Haleigh’s Hope CBD Review [Products Tested]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on November 10, 2019

Haleigh’s Hope is a CBD brand with a touching backstory. Make sure you check out this full brand review to learn the story and investigate the products.


Haleigh’s Hope: Quick Summary

Haleigh’s Hope Pros

  • While it’s not a necessity, it’s nice to see a brand with a touching backstory that explains how it came to be.
  • Extremely high-quality CBD oil produced in FDA-approved facilities.
  • USDA certified as organic – not all CBD oils can claim that.
  • The fact that the brand sells a nasal spray is a good touch.

Haleigh’s Hope Cons

  • Not much variation in terms of products.
  • Inconvenient that the dropper isn’t attached to the bottle.


Find out more about what’s going on in the US with CBD right now in our full guide; it will help you to understand the story behind Haleigh’s Hope.


Haleigh’s Hope: Full Review

A lot of CBD brands these days have touching stories behind them. Sometimes, it can be nice to read about the emotional journeys of families who have found hope using cannabis-based products.

Here in the UK, CBD shot to fame with stories of children like Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell. These young boys were using cannabis oils to prevent life-threatening seizures caused by rare forms of epilepsy. News of cannabis oils being used to treat epilepsy sparked fierce debate. A majority of the public stood with the children and argued for their right to access cannabis oils, despite them being illegal in Great Britain. Eventually, the government reviewed CBD and allowed cannabis medications to be used on prescription.

In a BBC documentary on cannabis in 2019, Alfie Dingley’s mother revealed that he was still using cannabis oils. Each day, Alfie takes a certain quantity of both CBD and THC in order to put a stop to his seizures. For the general public, THC is illegal and cannot be used.

Despite these cases, nobody in the UK has had a cannabis strain named after them which is made to make medicine. There are plenty of stories like this in the USA, though, and several founders have started brands based on their own experiences.

Today, we are reviewing Haleigh’s Hope. This is a CBD brand with an emotional backstory, too. Read on to discover more about Haleigh’s Hope and whether you can get these products in the UK.


Who Is Haleigh’s Hope?

In 2009, Haleigh Cox was born to her mother Janea and her father Brian. She was diagnosed with both epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Her first seizure came at 8 months old, and they only grew worse from there. In 2014, disaster struck and Haleigh was rushed to the hospital.

Her parents became aware of medical cannabis treatments for epilepsy, a phenomenon that was growing in the USA. Unfortunately, the Coxes lived in Georgia, a state where cannabis was illegal. The family relocated to the marijuana-friendly state of Colorado to discover their options.

Janea Cox was put in touch with Jason Cranford, executive director of the Flowering Hope Foundation. The foundation aims to connect with patients with serious illnesses who may benefit from medical cannabis. Cranford had realised during his work that individual patients respond to specific doses and ratios of CBD and THC.

Cranford developed a low-THC, high-CBD strain with a 24:1 ratio of CBD:THC. This ratio was ideal for Haleigh and helped with her seizures. Within a few weeks, her seizures reduced in number from 200 a day to less than four. The strain was named Haleigh’s Hope.

Today, Haleigh’s Hope is used to produce cannabis oils with a variety of different ratios. The plants are grown organically with a certification from the USDA, and the products are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. This is rare to find with CBD oils!

Haleigh’s Hope has featured on a number of TV networks and in several publications. It’s definitely a reputable brand with an amazing name for itself. Not only is the brand trustworthy, but it also puts pride into its customer service. If in doubt about the product for you, Haleigh’s Hope offers a free consultation service!


Haleigh’s Hope CBD Oils

Haleigh’s Hope CBD Oils

From the official Haleigh’s Hope website, you can purchase a few variations of CBD oil. The products are made from the Haleigh’s Hope strain, with the plants grown in Colorado. The brand grows, extracts, produces, packages and ships all of the products, with control over the whole process. The products are also lab tested.

Haleigh’s Hope uses safflower as the carrier oil, which is something we haven’t seen before. We’re not really sure about the reasoning behind this, either. Also, the bottles don’t come with an attached dropper. Instead, you will have to use a separate plastic syringe.

There is a starter bottle option with a 20:1 ratio of CBD:THC. This option comes in a 1oz (30ml) bottle. The other strengths all have the option of 1oz or 2oz (60ml).

  • 20:1 Oil (Starter Bottle): $30
  • 10:1 Oil 30ml: $74.99
  • 10:1 Oil 60ml: $149.99
  • 15:1 Oil 30ml: $74.99
  • 15:1 Oil 60ml: $299.99
  • 20:1 Oil 30ml: $74.99
  • 20:1 Oil 60ml: $299.99
  • 30:1 Oil 30ml: $74.99
  • 30:1 Oil 60ml: $149.99

There is also a nasal spray for patients who have trouble swallowing. The spray costs $149.99. It’s nice to see that Haleigh’s Hope has thought of things like this.


Final Verdict on Haleigh’s Hope: 8/10

Sometimes, it’s nice to see a brand with a backstory explaining why the founders decided to venture into CBD. It’s a tragedy that people have to create their own brands in order to access life-changing products, but for now, it’s all some parents can do.

Haleigh’s Hope can be purchased through Direct CBD, and it is possible to get it shipped to the UK. Since these products contain less than 0.3% THC, they may or may not be allowed into Britain.

There are plenty of reputable brands in the UK, so it’s a good idea to try out other options first. Hopefully, in the future, more British brands will arise with an aim to help people.

You could also consider Charlotte’s Web, another incredible CBD brand with a touching backstory. Currently, CW Hemp has more products on offer than Haleigh’s Hope; you can check them out in our full Charlotte’s Web CBD review.