Herbstrong CBD Review [What’s all the Fuss?]

Written by Green Shoppers
Updated on May 10, 2019

Looking for a CBD brand to up your workout game? Herbstrong specialises in CBD products for healthy living, and they even have something for your pets. Check out our pros and cons below or skip to the full review.


Herbstrong Quick Summary

Herbstrong Pros

  • A really professional, well-put-together company. We never get excited about packaging, but this brand takes the cake!
  • There is a good range of CBD products, especially considering that they are specifically focused on exercise products.
  • There is good value for money with these products.
  • The shipping is pretty quick and reasonably priced – plus there is the offer of free shipping if you spend over $100.

Herbstrong Cons

  • Having to request third-party lab reports is a bit of a pain.
  • There is a lack of information about the founders on the website.


Hit the button below to skip the full Herbstrong review and head straight to the website. We go into more detail on the products below, but you can browse them by yourself by visiting the official site.

Herbstrong Full Review

Not too long ago, CBD was removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) banned substance list. This means that athletes are allowed to use CBD products, at least in theory. It must be noted that the WADA still lists all other cannabinoids, synthetic and natural, as banned substances, especially during competition time. CBD is the only exception. As a result, it is necessary for professional athletes to take CBD isolates derived from hemp if they don’t want to get into trouble.

Nevertheless, fitness junkies and gym-lovers can enjoy CBD without the fear of testing. Since CBD is legal in the UK, it is possible to use CBD in order to improve your athletic performance. We have previously written an article about how to include CBD in your fitness routine if you want to learn more.

With the numerous applications for CBD in sport, it’s no wonder that some manufacturers are specifically catering to CBD exercise products. Today, we are reviewing the brand Herbstrong, committed to improving athletic performance through CBD.

Who Is Herbstrong?

“Welcome to the future. You’re late.” Declares the Herbstrong website as soon as you enter. It gives you an immediate sense of urgency; you feel like you need these products in order to operate at the gym.

We have to say, we love the website. It’s a professional, simple layout, with a clear colour scheme that matches the brand’s neon green logo. And if you visit their Instagram (@herbstrong), you’ll find that everything is just the same, in a perfect sea of neon green. It’s full of fitness models brandishing the bright green bottles of Herbstrong CBD oils, accompanied by Herbstrong sports bras, underwear, and boxer shorts. Honestly, the clothing looks really cool, so it’s great that you can buy it on the site!

The website also features a blog that regularly features interviews with athletes and plenty of information about CBD. This is great for newcomers who need to learn about CBD, or those or who are looking for more information about incorporating it into their fitness regime. Their customer service is also great; you call their helpline or drop them an email to speak to an experienced team member about choosing the best CBD product for you.

Herbstrong is based in California, where they were founded. They currently ship to all 50 states, with free first-class shipping if you spend over $100. Unfortunately, our British readers are out of luck. According to their FAQs, Herbstrong experimented with shipping internationally and found that many of their products were seized due to tricky international laws regarding CBD.

If you live in the States, though, this seems like a good company to try out. What are their products like?


Herbstrong CBD Products

Herbstrong products are specifically designed to help you recover after killing it in the gym. They offer a few different consumption methods to help you do this, so let’s check them out. Lab results are available upon request – this is not completely ideal, but also isn’t necessarily a bad sign.


Herbstrong Recovery Drops


The Herbstrong Recovery Drops are, basically, CBD oil. The oils are either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum, meaning they contain an array of different cannabinoids and terpenes, but without THC in the case of the broad-spectrum version. The broad-spectrum hemp extract is infused into MCT oil. Each oil is organic and vegan-friendly.

The oils are available in three different strengths:

  • Extra Strong Recovery Drops 1000mg (4mg per drop): $65
  • Silver Edition Recovery Drops 3000mg (6mg per drop): $195
  • Gold Edition Recovery Drops 5000mg (10mg per drop): $325

The Extra Strong drops are broad-spectrum and come in a 15ml bottle, while the other two options are full-spectrum in 30ml bottles.

We have to say, we really like the packaging. The Extra Strong drops come in a neon green box with a matching bottle inside; the back of the box is printed with an inspiring quote to help motivate you. The Gold Edition and Silver Edition drops come in sleek, matte black bottles with gold and silver lettering respectively. There is something luxurious about these bottles, and they make a lovely addition to any supplement stash.


Herbstrong Recovery Cream

herbstrong cbd

It makes sense that Herbstrong sells a Recovery Cream. Topicals are a big deal in the current CBD industry, and they are particularly effective for muscle soreness.

The Herbstrong Recovery Cream – Extra Strong is made using the same broad-spectrum hemp extract as the Recovery Drops. It is also vegan-friendly, just like the oils. With 1000mg of CBD in the 50g tub, Herbstrong estimates that there are approximately 50 dime-sized servings. This equates to around 20mg of CBD per serving. The tub costs $65.


Herbstrong Recovery Vaporizers

Herbstrong says that its vaporisers are for “on-the-go relief and recovery.” Vaping CBD delivers the cannabinoid to your system very quickly, allowing you to find the strength and relaxation you need in the gym.

The first offering is the Recovery Vaporizer Set. This is basically a starter kit. It comes with a CBD vape pen, preloaded with a 500mg full-spectrum CBD cartridge, a battery, and a charger. The battery is, of course, bright green and printed with the Herbstrong logo in black. The pen itself is also embossed with a green Herbstrong logo. It is a magnetic pen that uses no buttons to operate – simply inhale and you are ready to go. The whole set costs $70.

Alternatively, you can buy a Recovery Cartridge separately. This is pretty much the entire pen without the battery, which you will need to buy separately unless you already have the starter kit. The cartridge contains 500mg of full-spectrum hemp extract in an MCT oil. Herbstrong also states that their product contains no propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, meaning it should be healthier. However, we have no idea how they thinned down the oil, meaning that there could be other complications. A single cartridge is $45, and an individual Herbstrong 2.0 Battery (with charger) costs $30.


Strong Paws: Herbstrong CBD for Pets

Although your pets won’t be benching weights at the gym, they can still benefit from CBD. Giving CBD to your dog is becoming a popular trend because they too can boost their wellbeing using CBD.

Herbstrong has a range of Recovery Drops for dogs under their Strong Paws range. The packaging for these is quite adorable. On the back of the neon green box, it reads: “I regret taking such good care of my best friend – said no one, ever.” They’ve got it right with this one! Keeping your dog healthy is never something you are going to regret.

The Strong Paws range comes with a full-spectrum CBD extract infused in MCT oil. There are no other additives, ensuring that these products are pet-friendly. Plus, at least one of the potencies is much lower than the human Recovery Drops:

  • Strong Paws Recovery Drops 250mg (1mg per drop): $30
  • Strong Paws Recovery Drops 1000mg (4mg per drop): $65
  • Strong Paws Recovery Drops 2000mg (4mg per drop): $130

If you’re wondering how the total strength goes up but the strength per drop stays low, it’s because the bottle sizes are different. This ensures that the oils are still safe to give to your pet – you won’t risk giving them too much CBD!


What We Think of Herbstrong: 10/10

All in all, we like Herbstrong. It’s an excellent company that seems to pride itself on professionalism. With a great website and a strong social media presence, we can’t fault the quick growth that this company has seen.

Customers also seem super satisfied with this brand, and it’s great that you can even treat your pet to healthy CBD.

Want to learn more about Herbstrong? Feel free to visit their official site below.