Hemp Health Inc. | Who Are They? [Products & More]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on December 23, 2019

Finding a good CBD brand can be harder than you might think. Brands are appearing left, right, and centre, and not all of them are as high-quality as they would have you believe. The massive boom in the CBD industry is attracting all sorts of business owners looking to cash in on the trend. Rather than jumping straight in and buying the first brand you see, it’s vital to shop around for a genuine brand.

On that note, welcome to Greenshoppers. We provide reviews on all the CBD brands on the market, helping you to make an informed decision about which products you should buy.

Today, we are reviewing the brand Hemp Health Inc. This brand has an extensive product range with a little something for everyone. Alongside CBD, the company also stocks hemp seeds. We will just be focusing on the CBD products, though. So, without further ado, here is our full review of Hemp Health Incorporated.

Who Is Hemp Health Inc?

A corporation called Mathco Health started Hemp Health in 2014. By CBD industry standards, this makes Hemp Health Inc an old hand in this game. The brand is based in California but has grown to such heights that it now stocks its products in over 2000 stores throughout the United States.

The brand uses hemp grown in Colorado, a state renowned for high-quality cannabis. The hemp undergoes a CO2 extraction process to make the CBD products. In case you don’t know, CO2 extraction is considered one of the best methods on the market for making consumable products. It’s environmentally friendly, efficient, and most importantly of all, it results in entirely safe products.

Hemp Health ships throughout the United States. The company hires an independent laboratory called SD Pharm Labs to carry out tests, ensuring that the products are all Farm Bill compliant. We like when companies name the lab that they use to carry out checks because it adds an extra layer of transparency. Most companies can’t say they do this, so Hemp Health has earnt itself some bragging rights!

The Hemp Health website is very professional and easy to use. It’s simple to use the shopping tab to find the exact product you’re interested in buying. Speaking of which, Hemp Health has quite the product selection, so let’s take a look.

Hemp Health Inc CBD Products

Hemp Health has a massive product range. You actually might find it hard to choose between all the different products! While the range is extensive, it is not the most innovative – you can see each of these consumption methods from other brands. Nevertheless, this brand seems to stock some high-quality stuff.

Hemp Health Inc CBD Tinctures

Hemp Health Inc CBD Tinctures

In terms of tinctures, Hemp Health Inc has three options. The first is the Original Pharma Hemp Complex CBD Oil Tinctures, which have a vegetable glycerine base. Compared to other carrier oils, VG is sweeter and offers a more subtle taste. Those who have tried CBD oils before will attest to the odd taste, so this product provides some welcome relief. The original tinctures feature a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including CBG, as well as turmeric. Turmeric is renowned for its health benefits, so this product is a welcome addition to CBD oil.

The original range comes in both natural and peppermint flavour. By the way, you can purchase the bottles in either 1oz or 2oz sizes, but they come as a dispenser rather than a dropper for ease of use.

The same bottle is used for the Holistic Blend Tinctures. Instead of VG, the carrier oil here is a blend of coconut oil and hemp seed oil. As a result, the taste is a bit more bitter. It’s worth mentioning, though, that coconut oil is sometimes considered the most effective carrier oil for CBD. These options come in stronger varieties. It’s worth noting that the Holistic range also features two Pure CBD options, which contain no THC whatsoever.

Finally, the Pure CBD Oil is a raw form of cannabinoids. The full-spectrum hemp extract is more of a paste than an oil, since no carrier oil is used. As a result, these products come in a syringe format; to use, you squeeze the syringe into your mouth. Each strength option is available in sizes of 1g or 10g.

  • 1oz Original Pharma Tincture (120mg): $19.98
  • 2oz Original Pharma Tincture (550mg): $45.98
  • 1oz Original Pharma Tincture Extra Strength (550mg): $45.98
  • 2oz Original Pharma Tincture Extra Strength (110mg): $75.98


  • 1oz Holistic Tincture (120mg): $19.98
  • 2oz Holistic Tincture (550mg): $45.98
  • 1oz Holistic Tincture Extra Strength (550mg): $45.98
  • 2oz Holistic Tincture Extra Strength (1100mg): $75.98
  • 1oz Pure CBD Tincture THC-Free Max Strength (3000mg): $109.99
  • 2oz Pure CBD Tincture THC-Free Max Strength (5000mg): $159.99


  • 15.9% Hemp CBD Raw Oil: $22.49 – $154.98
  • 17% Hemp CBD Decarboxylated Oil: $18.98 – $163.98
  • 25% Pure Hemp CBD Gold Oil: $29.98 – $221.98

Hemp Health Inc CBD Capsules

Hemp Health Inc CBD Capsules

Capsules are a mainstay of the CBD industry, so we’re not surprised Hemp Health Inc has them on offer. This brand stocks fairly standard tablets, but they are also vegan-friendly. With an expanding vegan population, this is something that’s great to see. Other brands offer vegan capsules, too, but Hemp Health has gone one step further by having theirs certified as Kosher.

