best tasting supplement we have ever used! The brand recommends mixing it with other beverages for this reason.

Green Garden Gold CBD for Pets

Green Garden Gold CBD for Pets

No member of the family is left out with Green Garden Gold – not even your pets. There’s a range of pet products, including biscuits, soft chews, and tinctures. Most of the range is designed for dogs, although one of the tinctures is aimed at cats. The cat oil contains salmon oil, encouraging your kitty to lap up the CBD.

Meanwhile, the dog oil is just coconut oil flavoured. There is a handy dosage guide in the product description. There’s 180mg in total. Both pet tinctures cost $29.99.

There’s plenty of yummy treats to choose from, including a beef-flavoured biscuit, joint formula chews, and more. Each one contains 2mg of CBD, making it easy for you to give your pet the amount they need.

Green Garden Gold CBG Products

Interestingly, Green Garden Gold also sells CBG products. There is less research into CBG than CBD, but it’s still interesting to have the option.

There’s a CBG and CBD oil, costing $99.99, and CBG gummies. The gummies contain 450mg of CBD, with 15mg per bear. They’re quite delicious, but it remains to be seen whether CBG is a good alternative.

Final Verdict on Green Garden Gold: 10/10

There’s a lot to love about Green Garden Gold. There’s a huge product range, including lots of unique and interesting products. The one downside is that we didn’t spot any lab reports. Nonetheless, it’s clear that Green Garden Gold is a high-quality brand that’s worth checking out. Make sure you click the link below and get shopping today with our handy discount code.