There are two types of capsules. The first is a standard option with 25mg of full-spectrum CBD per pill. The second is the Turmeric variety, which, unsurprisingly, contains turmeric. These capsules also contain black pepper and decaffeinated green tea extract. With these ingredients, you can expect them to give you natural, wakeful energy. This variety contains 15mg of CBD per capsule.

  • Hemp CBD Oil Capsules 25mg/30ct: $66.99
  • Hemp CBD Oil Capsules 15mg/60ct: $66.99

Hemp Health Inc CBD Topicals

In terms of topicals, Hemp Health Inc stocks one product with three profiles of varying ingredients. At its base, the Body Balm is a salve with Arnica oil and full-spectrum CBD. The texture is thick as it contains beeswax, too. This topical is certainly not meant as a moisturising lotion, but more of a medicinal topical product. Each option contains specific essential oils to target different ailments.

You have the choice between Ginger Honey, Vanilla Coconut, and Peppermint Eucalyptus. Hemp Health customers have found the last option to be very cooling on the skin, working well on painful muscular aches.

Each tub is 1oz and contains 150mg of CBD, costing just $29.98.

Hemp Health Inc CBD Edibles

Hemp Health Inc CBD Edibles

When you see a brand selling edibles, you kind of expect it to be gummy bears. Hemp Health has struck out on a limb here and gone with two more unique options. The brand firstly offers a Hemp CBD Peanut Butter. This is something we have never seen before, but it’s a product we can get behind! The peanut butter is rich and creamy, but it’s also packed with 500mg of CBD. It’s a great way to take CBD daily – just spread some on your toast in the morning and munch away!

The second product is CBD honey, which we have seen before. However, Hemp Health’s option is more powerful, also packing 500mg of CBD. We recommend using this product as a sweetener in tea.

  • Hemp CBD Peanut Butter 500mg: $49.98
  • Hemp CBD Oil Honey 500mg: $49.98

Hemp Health Inc CBD Suppositories

Not to put you off your CBD edibles, but we had to mention Hemp Health’s CBD suppositories. The brand claims that these are ideal for helping deal with problems in and around the intestines, prostate, and uterus. It’s like a topical for your insides.

The suppositories have to be stored in the fridge, and you have to make sure to stay hygienic. That said, suppositories are supposedly fast-acting and have effects that could last up to 8 hours.

Hemp Health has three varieties:

  • Hemp CBD Suppositories 25mg/5ct: $29.98
  • Hemp CBD Suppositories 25mg/10ct: $39.98
  • Hemp CBD Suppositories 75mg/5ct: $59.98

Hemp Health Inc CBD Isolate

Most of the Hemp Health products are full-spectrum, so it’s nice that they have an isolate on offer. Surprisingly, the brand actually sells two isolates, where most brands only offer one variety. The prices vary drastically depending on the product and size you’re after, and we have a sneaking suspicion that the more giant tubs will be out of some of our readers’ price ranges!

The standard isolate powder comes in tubs starting from 1g and going all the way up to 100g, with several options in between. The other product is a water-soluble nano-CBD version – perfect if you plan on adding your isolate to beverages.

  • Pharma Hemp Complex CBD Isolate Powder: $40 – $3,200
  • Water Soluble CBD Isolate Nano Particle Powder: $20

Hemp Health Inc CBD for Pets

Apparently, Hemp Health also values caring for our furry friends. Recently, the brand added a huge range of pet products, including both tasty treats and oils for your pet. The range is absolutely astounding, featuring all sorts of flavoured CBD oils for dogs and cats, alongside pure pastes and full-spectrum treats. A condensed list and prices can be found below.

  • Pharma Hemp Complex CBD Oil Dog Biscuits (100mg Total): $23.98      
    • Bacon
    • Peanut Butter
  • Pharma Hemp Complex CBD Oil Freeze-Dried Treats: $13.99 – $27.99
    • Salmon
    • Chicken
  • CBD Tincture for Pets (120-1100mg): $19.98 – $75.98
    • Bacon
    • Beef
    • Catnip
    • Chicken
  • Holistic CBD Tincture for Pets (120-1100mg): $25.98 – $81.98
    • Cod Liver
    • Salmon
    • Natural

Hemp Health Inc Pros

  • The brand has thought of everything, with an extensive product range that features something for everyone.
  • A third-party lab tests the products for quality assurance.
  • The prices are actually pretty good, especially for the quality.
  • Hemp Health uses CO2 extraction.

Hemp Health Inc Cons

  • It’s weird that the website is called Hemp Health, but the products are labelled Pharma Hemp. We’re not sure why this discrepancy exists.
  • For some products such as the 100g isolate, prices are extortionate.

Our Final Verdict on Hemp Health Inc

Hemp Health Incorporated has really thought of everything. The product range is insane, with products to suit everyone. We especially liked the CBD peanut butter and the eucalyptus topical, but if those aren’t your thing, you’re sure to find something else instead! Even the pet range from this brand is huge.

Hemp Health is a legitimate and professional company with good customer service. Most of the prices are good, so don’t worry if you don’t want to fork out $3000 on a CBD isolate.

One downside is that Hemp Health doesn’t ship to the UK. Sadly, our British readers will have to find all these products from other brands instead.